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A Runner's Review


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Sonic Runners. The game that seems to be loved and hated throughout Sonic gamers. True, it might lag a LOT, it may be fully online and almost never offline (it actually doesn't need Internet for your runs), but it has nice visuals and some great music. Now I know there may be a couple reviews already for this game, and they or may or may not address the same issues I'll be adressing, but I'm making this anyway for the fun of it.

runners-keyart.jpg I'm just gonna get straight into the reviewing of this game. First up is the storyline. While this game may have a good couple of episodes, I don't really think there's a point to most of them. From saying Dr. Eggman always got turned down by women to letting Cubot ride piggyback on Knuckles, To losing and retrieving emeralds over and over, it seems to be just randomness thrown in there mixed in with some actual thinking.

  Now the for the buddies. Some buddies actually seem pretty nice like the RC Battle Cruiser, there are way too much... wait for it... chaos. There's Omochao buddies dedicated to the sole purpose of a WHOPPING half second of magnet, there's the amazing Marine Chao which just hits the trick ramps for us,while it still not doing it for us by a certain percentage. I'm not sing that they're all that bad, but when you restore 50 rings, while there's about 5 others that do better, it gets pretty annnoying.

  Gameplay is actually good and seems to never fail me in my average of 30 million of a score, but it's not like this for everyone. Since Runners is already compatible with a handful of phones, it basically tells you that you might be one of the lucky few to experience the lagging. But there are some phones out there that actually run the game decently with the exception of a few lags here and there but even so, Sonic Runners need's approximately 1 to a whopping 400 megabytes of RAM. Nowadays most phones have a whole gig or three dedicated for RAM, but most people have IPhone 4s or even still run on Android Jellybean and runners really brings the hurt when you miss every ring in sight, followed by a too low jumping arc into some spikes.

   Now space is already discussed, so I won't go into it just for the feelings of the readers.

   Now most people download this for a few minutes or even months just for the thrills, and they're not wrong. I mean 1,000 points to beat the first episode, I'm FANTASTIC. But once you hit the higher levels, you'll be sitting there for 15 minutes for you extra lives. I mean, episode 45-48 needs about 15 million points to progress through one gap. But this may count as nitpicking, I don't know so I'll stop with this, but I got some more to say.

   Cream, Big, and Silver all nerf your score and make the game slower for all those people who just started the game right? So why are they 250 Red Star Rings or more than 1 million 5 hundred thousand rings to buy. By the time people ever get to either on of those milestones of their lives, they're so good they won't even need all of those score nerds and they'll probably be pros.

   This game may be over the top with bad things, but when we got introduced to the roulette wheel, boy did we get mad. I mean 50 Red Rings, to spin and we might get a character, that's fair isn't it Flare? Well no if you think about how if your not the God of luck, you'll never land on those tiny gaps, and if you ever make it to the character egg, you still might get a character you ALREADY HAVE. And even if you get that character again, all it does is give you 5 extra seconds in timed mode. Wow 5 seconds, enough time to throw my phone a mile.

   Overall this game is great, but with all the negatives, it's a wonder how they still make money off this game.

My rating of this game is 7/10. You can just reply your rating or you can tell me somethings that you feel weren't touched or were said wrong.

-made via Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

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