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[WORKING TITLE] Sonic Game Concepts Workshop


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Tired of googling "SSMB ______" just to see whether someone's posted a topic about a certain game or concept that you'd like to talk about with fans? Tired of sifting through the forum topic history just to find a certain post you or someone else might or might not have made on a certain something you've been stewing over in your overstimulated head?




You've reached your one-stop destination for everything that comes to your mind as far as Sonic Game Ideas run!!


Welcome to the hub where you can feel free to share your wishes, ideas, dreams, concepts and ambitions for future games in the Sonic Franchise be they game mechanics, characters, games, genres or what have you!


Have fun!!




Blaze the Cat's 3D Gameplay (specific to individual Adventure style storylines and the like)


If Blaze were to be properly featured in a Next Gen Game, I'd like her gameplay to be somewhat parkour-centric with a slight focus on speed. Everyone is essentially lumped into one carbon copy gameplay mechanic more often than not latley, but I stick to the Adventure series and the like's method of defining how those individual characters actually play. I like a bit of variety in Sonic gameplay as long as it isn't something as painfully against the grain as Big's fishing levels were. SA2 had a pretty great sense of innovation as far as really fleshing out and establishing diverse characters while still maintaining the fun. The only setback I saw out of that was in the mech levels, but I think that was mostly because of the gaming in and of itself in addition to the fact that people wanted to play as Tails himself rather than the fact that mechs in general were being used.


Getting back to Blaze, I think the material for helping defining her as a character even capable of holding her own game is already there. SEGA I think does a pretty great job at setting in stone, even at the base level, what these characters are capable of and what they do even if we don't see it brought to life as much in the actual gameplay. in the opening of Silver's 06, we see Silver shoot off in a green comet. Afterwards, we don't see Blaze jump up and follow Human Torch style. We see her bound from building top to building top and she's soon out of sight. Looking back at it, I thought that was a very charming touch and it only reinforces the ideas surrounding her signature gameplay that I already have. I'd like to see Blaze with a reasonably quick play speed, but a fairly grand and wide open level at least as far as aesthetics go. When playing other games, styles and features that stand out to me in this right are those of Mirror's Edge and Infamous: Second Son.


As far as Mirror's Edge goes, the entire aesthetic and appeal of that game is one that I would attribute almost directly to Blaze character at least as far as a game or gameplay would go. The slightly abstract appeal, the strong-yet-gentle soundtrack, the level setup...it all goes to enhance the depth of that specific character. As far as the latter of these two inspirations goes, I think the appeal is a bit more obvious (if not understandable) in the use of the elements to further oneself in the levels particularly and perhaps primarily in the use of fire. As agile and platform-able as Blaze is, her primary and chief feature are her flames. Those same flames that caused her so much grief in her childhood are actually her greatest feature in this right. Her potential and abilities with this part of her character I think have been largely underdeveloped and underused. The flame boost is cool, but is that really all there is? Understandably, the gameplay style didn't really help facilitate any incorporation further than that, but I think that's a problem. Outside of Rush and its affiliates, I think that part of her character should be taken advantage of. Meld together the capabilities and mechanic of Second Son with the level-run style of Mirror's Edge's psuedo-open world layout and I think you'd have a good idea of the gameplay style I'm talking about.


If it's still a bit unclear, then to put it in the most crude and unrefined manner: take the kid from Second Son and stick him in Mirror's Edge or rather, take the the game Second Son and trade the level layouts out for Mirror's Edge's. I assume it would work the same as if I just said "Have a 3rd person perspecive Faith play 80% like Deslin (Second Son Main Character) 20% like herself and 60% faster. Bundle all of that up and soak it for a week in good old Sonic style gameplay and you've got the general gist.


There are ways to really capitalize on her extreme speed and individual character traits and make her really stand out on her own without deviating ridiculously far from the "female Sonic" dynamic, of course if that's still a concern, even if the only way to define that is "playing like Sonic".

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Pretty sure we've got various variations of this type of topic, not sure since the server reset back to July though.

