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Favourite Sonic Memories

Diamond Sonic

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Here's a thread to discuss your favourite Sonic memories. Not necessarily the best moments of the games, but your favourite memories of these games, growing up. Kind of like a thread to discuss your personal fond memories of the series.


I'll start with a few from the top of my head.


First time flying as Tails in Sonic 3


I always loved Tails, since the first time I played as him in Sonic 2 on the good old Megadrive. There was always a problem though, I couldn't get him to fly! I was so jealous watching the CPU make him fly in Sonic 2 but I couldn't. I remember when I rented Sonic 3 (this was when renting was a thing) I hoped that maybe Tails might be able to fly! So, I tried it out:




Oh my God, this is the best thing ever!


I was so excited when I saw this that it instantly made Sonic 3 my favourite Sonic game! Of course back then I didn't know about Sonic 3 and Knuckles, I didn't even know Sonic and Knuckles existed! But this simple feature took my childhood wishes and made them come true!


First time locking Sonic Knuckles to the other titles


I actually didn't get to own Sonic 3 until a few years later, back then it wasn't common to outright buy games. But my parents did buy me Sonic and Knuckles, which was a really great game that I have many fond memories of: such as Mecha Knuckles and the Hidden Palace Zone. 




Another great memory


But it was the 'Lock-On' technology that really hooked me. The whole idea of it just seemed like magic to me, this was in an age far before DLC was common practice. Playing as Knuckles in Sonic 2 and exploring my favourite levels like Casino Night Zone was just so cool. And whilst Blue Sphere was not really that interesting, that 'NoWAY' screen really intrigued me. There was something about that screen that was really mysterious.


A few years later, when I got Sonic 3, I locked the games together and got the now legendary Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I was just expecting to get Knuckles playable in Sonic 3 stages and I certainly wasn't expecting the masterpiece I got. Certainly a fond memory!


List your memories here!


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-Playing the Sonic Adventure 2 demo for Dreamcast, which was my first experience with Sonic.

-When I was little I was quite interested in natural disasters, so I thought it was really cool when I was sucked into a tornado in Windy Valley XD.

-I loved Dragon Ball Z as a child, and still do, so when I saw Sonic go Super for the first time in Sonic Adventure, it was amazing.

-Beating the Last story section in Sonic Adventure 2 for the first time!

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I really enjoyed running around the Chao Garden in SA2 back in the day. I'd spend hours in that place, going back and redoing levels just to get animals and the little colorful viles of stuff just to give it to my little creature.

Sometimes I'd play it really seriously and win all the races and all of the fighting matches, and sometimes I'd just pick up the little fellas and throw them around the garden like I was playing some sort of ballgame with them taking on the role of the ball.


Looking back on it, that probably wasn't the nicest thing of me to do xP Still, that was the coolest thing to me when I was that age.

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Seeing and hearing Sonic Adventure's "Attract mode" introduction for the first time, hearing Crush 40's rocking Open your Heart guitar riff between a city being absolutely wrecked by a water beast then the subtle delay of POV shots of the Egg Carrier taking off and flying over Station square with Sonic blitzing through Angel Island before that familiar "Can't Hold on for Much Longer..." Running as the screen spirals into negative colours and turns from foliage to Speed Highway's roads in the sky, automatically kicking into the Open your Heart main verse as it shows off each character in 3D CGI goodness, until finally zooming into Sonic for his trade marked SA nike grin.


Still to this day gives me chills, same for SA2's intro/attract mode opening.





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Booting up my brand new, fresh out of the box Dreamcast on Christmas morning 1999 and seeing this:

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oh boy this is a tuff one for me since I have so many fond memories of sonic


however my first one was back somewere in 2002 - 2004


my mom had a couple of dentist appointments she would go to and I would wind up

having to go with her to her appointments and sit in the waiting room after sitting

in the car being board to death.


however when I was waiting in the waiting room I saw a arcade machine set up

that had a sega genesis in it that was free to play so I started playing the first

game that showed up sonic the hedgehog 2 and I had never seen anything

like it before I enjoyed running though emerald hill zone with no idea

of the chaos emeralds or the rings or anything I kept dying over and over again

but I enjoyed it anyways and went though the sign posts and destroyed the

bald guys race car (that's what I called it back then :P) and then I would go on to

chemical plant zone and kept dying from drowning in the pink water and falling

off the platforms over and over again and I would keep trying to beat that stage

every time  my mom had a appointment and would take me along

and one day I finally made it to the weird jungle place with arrows and water

and then after entering the stage...I fell in the water and drowned however

soon after that my mom started going some place for dentist appointments

so I never got to play sonic 2 again for 6 years however the memories

never left me of how much I enjoyed playing that game at the dentist

and whenever i thought back to then i would hear the familer tune of

chemical plant zone's music as i played as sonic and tails all those

years ago

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When my dad's friend bought over a "SEGA DREAMCAST" along with a "Dreamcast Generator Volume 2" CD. When I saw this "new" Sonic game, I was happy. The game was breathtaking. I was being chase by this huge whale as it destroyed the boardwalk. I was pretty shocked when it changed music after the first "act". My all-time favorite quote from a Sonic game is this:


"Jump on panel number 1, it'll take you to panels two and three. Jump as soon as you land on a panel, or else you fall".


EDIT: I'm still looking for the guy to thank him.

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My favorite Sonic memory was getting Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Shadow the Hedgehog for Christmas in 2005. Loved them! :)

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Many things come to mind.


