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Help required to switch models in Sonic Adventure 2 PC

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I'm sorry if this isn't the best place to ask a question like this, and sorry again if this topic isn't suitable for discussion. I just wanted to ask how one could go about switching models around in Sonic Adventure 2 PC. I have SA Tools but I don't know where to start. The Sonic Retro forums don't do a good job explaining how to switch models. Could somebody help me please?

EDIT: What would be really useful is just knowing what the model files in the SA2 PC are even called.

EDIT: Okay so I think the main models I'm looking for are these in the folders resource/gd_PC (although I could be completely wrong):











I've tried simply renaming them (for example renaming sonicmdl.prs with chaos0mdl.prs) but that only seems to crash the game.

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really am not knowledgeable about the subject at all, but I have a suspicion that the game probably doesn't work in such a way as to allow you to just "switch around" models. The different models are programmed to do different things, so you likely can't just simply assign a model to a different purpose. If you want to have different characters doing different things, you would probably have to actually edit the model of a character into looking like a different character.

Disappointing, isn't it? I know I'd love to just mix things around willy-nilly.

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People on Sonic Retro have already replaced Sonic's model with Tikal and Rouge's with Metal Sonic, so I already know it's possible. Retro just doesn't do a good job explaining how. I'd join and ask but I've already tried that previously on another subject and they all ignored me, I have a feeling that'd happen again.

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