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Pretty sure we've got various variations of this type of topic, not sure since the server reset back to July though.

I don't think we do (I looked around :/ ), but if so everyone should post their various ideas and New Sonic game ambitions or whatever else there rather than in their own individual threads. It's kind of pointless-that is to say, that's what this thread is for at least :lol: . That aside, why are their multiple versions..?

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Meh, this is an old one I've keeping hold of...


Sonic Timeshock


Sonic-main playable character (Sonic’s story)
Silver-main playable character (Silver’s story)
Knuckles-secondary playable character (Sonic’s story)
Future Shadow-secondary playable character (Silver’s story)
Tails-tech support/help (Sonic’s story)
Nicole-tech support/help (Silver’s story)
Shadow-mentioned by multiple characters and heard in G.U.N audio files (both stories)
Amy-Heard in unlockable Sonic’s voicemail (both stories) Also very briefly mentioned by Sonic while joking about Eggman’s hammer bots (Sonic’s story)
Eggman-secondary villain, main villain for half of Sonic’s story (both stories)
Silver sonic-main villain of Silver’s story and the second half of Sonic’s story (both stories)



The story begins with Sonic painstakingly crawling towards the wreck of the Tornado and calling out to Tails…there is no answer, the view then turns to the first person perspective of an unknown robot who approaches the broken and demoralised Sonic who asks “How could this happen?”, TERMINATE then comes up in red before the attacker makes to deliver the final blow before the screen cuts to black.

1 hour earlier…

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are at an underground G.U.N holding facility after dropping off Eggman to be locked away in a maximum security cell, before the trio can leave however the base shakes and an explosion is heard from down below where Eggman’s being held, upon hearing this Sonic tells Tails and Knuckles to get back to the surface with 2 the chaos emeralds they have before racing down to the cell blocks.
After fighting his way through Eggman’s forces Sonic reaches the central holding block which now has a massive hole in the roof leading to the surface, Eggman is then seen entering the giant robot responsible for hole which he dubs “The Egg breakout” which Sonic fights in a boss battle while fighting multiple other inmates (some of which have powers) and heavily damages it before he is grabbed and thrown into a wall by Silver sonic, Eggman manages to fly his damaged robot back to the surface as Sonic gets back on his feet and cockily challenges Silver sonic, calling his previous hit a “lucky shot”

The narrative then cuts back to where Sonic separated from Tails and Knuckles, you play as Knuckles for this segment where the main objective is to protect Tails as you make your way to the Tornado, when Tails and Knuckles reach the surface Tails pilots the Tornado in hover mode as Knuckles uses a built in laser turret to take out Eggman’s robots on the surface and then cause further damage to the “Egg Breakout” as it flies out of the hole leading to the prison block.
Before the “Egg Breakout” can be destroyed however, Knuckles and Tails are distracted by Sonic being violently launched from the hole and landing broken and bruised before Silver sonic rises from the hole and closes in on him, Knuckles fires at Silver sonic put this only attracts it’s attention, despite Sonic’s protests Silver sonic begins to charge at the Tornado and then spin dashes it in half before the Silver sonic, Tails, Knuckles and all of the surroundings freeze in place, glowing cyan, Silver sonic is then rammed into the ground before the surrounding landmass and wreckage around him is torn from the ground and used to bury him, Tails and Knuckles are returned safely to the ground and rush over to Sonic before all three of them spot Silver standing atop some rubble, looking at them.


