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FANGAME: Super Sonic Knockout - DEMO 5


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It's finally here. After 2 years, Demo 5 has now been released, and all you have to do is click this button:


Click the button to get it now!

I'm just gonna say now that I'll be taking a short break from SSK, because my summer holiday is now over and I've spent a lot of the past month getting the game to this point. Enjoy the game, and if you have something to say, be sure to tell me about it by replying.

Link to the blog-post

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Sonic Battle: Combat Evolved!

Gotta say VexusVersion this is one hell of a demo. worth a wait. i'll play through a bit more before giving full feedback.

My sonic battle sfx project was used for this! why didn't i notice that before?! i'm touched. my project finally found purpose!!

After a good solid hour playing through the short but awesome looking campagin (love the custom campagin artwork btw) and some vs. com battles i gotta say this has improved soo much. i got some input lag but i'm sure thats just cause of the crap computer i'm on the AIs took total advantage when the input lag was happening. guess i could go bug hunting but for right now i really just want to keep playing. awesome work VexusVersion & crew.

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I've released a patch for Demo 5, as a response to all the people who have played the game and found those little things that get on everyone's nerves.

If anyone has already downloaded Demo 5, be sure to download it again. There are a whole load of fixes and changes to make this version a more solid experience!

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This is quite a fun game. It reminds me a little of Sonic Battle, although I prefer the mechanics of Story Mode in this since it combines fighting with a bit of platforming. Destroying the bots was a lot of fun. Preferably no bottomless pits please! The only thing that I find a bit odd is the way the characters turn. It seems slightly stiff to me at times, especially if I want to follow up an attack. Still, it's a minor niggle and it is only an impression I got, rather than something that significantly affects the gameplay. Also, if possible, in future updates, maybe include an ini file so the user can change the settings without having to constantly go into the options to put it in full-screen mode or change the resolution. If the engine only supports specific resolutions, that information can be put in the readme (or commented in the ini.)

There is also a small bug I encountered after completing Story Mode. When you go back to Story Mode, this error comes up when trying to select a level, as shown on the attached log file. Clicking Ignore works fine though and the game doesn't crash. I'm guessing the error appears because you currently don't have those stages completed.

Brilliant game and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the future. Best of luck!

Edit: That bug is fixed. Please disregard the second paragraph. Removed attachment.

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