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SEGA Maimai | A SEGA Rythm Game That Has Sonic Songs in it


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English site: http://maimai.sega.jp/green/en/index.shtml




Released in mid-2012, maimai PLUS (or just “maimai”) is a touch-screen-based rhythm game developed by Sega, kind of like DanceDanceRevolution for your hands. Colored circles ripple out from the center of the screen in different speeds and combinations, depending on the level and the song, and you have to either push buttons or touch the screen in matching rhythm as the rings cross a large circle on the screen to score points


Gameplay is pretty simple. There are 3 kind of “rings”: pink circles, yellow circles, and blue stars. Pink circles appear individually, so you tap the button one at a time. Yellow circles appear in pairs, so you have to use two hands to push two buttons together at the same time (or do it fancy one-handed on the touch screen if you have a large hand-span). Sometimes the circles turn into long ovals, and that means you have to hold down the button a few beats, instead of just tapping quickly, until the oval disappears. Blue stars can appear individually or in pairs, and after you push the button, a dotted line appears across the screen and you have to swipe across the screen with your hand along the line, at the same speed as blue star, which will also be moving down the line. It’s a little difficult to describe how to play using only words. Just watch a person play once, though, (or search on YouTube) and you’ll figure it out immediately. There is also a tutorial mode on the machine for new players.


Some players, prefer to use only the buttons and just touch the screen to swipe down the blue-star-line. Some people play entirely on the touchscreen. There are dotted points around the screen that you can touch instead of pushing buttons. I’ve found that there are pros and cons to either method. Using only the touchscreen allows greater versatility (e.g., the one-handed yellow-ring move I mentioned before) and speed when playing, but it’s often hard to get good accuracy when you want to aim for a “perfect” sync as the rings cross the line. Using buttons is more accurate since you have a larger target to push, and you get the personal satisfaction of slapping buttons, but it’s harder to do trick moves and really challenging on the fast and difficult songs. So take your pick! I’ve seen players at all levels use either method.


There are dozens of songs to choose from, most of which are quite new and popular. These songs are divided into multiple kinds of Categories to choose from:

  1. POPS and Anime
  2. Niconico and Vocaloid
  3. Touhou Project
  4. SEGA
  5. Game and Variety
  6. Original and Joyopolis

NEW songs can be found here: http://maimai.sega.jp/song/


The most interesting ones for me is the SEGA category and the gaming song, not only is it home to many SEGA songs, like Rhythm Thief, Fantasy Zone, Jacky’s Theme, Sega Saturn Startup Sound Remix, etc. But it also is home to Sonic songs


In Maimai Green Version, there are 3:

1. City Escape: Act 1







2. Rooftop Run: Act 1







3. Reach For The Stars







Since the Maimai Green Plus Update, 1 songs are added to the list


1. Windy Hill Zone 1






And added after maimai Orange

1. Back 2 Back (Modern)







2. Live and Learn







An interesting little tidbit, on the options (for the Orange version beyond), you can set the speed of the rings that are coming, it goes from 1  to 10, but it could also go above 10, called Sonic speed, it’s pretty much a memory game where you have to know where the rings will be, and it won’t give you a chance to see it.










So, what do you guys think, look fun? looks lame?

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Wow, that game looks kinda fun to play actually


All of those SEGA songs sound like the cherry on top of that :D

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Miku's done similar already, with Magical Sound Shower, AfterBurner and Like the Wind from OutRun, After Burner and Power Drift respectively. Those are all really great takes on the tracks; in fact I'm surprised the official Live and Learn Miku version hasn't shown up in Diva Arcade yet. 


This game looks quite interesting though! I've got a Joypolis flyer or two with the mascot on, and it's cool to see SEGA franchises popping up in it; and it makes sense since SEGA's got a history of ace soundtracks.

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This looks really hard but awesome at the same time. I wanna play it so badly D: Especially because ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION WHOOOOOO

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My little sister currently is obsessed with Rhythm Heaven so she would play the crap outta this if she could!

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This looks really hard but awesome at the same time. I wanna play it so badly D: Especially because ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION WHOOOOOO

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Some new songs are added to the game. Some Game category song include:

Our Fighting (Phantasy Star Online 2)



時空を超えて久しぶり!(Jikuu Wo Koete Hisashiburi!) (PuyoPuyo)



Mysterious Destiny (Bayonetta)



And 4 songs from Persona 4

Pursuing My True Self



Signs Of Love (“Never More” ver.)



specialist ("Never More" ver.)


Time To Make History (AKIRA YAMAOKA Remix)



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Memory Card system

Most MaiMai machines  especially in Japan are using Aime Card to play MaiMai. Those Aime cards gives player to access the game and create their MaiMai profile. Once the player created his/her profile, he/she can now gain points and unlock the Master level in every Rank S songs in expert mode. Also, by gathering enough points a player can customize the sounds and also unlock certain songs that are not included in the free songs.

Some NEW songs since the Maimai Pink update and more updates can be found in https://twitter.com/maimai_official


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