The story begins in the future with Silver stepping out of a time rift with two chaos emeralds, Blaze wishes him happy birthday the two briefly talk about what has changed in the present day due to Silver’s latest time traveling, Blaze then gives Silver a watch with a small computer on it which is revealed to be the A.I Nicole (from the archie comics).
Blaze points out that Nicole is specifically designed to detect changes in the past and keep Silver informed on what he changes in his present, Nicole informs Silver that an anomaly is commencing in the past so he uses chaos control to open up a time rift, but just as he steps into it a huge wave ripples across the city changing everything to ruins, Silver knocked out of the rift after the changes take place and realises that Blaze is gone, Nicole informs him that the energy from the rift prevented him from being changed by the wave and that the building is unstable, he makes his way out floor by floor in a somewhat compact tutorial mission, using his powers and Nicole’s advice to avoid hazards along the way.
As Silver exits the building he is ambushed by a highly advanced Silver Sonic, he fights him in a boss battle and manages to hold his own for a while but is ultimately overwhelmed by the robot but when all seems lost Shadow yanks him to safety, in this section you play as Shadow with Silver following you and the aim you must reach the goal before Silver Sonic in order to lose him.
During the level Shadow explains to Silver that Silver Sonic managed to kill Sonic in the past before eventually turning on Eggman and laying waste to the world, he explains how he waited the full gap between Sonic and Silver’s times in order to find him so that the two of them can travel back in time to stop Silver Sonic. After the mission is complete Silver uses the two chaos emeralds to open up a time rift that both him and Shadow jump into.


The gameplay is a hybrid of Sonic adventure and Sonic Unleashed, with the adventure style gameplay from SA and the speed, running style and combat from SU.
All characters have unique abilities and a charged ultimate attack called “Limit breaks” which usually clear out large swarms of enemies and can only be used when their chaos bar has been filled from destroying enemies.

Sonic is the fastest of the characters, he has most of his traditional abilities with the addition of a parkour called “speed sense” system that work like The amazing Spiderman game’s “web rush”, it allows Sonic to slide, bounce and bolt his way through obstacles without having to worry about crashing into anything.
Sonic’s limit break “Blue blitz” has Sonic zoom around the entire area almost instantly, leaving afterimages around all of the surrounding enemies, he then clicks his finger and all of the enemies are destroyed.

Homing attack-(while in mid-air) A
Spin dash-(hold and release) B
Slide-(while moving) B
Drift-(while moving) left or right + B
Speed sense-tap or hold RT
Sonic boom-hold X
Bounce-(while in mid-air) X
Blue blitz-hold and release Y

Silver is the slowest character on his feet but can attain speeds close to Sonic while flying, Silver’s gameplay often includes puzzles he needs to solve using his psychokinesis which works similar to how it did in Sonic 06 but much less limited and can be used to effect the environment.
Silver’s limit break “Psycho bomb” has Silver grab all of the enemies in the surrounding area and compress them into ball which can be carried with his powers and explodes when thrown.

Enter flight-(in mid-air) A
Ascend-(while in flight) hold A
Descend-(while in flight) hold B
Boost-(while in flight) hold X
Area stun-(while in mid-air) X
Psychokinesis-hold RT
Throw-(while holding something) X
Throw everything-(while holding objects) hold and release X
Barrier-RT + X
Teleport-RT + A
Psycho bomb-hold and release Y

Knuckles is another slow character but moderately faster than Silver, he has the ability climb on walls and can pick up large objects like boulders and crates, he also has the ability to glide over long distances and has the strength the punch through weakened walls that lead to hidden paths and other goodies.
Knuckles’ limit break “Guardian’s charge” sends him into kind of a berserk mode where he can charge through almost any enemy and destroy them, best used in crowds of enemies.

Combo-X, X, X
Knuckle sandwich- hold and release X
Ground pound-(while in mid-air) X
Glide-(while in mid-air) hold A
Pick up object-B
Throw object-(while holding object) B
Bash object-(while holding object) X
Climb-(while against wall) hold RT
Guardian’s charge-hold and release Y

Future Shadow has speed equal to Sonic but has hand to hand combat rather than a boost, he has a range of chaos abilities which include chaos spear and chaos control, he also shares Sonic’s speed sense which can be used to navigate at high speed.
Shadow’s limit break “Chaos blast” is a huge explosion of energy which wipes out every enemy in sight.

