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Twilight Cage Time


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I've come up with two theories of what the time difference is between the Twilight Cage and Sonic's world in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.


h = hour/s

d = day/s

y = year/s

TC = Twilight Cage

SW = Sonic's World

My first theory is that:

3h in the TC = 1y in SW

Making 1d (24h) in the TC = 8y in SW

After doing some maths (Which I'm not that good at) I came up with the results that:

500d (Nearly 1.5y) in the TC = 4000y in SW

So the Nocturnus Tribe had 500d to develop the technology to return to SW

While Sonic's team were retrieving the Chaos and Master Emeralds they would've been in the TC for less than 3 or 6h giving Eggman approx 1 - 2y to rebuild his empire.

My second theory is similar to the first, only:

6h in the TC = 1y in SW

Meaning 1d (24h) in the TC = 4y in SW

With the result that:

1000d (Approx 3y) in the TC = 4000y in SW

Therefore the Nocturnus Tribe had more time to escape the TC and Sonic's team wouldv'e been in the TC for less than 6 or 12h, which still gives Eggman approx 1 - 2y to rebuild.

Hopefully I did my maths right and that this the kind of time difference which was used.

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Tails did say it looked like a few years passed on thier world while they where only in the TC for.. what? a few hours I think?

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The Nocturnus do a HELLA LOT of technological development in those 500 days, then. :/

Nestor the Wise says "We've only been here a few years", but since he's a wizened old dude and the years fly by rather quickly for him, I'm more inclined to pin the Nocturnus' subjective imprisonment time at about 20 years, precisely to allow a more reasonable (though still pretty damn fast; remember, they're still using waterwheels when we briefly see the pre-Argus Nocturne in Ix's flashback) time for techno-advancement. Now, they've been gone from Mobius for 4,000 years, so this leads to a time-dilation factor of 200. Thus 3 days spent in the Cage would be approaching of 2 years on the outside.

Sonic & co. could easily have been inside for longer than that, though. Those inter-planetoid Cyclone journeys could take hours or days rather than minutes.

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The Nocturnus do a HELLA LOT of technological development in those 500 days, then. :/

Considering that for Chronicles story to tie in with Emerl (since we're made to believe the Nocturnus are are the ones who created the Gizoids) they should have already developed most of their tech before getting sucked into the Twilight Cage.

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They did develop most of their technology before entering the Twilight Cage. We know this already.

In my opinion, I think Sonic and Co. were in the Twilight Cage a couple days. As for my calculations, I like rounding it off to 1,000 years on Earth to 1 year in the Twilight Cage, so that makes the Nocturnus' stay about 4 years, essentially about how much Nestor estimated. I don't really know what'd that would make Sonic and Co's stay, though... meh, I still say a couple days is how long they were there. That is a lot of travel from colony to colony, that alone would probably take an hour or two (they're not as close as they appear on the map...)

And just because the Nocturnus were using waterwheels didn't mean they didn't have advanced technology. In fact, water is a -very- good source of energy, if you know how to utilize it right. I think the fact that they even -had- waterwheels is a sign that they knew what they were doing. That alone should've been too advanced for the time period they lived it.

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I'm sure it was only a few days, months, tops that they were in there. Nestor said the Nosturnus were only there for 'a few years' , while 4000 years had passed. I'm sure a week would give Eggman plenty of time to take over the world, considering he built Eggman Land in a matter of days.

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I like to think that the Nocturnus have been there for much longer. I'd guess 40 years, just because it divides 400 neatly. It also gives us nice numbers for Sonic and cast in the Cage. This gives us 1 Cage Year to 100 Earth Years.

It's like Frozen's example. I think I did this on the old forums when the game released.

Some reasons to think why it'd be a later date like 40 years -

The time required for the Nocturnus to enslave the Kron, instigate a cold war between the N'rrgal and Zoah, and pacify the Voxai.

The time required for the Nocturnus to develop dimensional travel devices.

Shade doesn't seem to recall Earth. And the ex-Nocturnus space pirates don't seem to care for Ix's return plan either, because they like the Cage. Only the older Echidnas like Ix and Nestor mention the Argus Event.

For Sonic at a rate of 1 to 100, one day is a hundred missed Earth days. Assuming they spend about a day liberating each world in the Cage (Nocturnus, Kron, N'rrgal, Zoah, Voxai Alpha-Beta) it leaves 500-600 days elapsed. A year and some seasons.

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