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A hypetheitcal Sonic game idea

Rey Skywalker-Ren

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(To be honest I don't know what hypetheitcal means I heard it in a video with the scentence so I used it) I said in my thread that Sonic needs to have his very own adventure so I came up with this idea.

Story: Wisps return and so do the animals as Sonic sets to rescue them. Yacker returns and (telephathy) tells Sonic that "Baldy Nosehair" is trying to kidnap his family again this time to make fuel for weapons. If Sonic doesnt find them or the animals soon, they can all die and never generate. On the way he finds a strange hammer that he later use to fight with. The hammer is only as good as the holder is skilled

On the way he levels up his skills and his strength and descovers new moves and new ways to beat robots. He meets more animals as they want his help. Sonic through the missions feels not only determined but he is angry and heartbroken this would happen. Sometimes in this mission his emotions get the better of him epsecially with the hammer.... where when he sees Eggman he was to knock him into outerspace. However relesing the mistake from his past adventures he learns how to calm himself whole using intellgence and wit. He realizes he needs to swipe a code to turn off the machine.

In the end he swipes the code for the machine that captured everyone and frees them. Also to find that his hammer was actually a wisp (he finds this out during the story)

Gameplay: Of course I wanted this game to have hammer attacks since Sonic will be using one. 

He starts off with simple moves like "hammer whrils", jumps and swings... but when he levels up he can make earthquakes with it, also he can attack eneimes in the sky and bonce off of them. 

He also has his boost but no homing attack. Wisps are avalable to use but they arent forced in this idea.


All and all I think this idea can work. It shows Sonic's strength and wit but it also shows his compassion and how driven by compassion he was here. He learns from past mistakes and hes wiling to change the smash approach. 

Just an idea. What do you think? ^^;

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Interesting ideas but let's see...

Story: ok first, Yacker can communicate telepathically? Sorry but creating a plothole in order to make other character not needed in the story is to me just a bad idea, second, how do the animals would die? Wisps I would understand in the context but I mean, Eggman uses animals to power-up his robots and they have never died because of that why they would suddenly do that? Third why would a wisp pretend to be a hammer? I don't get why it would do that. Fourth how he would swipe that code, I don't believe that Eggman would like write it down and fifth, what mistakes from previous adventures? One of my main problems with Sonic is that he doesn't never seem to do anything wrong with the exeptions of Lost world and 06 (but that doesn't count).

Gameplay: sorry but the whole hammer and level-up gimmicks just seems pointless when you have a boost which kill enemies during contact, unless you think about that enemies should have lifebar (which would be a problem of itself), in which case the hammer would be pretty much forced and I personally don't like when gimmicks are forced like in Colours (which I forgotted to mention in my review of that game) even when they are good. And no homing attack? Seriously, I can't think any reason why homing attack shouldbe removed, especially in 3d game. And in 2d, jumping or boosting is more than enough. I also mentioned before that I hate character replacing gimmicks and with the hammer, well, thereis already a hammer using Sonic character.

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Okay, I thought about this more and I think it need to be fix. The only reason I thought of the hammer was because of Sonic Advance 3. Something new for Sonic but my main thing was Sonic needs his own adventure and this was a idea to help Sonic have his own adventure.

Something that allows Sonic to be him and not have his traits taken away

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I liked the insta sheild so that would be cool. Parkour I'm not sure... maybe :)


I mean it fits with Sonic's free spirit style if that makes sense. I mean people complain in the classic games that if Tails can fly and Knuckles can glide and climb walls, what's so special about Sonic? There's your solution, parkour!

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I mean it fits with Sonic's free spirit style if that makes sense. I mean people complain in the classic games that if Tails can fly and Knuckles can glide and climb walls, what's so special about Sonic? There's your solution, parkour!

Parkour doesn't really fit as a solution... I mean, Tails himself most likely knows a more acrobatic variant of Parkour from following/training under Sonic for so long, and Knuckles' athletic, powerful, and exploration-centric way of travelling means he would most likely use his own variant of Parkour as well.

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