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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-Bits) Level Select icon editing Pro Action Replay Code


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Hello guys! Today I'll show a Pro Action Replay code in which modifies the icons of Sonic 2 Level Select. So without further delay let the code:

PAR Code: 009600:0000

The bold 00 means the level in which we want to edit. Replace this 00 by the pass code you want:

D9 - Emerald Hill

D8 - Emerald Hill

DA - Chemical Plant

DB - Chemical Plant

DC - Aquatic Ruin

DD - Aquatic Ruin

DE - Casino Night

DF - Casino Night

E0 - Hill Top

E1 - Hill Top

E2 - Mystic Cave

E3 - Mystic cave

E4 - Oil Ocean

E5 - Oil Ocean

E6 - Metropolis (Act 1 and 2)

E7 - Metropolis (Act 1 and 2)

E8 - Metropolis (Act 3) and Sky Chase

E9 - Metropolis (Act 3) and Sky Chase

EA - Wing Fortress and Death Egg

EB - Wing Fortress and Death Egg

EC - Special Stage and Sound Test

ED - Special Stage and Sound Test

Okay, suppose I want to edit Mystic Cave, so I picked up the code and will replace the bold 00 by E2 or E3. Then I'll have this: 0096E2: 0000

Okay, now I want to change this icon by some other, suppose I change for Chemical Plant. Done that part, let us understand what is 00 in italics and underlined 00. It's simple, the 00 italic means act 1 and the underscore means act 2.

Suppose that my first act is Chemical Plant and the act 2 is Metropolis, for that I'll have to use the form below.

00 - Emerald Hill

01 - Metropolis

02 - Hill Top

03 - Hidden Palace (!!!!!)

04 - Oil Ocean

05 - Mystic Cave

06 - Casino Night

07 - Chemical Plant

08 - Aquatic Ruin

09 - Sky Chase

0A - Wing Fortress

0B - Death Egg

0C - Special Stage

0D - X

0E - Sound Test

So my code looks like this: 0096E2: 0701. But Works? Well let's see!


Before you go let me explain some table above.

0D - X = The X symbol of 2P vs. he appears when you finish one level in 2P.

0E - Sound Test = It's the Sound Test symbol, the Sonic with headphones.

03 - Hidden Palace = Yes! you can use the Hidden Palace icon, the same that shows in Sonic 3 level Select!

PS. Only Works with Rev01










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