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Sonic Boom Coming To Israel?


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So I live in Israel and a few days ago I went to Germany,  and I flew to Germany on an ELAL air plane, which is basically a an Israeli plane, so while I was in the plane I got bored and noticed the magazine in the seat in front of me, so I took it and went through the pages until I sew what you see in the picture, this page is actually advertising Israel's well known channel for kids "the kids channel" (yep, that's the name) and as you probably can notice you can see sonic and tails in their sonic boom models in the picture, also it says "Sonic Boom" in Hebrew in the show list below, this is the only information I could find about this, I checked their channel and their website and there doesn't seem to be any clue that this show is coming other then that magazine, but I think this definitely confirms that Sonic Boom has plans to broadcast in Israel on the kids channel ("ערוץ הילדים/arootz hayeladim" in Hebrew)





HEY, remember the whole sonic boom coming to israel thing only avidence is a page on a magazine, well turns out  and the first 2 episodes already aired on 2/8/2015 which is 2 days ago.
Did I f**** up?

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