Combo-X, X, X
Chaos control (freeze) hold RB
Chaos control (teleport) tap RB
Chaos spear-(while in mid-air) hold and release X
Speed sense-hold or tap RT
Slide-(while moving) B
Drift-(while moving) left or right + B
Homing attack-(while in mid-air) A
Chaos blast-hold and release Y


TIME SHARDS- used to buy upgrades that increase your health, how effective your abilities are and how much damage your attacks cause.
RED RINGS- used to unlock concept art, music and alternate costumes
AUDIO FILES- brief recording sessions that can expand on some of the less mentioned story points, give more details about the area you are in or even reveal a few “off-screen” characters.


You can travel to missions via the hub world of Station square; the world has 3 layers to it…

THE CITY: The main metropolis of Station square, crowded with skyscrapers, billboards and neon advertisements, this is the centre of the map.

THE SURBURBS: The more residential area that surrounds the city, there are generally smaller buildings to gawk at but there are various Parkour opportunities like the canals and abandoned buildings that really give this area a unique feel to it.

THE COUNTRY: The lush countryside outside the town limits that aims to provide a nostalgic joyride for any players who like rushing through the woods or across the lakes and stuff like that, the wooded areas are also ideal for using Speed sense to flip through the trees


There are various NPCS to be seen throughout the world and although you can’t interact with every single one, they all seem to have something to say when you do different things



Stand in front of him: 1. Hey check it out! It’s Sonic the hedgehog! 2. Is it true you never take those shoes off? Ever? 3. Is it alright if I get a picture with you?
Run past him: 1. Whoa! 2. Jeez that’s fast! 3. Show-off!


Standing: 1. Uhh…you’re not gonna hit me are you? 2. Dude! What’s up with your hands? 3. Hey, is it true you’re from that island?
Running: 1. Jeez…HE looks mad 2. Faster than he looks 3. Why’s he in such a hurry?


Standing: 1. Whoa… 2. Huh, I thought they were still prototyping that watch 3. Phh…nice hair
Running: 1. Guy’s in a hurry 2.


Stand in front of her: 1. Sonic? Sonic the hedgehog? 2. Like, Oh my god! Can I have your autograph? 3. Wow, you are so famous!
Run past her: 1. Oh my god! Anyone get a picture of that? 2. So fast 3. What was that?


Stand in front of him: 1. Sonic huh? Is that your real name? 2. In all my days I’ve never seen someone as blue as you 3. Nice shoes
Run past him: 1. Damn kids! 2. That was a rush! 3. Could you come back round? The breeze felt nice!


Stand in front of her: 1. Have I seen you somewhere before? 2. Do you like cat food? 3. Sonic? They name kids anything these days…
Run past her: 1. Honey! I think I’m seeing blue again! 2. What a strange car 3. Oh my days!


Stand in front of them: 1. Mommy! Mommy look! It’s Sonic the hedge thing! 2. One day I’ll be as fast as you! 3. I’m your biggest fan! I’ve brought all of your games!
Run past them: 1. Wow! It’s the flash! 2. Wait for me! 3. Cool!


Every game needs these! So I’ve come up with few different ones apart from the essentials…




G.U.N audio files- During his escape, Eggman managed to shoot down a G.U.N cargo plane; causing these disks to be scattered throughout the region. Can you find all of them?

Sonic’s voice mail- Being the fastest thing alive and having no pockets are not ideal circumstances for keeping hold of a phone, Sonic has lost count of how many he has lost when running at the speed of sound before he can listen to any of his messages. Can you find all of them?

Tails’ test logs- Tails is always inventing new gadgets and gizmos for him and the gang to use! But he seems to have misplaced the flash drives that he records the trial and error (FAIL compilation) of each invention on. Can you find all of them?


Sonic- Sonic Boom, Fleetway, Classic, SATAM, Sanic, Ultimate Sonic
Knuckles- Sonic Boom, Fleetway, Classic, Enerjack, Ultimate Knuckles
Silver- Sonic Boom, Rider, Venice, It’s no use, Future Silver, Ultimate Silver
Shadow- Sonic Boom, Fleetway, Shadow android, Lancelot, Shadic, Ultimate Shadow

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I always did had a idea of a 2D game that featured Sonic Time Traveling to different era's both past and present, I kinda had this idea going through my head before Sonic Generations came to be.


