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Curious Game Genie/Gameshark/PAR results in Sonic games.


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Well, I think the title explains it all. If you know any Game Genie (or similar) that does something curious in Sonic games, take a screenshot and post it here! Genies can be the most popular as Blue Red Knuckles and Sonic in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, for the most unknown code. Here are some examples:


Red-Yellow Sonic


Shadow it's you?


An different Marble

And you? You know some curious code? It's not necessary to use Sega Genesis Codes. Here I just use an example, because is very easy for me. You can use Game Genies, Sharks, PAR, from many different consoles and games.


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Pretty sure I found some on a site that allowed you to play any of the Sonic 2 levels in VS mode, even Hidden Palace. Naturally most of the levels didn't transfer well, but still. Will try to find the codes at some point.

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Years ago (we're talking around 2007-2008), I came across a YouTube video showcasing a bizarre game genie code for Sonic 3&K- dubbed "Crazy Sonic", basically it would make Sonic and Knuckles (Tails was unaffected for some reason) much faster than usual, and some of their animations would be mismatched- for example, I distinctly remember Knuckles' standing sprite getting swapped for his drowning sprite. The funniest one was when he was gliding, and it played part of his balancing animation.

It affected their actions in other ways as well. If a level began with Tails carrying Sonic into the zone (Carnival Night, Mushroom Hill), Sonic would keep trying to jump off. Knuckles, on the other hand, would get stuck on walls (Now we know where Sonic 06 got the idea). Sometimes, Sonic/Knuckles would run so fast that the game would reset and boot up S&K standalone.

Sadly, I've not seen the original video- or the code- in years, so I can't post the code. However, I did come across a series of Pro Action Replay codes for the game that allows you to play the 2-player levels in single player!

FFFE10:0E00: Azure Lake

photo AzureLake1P_zpspcyj5ful.png

FFFE10:0F00: Balloon Park

photo BalloonPark1P_zpsv8cih9az.png

FFFE10:1000: Desert Palace

photo DesertPalace1P_zpszqltquwa.png

FFFE10:1100: Chrome Gadget

photo ChromeGadget1P_zpsogztvjqf.png

FFFE10:1200: Endless Mine

photo EndlessMine1P_zpsekz4bsio.png

As you can see, the graphics are rather funky. The collision is more or less fine, though some loops don't function properly. I wasn't able to complete any of these levels; I'm not sure if it's impossible or just difficult to do because you can't work out where anything is. For some reason, the time counter is sped up.

For those of you wondering if these codes work vice versa, the answer is kinda. Here is the 2P version of Angel Island. (FFFE10:0000)

photo AngelIsland2P_zpsuo5i93ca.png

Whilst the graphics are still jumbled up, it still uses the 1-player sprites. It also uses Sonic and Tails regardless of which characters you select. Different zones behave differently in 2-player mode. Angel Island and Hydrocity are semi-playable, but the majority of others are not. In other news, the time counter runs at normal speed for the 1-player levels in 2P mode.

On another note, as well as being able to access Hidden Palace in the final version of Sonic 2 via Game Genie/PAR, you can do it in Sonic Jam as well, with an Action Replay 4M Plus. The code is 160FFE10 080, but from experience I can say that the game crashes upon entering the level.

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