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So I Think I've Found an Amazingly Rare Unknown Issue of Sonic the Comic...

Badnik Mechanic

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Posting this here since whilst it's merch it's also tied to an old Sonic promotion which is the key to trying to find more/getting information on it's origin.

Ok, I have a complete Sonic the comic collection (UK Fleetway), this includes all the poster mags, summer specials, spinoffs, the Summer of Sonic special and the Sonic the Comic Con special.

I also have a huge collection of the German Sonic the Comics and I'm also aware of the French and Italian comics. 

Last night I was sorting through some old boxes and found something which I forgot I owned. I showed it to my girlfriend who also has a complete STC collection and even more of the foreign comics and she doesn't have this in her collection and I've never seen anyone talk about.


What is it? Well... it's a very trimmed down issue of Sonic the Comic. You might be thinking, that looks small, and you're right, it is, it's about the size of a matchbox, here it is compared to a normal sized issue.


It contains two comic strips, both of which are from very early issues which you can see here.


They're full strips, no missing pages, but it's just Sonic and there's none of the usual STC features, it's just comic strips.

Here is what I can remember about it, but this is very fuzzy. I used to get school shoes from Clarks Shoes in the UK, now Clarks did do Sonic themed shoes, but I have no memory of ever buying a pair, at the most I want to say I got a pair but for some reason they had to go back to the store. 

Now here is where memory gets really fuzzy. I have two memories of first receiving this and opening up.

1: the comic was sealed shut, you had to cut away one side to open it up. 

2: There a second part to this comic which was just a book full of coupons (this is supported by the cover which mentions 'comic & coupons') <---- this one is most likely right.

The strange thing is, I cannot find the coupon part anywhere, which is odd since I would have usually kept this since I typically kept stuff like that back in the day.

Does anyone know the exact origins of this? Like how you actually got one of theses? Did you have to buy the shoes or did they give them out regardless, also, does anyone else have one?

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I remember Clarks did a similar promotion for Spongebob in which they gave away Spongebob comic/magazine things with a few strips and some puzzles and stuff. It was smaller than the average comic book. But you didn't have to buy shoes, you just had to walk in and ask for it. 

I know this because I got one at the time, and I've never bought a single pair of clarks shoes

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What a cool find! Disappointed at the lack of new stories: I still like some of those rare UK Sonic stories published in the annals of children's literature.

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Wow, that's one tiiiiiiny comic!

Seriously, I never saw a comic this size before. Nice find, Hogfather!

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Can you even read STC when it's scaled down to that size? Cool find anywho, bonus points go to the designers for using the sentinel strip, that's one of my faves from the early issues.

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