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Gotta Go Faster - Your favourite Sonic speedruns


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I love me some speedruns, and the Sonic speedrunning community is incredible. I didn't find a thread dedicated to this, but hopefully we can all share some great videos here.

Inspired by watching this, I've only ever seen one other guy run this category and there's nothing quite like the rage/joy of watching someone beat a game that took me 20+ hours to attempt in 2 hours. Joshua Salkeld has a tonne of amazing Unleashed speedruns on his channel. 

It's also very reassuring to know that even speedrunners can fuck up on Tornado Defense.

There's also Sonic 06, which is a surprisingly deep speed game. I remember watching an Extra Credits episode recently about speedrunning and them saying that developers should build speedrunning tools into their game if they want to court that audience, to which I say, nah - the best speed games are those where runners can find, exploit the systems and bust that thing wide open in ways the developer did not intend. To whit, the current world record for Sonic's story. 

The video is also really good as they explain a lot about the levels, what exploits they're using, how they optimised it, etc. 

Those are two of my recent favourites, but what are yours?

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