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Your Archie Sonic Comic Ideas

Big Panda

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We have one for games, so why not for Archie Sonic? Post your comic ideas here.


It's a tie-in event like no other as Sonic enters the realm of LEGO DIMENSIONS in this very special issue of Sonic Universe! In "Brick by Brick", Doctor Eggman may very well have found a way to reshape all the world one brick at a time, but will he be prepared for the heaps of trouble he's unknowingly about to unleash upon his world? And more importantly, will Sonic be ready to take it on?? An all new, all different kind of Sonic world awaits in this special tie-in issue that leads directly into the LEGO DIMENSIONS 2 video game!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracey Yardley!, Jim Amash and Matt Herms
Cover art: Tracey Yardley!
Variant A: Rafa Knight
Variant B: Tyson Hesse
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The evil Dr. Eggman is at it again! The mad doctor is planning to wreak havoc in the city, and it's up to Sonic to save the say... as a police officer?! That's right, this time our heroic hedgehog is forced to don a badge and head out in a patrol car in order to put a stop to Eggman's villainy in this special adaptation of "Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car"! Will the fastest thing alive be able to handle such a unique challenge? Featuring a whopping FIFTY variant covers by beloved Sonic comic artist, Ken Penders!

Script: Ian Flynn

Art: Many Hands

Cover art: Ken Penders

Variants: Ken Penders

Jokes aside, a Patrol Car-based comic would be a delight.


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Might as well give this a shot.

SONIC UNIVERSE # such and such

The Freedom Fighters and Dr. Eggman vanish in mid-battle, and the Battle Bird Armada is quick to try to fill the doctor's position. With their forces overwhelmed, GUN enacts an emergency protocol, with the Hooligans and the Babylon Rogues forcefully recruited as a strike force to take the fight to the Battle Lord himself! Led by Rouge the Bat, can this uneasy team cooperate long enough to get the job done, or will the Rogues get cold feet going up against their old boss? And can Rouge keep the mysterious (and very angry) Thrash under control before he decides to just wreck everything?

Isn't this just Suicide Squad?


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Sonic Universe TBA: Wrapped in Black

Against ALL odds Cream the Rabbit is the last hope against Eggman Nega's Hyperspace vortex device! Can one little bunny and her chao stand up to the might of an Evil Genius from the future? Will Cream reunite with her mother and her team mates? Or will Cream and Cheese be forever lost in space?! 

Story: Aleah Baker

Art: Jennifer Hernendez, Jim Amash, Matt Herms

Cover: Spaz 

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