When I got into Sonic I met a friend that pretty much taught me everything that I needed to know about the series and then some. My conversations with her were great and I'll always remember the fun of talking to each other about Sonic. She's gotten out of the series unfortunately but we still chat every now and again. :)


I got into Sonic soon after my family was finally able to get a PC that worked and consistent internet access back in the Spring of 2007. When I wasn't talking Sonic with my buddy, I was watching videos on YouTube about the series A LOT. From gag dubs to music videos to cutscenes to speedruns (which, silly me, I thought that was the way you were supposed to beat the games before seeing normal walkthroughs) and more. One thing I vividly remember was watching the OVA for the first time. Like I did many a time during summer break I would pull all-nighters and one of those times I think I dedicated a night to Sonic videos. It must've been like 2 in the morning but sitting there alone in the dark with the movie on fullscreen was a truly cinematic experience. In general, watching Sonic videos on YouTube back then was a blast.


The Unleashed hype I thought was pretty fun. I remember when the original footage was leaked and I thought it looked neat. Later on we got more trailers and stuff like "Night of the Werehog" and I liked every bit of it...except for maybe the commercial, I didn't like that too much, not to mention the fact I wasn't able to play it. But still, I thought it was a good time. After briefly getting to play it in 2009 before my mom returned it (long story short, I had to play it on my brother's 360 and she thought it was gonna start fights) I got to play the game on my own Xbox in 2013. The whole playthrough was an experience for me, it felt like I was a part of the adventure. Though there were some parts I wasn't too fond of (like Cool Edge and Arid Sands at night...) I loved the game to bits, so much so that I consider it my favorite of all time.


Beating the Sonic Adventure games for the first time. It should be noted that I suck at video games. Quite a bit. So it took me a little while but when I finally got it done I was ecstatic but also in disbelief. These were the first two games I had ever beaten, and I had been playing video games for seven years by the time I was finished with them. January 2 and February 21, 2009 are always gonna be special dates to me as a gamer.


There's a couple more I could add but I think that'll do for now. Sonic has been the source of a host of good memories for me and I hope the series continues to do that in the future.

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when i passed through Sonic 3 and Knuckles with all the chaos emeralds and the master emeralds at the nights.. i spent until very late trying to complete the special stages!

hehe it was so cool!

i remember all the times i got stuck on sandopolis pyramid.. :D


..another great memory.. was when with my little brother we were playing Sonic 2 ;and he as Tails and me as Sonic. we collected all the chaos emeralds

he helped me so much at the special stages... so we finally got to unlock Super Sonic.. :lol:

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Getting Sonic Riders for the Gamecube. It was my first Sonic game and what got me introduced to the Sonic franchise.

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These two by a long shot:





Could you add a little bit more about why these two moments are your favorite? This post is close to image-only otherwise.

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Probably my most favorite memories would be Christmas time playing the very first Sonic the Hedgehog that my parents got me. Just playing Sonic 1 and 2 in general, really. :)

Also watching the SatAM series back in the day, and even revisiting them many years later. Good times. <3

On a less serious note; Eggman casually calling out for a taxi in Sonic X by sticking his foot over his head and saying "Yo! Taxi!".

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Here's one;


Playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the first time


SA2:B was the very first Sonic game I had ever played. I remember our parents getting this game for my brother shortly after it's release date. Heh, I actually thought it was going to be a fighting game judging by the word 'Battle' in the title. Before that moment, I had only known of Sonic through the very occasional episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog that was still airing on Toon Disney at the time. (Yeah. Remember that channel?) So, seeing Sonic with green eyes, all these new characters, and this 'Eggman' guy (my naive mind thought that Gerald was supposed to be Robotnik from AoStH. Don't ask me why), was only part of a rather interesting experience that I had once I got to play the game as well. 


For the longest time it was one of my favorites and though I no longer hold that sentiment, I still have a nostalgic fondness for the game for being my first Sonic title.

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Don't have much time to talk right now, but I have enough to talk about one Sonic memory today.

Ohhh boy... A very big Sonic related moment for me is:

Recieving Sonic 06 as a Christmas present.

Say what you will about the game, but it still holds a special, nostalgic place in my heart. As a kid, I checked website, after website, Japanese to European just to know more about this "cool looking Sonic game!" I wanted it so bad, and on good ol' Xmas, my grandmother surprised me with a Sonic hat and a brand spankin' copy of "Sonic The Hedgehog" for the Xbox 360! I never saw the reviews until I was much older but still, it was a present I treasure and still play for guilty pleasure fun to this very day.

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April Fools Day 1997. I'd been struggling with the infamous Carnival Night barrels in Sonic 3 for about six months. It was a little before breakfast that morning, and I was once again bouncing up and down aimlessly on that barrel. I was fruitlessly holding right and jumping onto it over and over, hoping I could slip through a crack and get into the elusive next part of the level. I got very lucky and fell through. I was ecstatic.


After being called for breakfast, I excitedlt relayed to my family about my triumph. My dad, being my dad, tried to do his annual April Fools joke, claiming there was a new Sonic game coming out called "Robotnik's Revenge". I exclaimed about what a great day this was, not bothering to check the date, still glowing from my achievement. A few seconds later, he said "April Fools!", but I really couldn't care less. I had cheated the system. I had beaten the barrel.


Good memory.

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The opening cutscene in Sonic Unleashed is easily my favorite part of Sonic Unleashed and I never get tired of watching it. 


A close second is my cousins and I teaming up to beat Cannon's Core is SA2. We wanted to finally beat the game but we had so much trouble doing so because we needed so many lives to get through the stage. Once we got to Knuckles' segment, we had to exit the stage in order to get the necklace that prevented drowning but since we had practice (and a walkthrough) we were able to quickly get back to where we left off and cleared the stage with a decent ranking. I wish we could do something like that again because it was just fun to see us make up for the others' weaknesses. 

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