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Waku Waku Sonic Police Patrol fundraiser


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Hey everyone!

You guys may or may not know, there is a very rare Sonic arcade or "kiddie ride" game that has never been emulated, or even available to play outside of Asia!  That game is Waku Waku Sonic Police Patrol.  Along with Sonic Galaxy Patrol (another obscure Kiddie ride game), it is one of a handful of Sega games that have never been emulated!  I know there are people that would love to be able to play this game without having to go to some shopping mall in Japan and put a 100 yen in the machine to play it.  This game features Sonic's first voice appearance in any Sonic game.  With the data dumped, it would be possible to get the audio files, sprites, and maybe even a few unused files!   I'm selling a lot of my personal Sonic collection to help raise money.  A few things that I'll be selling are extremely rare and haven't been seen on eBay for like 10 years!   Anyway, I hope I can get enough support with this fundraiser.  If this does pan out, it will be saying a lot about the community.  With the success of the fundraiser, I'll eventually be picking up a Sonic Galaxy Patrol machine and emulating that one as well!  If you guys have any questions or whatever, let me know!


Here's the link to the fundraiser:



Here's a link to my seller's list on eBay:


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