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Sonic the Hedgehog and Cyborg Kuro Chan


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Okay, to begin I was just minding my own business watching all sorts of old anime back in the days when I stumbled upon this… strange anime.

Cyborg Kuro Chan, a story about a cat turned into a cyborg by the world conqueror wannabe Dr. Go aka Mantaro Go and his cyborg cat army called the “Nyan Nyan Army” lead by his right hand man Mii-kun, who has been with him since then. Of course Kuro wouldn’t take any of that and basically destroys his plans and goes back to his normal (or at least as normal as it can get anymore) daily life.

Seems pretty understandable right? Well, as I watched whatever I could salvage off of YouTube, I noticed something.

It sort off reminded me of Sonic.

It felt like some sort of parody, very subtle but still there.

Which brings me here, I just wanted to list them out here for the heck of it. It’s an anime/manga that not most people have seen after all, and it’s not really all that bad. The manga is very different in certain terms (it’s much more violent/gory and mature) though.

Character Comparison

Kuro (known as Kid when he was well…a kid)
Sonic counterpart: Sonic, Metal Sonic and a bit of Shadow
The protagonist and title character, Kuro is known as the “hero” of the show/manga. He’s very temperamental and mean, but has a noble heart and will save his friends
Similarities to Sonic
⦁    Title character
⦁    Similar personalities (Kuro is way more temperamental and mean, but they are sarcastic and very cocky)
⦁    Mostly fight robots which are created by both Doctors

  • Both have deadly forms achieved by anger

Similarities to Metal Sonic
⦁    Both were made (or in Kuro's case modified) to be used by both Doctors but are rebellious
⦁    Both are considered to be the Doctor's greatest creation (out of all cyborgs, Kuro seems to be the strongest)
Similarities to Shadow (minor)
⦁    Both had lost an important figure in their lives whom they considered family (Shadow was like a brother to Maria and Marie was the surrogate mother of Kuro as a young kitten who he didn't remember, but still cared for anyway)

Sonic counterpart: Metal Sonic and Shadow
Similarities to Metal Sonic
⦁    Set out to kill the main character by the Doctors at the beginning (Mii is more passive now, and Metal does this whether or not Eggman tells him to or not)

Similarities to Shadow
⦁    The main rivals to the title character (though Mii is more friendly)
⦁    Are usually paired with each other

Matatabi (known as Tora too)
A cat that is surprisingly not a cyborg with great strength and is very skilled in weaponry and carpentry.
Sonic counterpart: Knuckles
Similarities to Knuckles
⦁    Rivals to the main character
⦁    Both have been manipulated by a scientist to kill the main character (though in Matatabi's case, he was being controlled)

Sonic counterpart: Amy Rose
Similarities to Amy
⦁    Both are “Self-Proclaimed Girlfriends” with a one-sided interest
⦁    Known to be aggressive to the hero when feelings are hurt (Amy hits with a mallet, Nana hits with kitchen utensils, kicks, or her bus (this one is mostly unintentional though))
⦁    Similar personalities
⦁    Very jealous towards new female friends (for Nana, you see that in the manga)
⦁    Both have a red and pink color scheme (for Nana, her main color is black and pink but I think she was initially red, a lot of Japanese fan art I've seen made her red and the covers for Extra Battle (I think this is meant to be a side story for the manga), she was red too)

Nyan Nyan Army (and basically any other cybernetic animals e.g mice. Rats, and dogs)
Sonic counterpart: The old Badniks
Similarities to Badniks
⦁    Both have animals in the form of technology (though the badniks are less cruel, when the robot is destroyed they are let out and free to go, but these guys have been turned into cyborgs forever)

Dr. Go
A scientist that wants to rule the world with his cat army. He is more mellowed out after a while though.
Sonic counterpart: Dr. Eggman
Similarities to Dr. Eggman
⦁    Obviously since they're the evil scientists bent on taking over the world (though Dr. Go isn't very productive and is more of an anti-hero now)
⦁    Similar round body shapes (both look like eggs)
⦁    Have tried to eliminate the hero any chance they got (Dr. Go is more lean back with this I guess)
⦁    The hero's really don't like them but are sometimes willing to help them/cooperate with them (this is more on Kuro's side I guess)

Tendo and Doctor White Woods (these two don't know each other, but their similar to each other themselves)
Sonic counterpart: Dr. Eggman
Similarities to Dr. Eggman
⦁    Use their skills animals for their own means (Tendo and Doctor White Woods use dogs only, White Woods turns them into cyborgs and Tendo makes them into abominations and created a robotic dog before)
⦁    Willing to enslave or kick out anything in the way of their plans (Doctor White Woods actually tells his cyborg mutts to slaughter the nearby stray cats leaving several orphaned kittens; Tendo used to torture cats for a living and probably still does, far more worse then Eggman actually)

A boy genius that hangs around Dr. Go and Mii. He also wears a suit that resembles Kuro, he isn't very strong either.
Sonic counterpart: Tails and Chris Thorndyke
⦁    Both are skilled with robotics and are geniuses (Tails and older Chris)
⦁    They have a high admiration for the title character (though Tails is more brotherly now, I think this goes for Chris too?)
⦁    They wish to be like the title character too (Chris apparently and Tails, does he anymore though?)





These ones are pretty minor...

Shizuka aka Fox
(the two images above)
A pirate that collects iron and assumed to be a man because of her cloak and mask covering her face. She is from another world filled with sand.
Sonic Counterpart: Blaze
⦁    Both are princesses (since Shizuka is the child of the King of her world, I'm assuming she's royalty too, she disguised herself as a pirate to keep away from warlord affairs and such)
⦁    They are from another dimension
⦁    Both had the hero/title characters journey to their world to stop a crisis (a forced journey as well)

A dog that appears later in the manga only in a flashback
Sonic counterpart: Maria Robotnik
⦁    Marie and Maria both took care of Kuro and Shadow (Marie was like a surragte mother and Maria was Shadow's first friend)
⦁    Both have an unfortunate brutal death by an enemy (Marie is murdered by a gang dog's leader, Maria is killed by the G.U.N) that impacts the character greatly
⦁    Similar names (:P)

Puryi/Pooly (whichever)
A dog that appears in the first episode/chapter
Sonic counterpart: Sally Acorn (the cartoon and the pre genesis wave character), Amy Rose (meh) Elise (interspecies)
⦁    I only say Sally because these characters are the only ones I know that the title characters were confirmed to have been in love with
⦁    Her coloration is similar to Amy's (pink coat, green eyes)

Another dog that appears in a different episode that Mii likes
Sonic counterpart: Maria Robotnik (meh)
⦁    Similar color scheme sorta (Maria's is yellow and blue and Lily's is yellowish peach with blue highlights on her ears)

A large cat that appeared in ep 21
Sonic counterpart: Big the Cat
⦁    Both are shades of purple and white (this one was a funny one for me, I think this is what Big might look like as a female)

Another thing is that the manga started in 1997 and ended 2002 (the other manga was 2005-06) and the anime was 1999 to 2001



(not my art of course)

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