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Joypolis China has 3 new Sonic attractions/rides

Badnik Mechanic

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So you know Sega's Japanese theme park Joypolis? 


Well as of July 3rd they have a Chinese version, called Joypolis China, and it has three new Sonic Rides/Games/Attractions. 


Sonic Tropical Resort




Sonic Star Race 




Sonic Adventure Jump



The most interesting one is Sonic Adventure Jump which seems to be a 3D attraction in which people sit in chairs which move in relation to what is shown on the screen, kinda like Shrek 4D at Universal Studios, only you might have the appearance of Sonic? Or be following him?


Full Details on TSS

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The Sonic Adventure Jump ride looks interesting. Hope we get video of it.

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Wow, that looks really cool! It's not everyday that a Sonic attraction uses specific ideas from other games. (Tropical Resort.) It's some nice attention to detail. I expected just like some generic blue but no, they decided to theme it after the real Tropical Resort! Cool.

Sonic Star Ride certainly is giving off Twinkle Park vibes!

As for Sonic Adventure Jump... Unusual name. I wonder what the footage is like? I wonder if Marza animated it?

Reminds me of this scrapped idea: Sonic Ride. It looked like it might have been used for a simulator experience similar to Sonic Adventure Jump.


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Speaking of Sonic Star Race, there is already a new ride @ SEGA Republic that is basically the same thing, its called "Racer" generically for some reason..


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Seeing them open an official place in China, the homeland of all bootlegs, is freaking hilarious.

Interesting stuff, though...

I can't complain too much about not having one in the West. We had our chances with all the SEGA Worlds and Gameworks... Westerners just don't give the right market for this sort of thing.

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Jeez man, all of this looks pretty cool and dandy! I wish we had that here in the US and also for those in the UK as well. I would just race on there in a heartbeat, but alas...

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  • 2 years later...

Two years later... we finally have some new photos of these rides.


This ride is more interesting that we thought. You see those lights on the floor? If you drive over them you score points.

And we finally have the actual name of the Sonic Adventure ride... as well as a screenshot from it!


Sonic Jumping Tour and..... boy is it weird looking.

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