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Anyone here know anything about getting arcade PCBs working? I'd like to get a SEGASonic Arcade PCB playable


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So, last year I bought a PCB of SEGASonic Arcade on eBay. Following the advice of the seller, I contacted someone who made superguns, but after one reply I never heard from him again.

Now, with Sonic's 25th anniversary incoming, I've realized I'm running out of time to get this thing playable. While I did buy this thing primarily because it's the only Sonic game I haven't played (and had no means of playing legitimately with the proper controls), my intention was to use it to write some content for TSS this year, as well as hopefully bringing it to any potential public events during the anniversary.

So, I'm turning to you guys! I'm looking for someone who's trustworthy you can put together something that'll make this PCB playable. Preferably something somewhat portable, like a supergun, but I'll take pretty much anything. Yes, I want to PAY someone for this, I'm not looking for someone to just offer up their expertise for free (though if you insist on free cuz yer awesome, I won't argue).

Ideally, I'd like for it to be done in time for any anniversary events or articles this summer.

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If you have a Facebook, try talking to my local repair lady, Anna Hegedus in Pittsburgh. She is very knowledgeable about fixing game stuff. She even made a tabletop Donkey Kong once using original parts.

Or, maybe talk to Richie Knucklez of NJ, he fixes arcade machines as well. 

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