Pretty much the levels were based on the Wild West, Gangster themed Chicago, The Pirate Era of the Caribbean, the England in the Industrial Revolution, Aztec/Mayan Mystic Ruins before Chaos wiped out the Echidna's, a Dinosaur filled Jungle, a medieval Castle under siege, a futuristic City with hover cars and stuff, and a Terminator style Robot Apocalypse which Eggman successfully conquered the world.


I also had ideas for a 2D Sonic Fighting game,as well as a SEGA All-star Fighter and currently a SEGA vs. Capcom game

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I have thought about a simple yet potent idea for a while that i hope is even remotely close to something that could be released over the new few years.


Simply it is a zone creation system that would include the mechanic of possible multiple exits per act/individual zone level. 

As a simple expansion to the idea of branching paths, both Sega/Sonic team and fans would be able to create acts/levels that could, depending on which exit or device (teleporters for example) is found and used, connect to basically any number of other levels.  These could range from a new act in the same or different zone style, unique inbetween spaces, special zones, and npc areas.

This is very much inspired by how Hidden Palace was added into Mystic Cave.  Think of that but with no limits... what could eventually result in downloadable packs of 5-15 or so zones with multiple small and large acts per zone environment that would weave through eachother.  ^____^


i think when i wrote about this idea a few months ago the idea is there would not be bosses as that is generally what is the hardest and least customizable aspect of level design software, outside of where they can be individually programmed.  it would be easy to replace this with the challenge and novelty of a complex interconnectedness between zones. 


Level creation is very significant in relation to replay value!  Games with well formed, fairly open-ended level creation have been seen to last for decades past their original release date; Sonic included in some ways even though it is not through official methods. 

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°w° i like this kind of post anyways.. heheh


i posted something like this before:



a Sonic Tamagotchi like Mobile game would be so cute!

i knew about Sonikkutchi so..  its not a bad idea.. since Chao garden also is like a Tamagotchi like game..

and many people likes it..

tumblr_n00ub4aFUs1qinqemo1_250.gif some people says that when he went to sleep  he gets into a ball... awww! :wub:


Sonic and his friends in chibi.. you can feed them, give affection, dress them and put accesories...

to get accesories you must to collect rings..


and to get rings  you must to play the little mini games with music from the game gear games..



and you can add rings from the other Sonic or SEGA mobile games..

a sort of time waster but cuteness overloeaded :D



or maybe  just a Chao garden game.. just Chao garden exclusive game... with more things to do of course ^_^

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Honestly I think the controller layout should stay a constant on the whole as shown below. I can't tell you the number of times I've wanted the abilities we've had taken away in recent games.


Here's the layout as on a Playstation controller:


X = jump

  • double tap = double jump (in certain segments?) ~ homing attack (X, X near an enemy?) Maybe no double jump at all and we just stick to the homing attack. It helps get a controlled arial boost anyways.


Circle = spin dash

  • while moving = slide/roll
  • while airborn = bounce



Square = boost



Triangle = Free. Whatever pertains to that game or whatever the developers need.



L2/R2 = Drift




L1/R1 = Free. Camera?


L3/R3 = Free.


Left Stick = Move


Right Stick = Camera? Free?

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To me I wish they'd make the 'standard' Sonic games have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy as playable characters. They all have very different abilities and have so much potential.


I think Sonic Advance did so much right. It continued the trend Sonic 1 - 3k had, with including an extra character to add a new style of play. And that's part of what makes the older games so much fun I feel. So I'd make a game like that. But 3D. SA1 I'm sure is what most people consider "classic Sonic 3D" so I'd refine that style of play.


Plus a cute racing 2 player mode a-la SA2. So nice.

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I was thinking about that "Sonic Freedom" rumor and how it mentioned customizable moves, and I came up with a kinda neat idea.


So let's say that we start with a base set up first, right?


Left Stick - Run

A Button - Jump

                    Jump Dash (mid-air)

                    Homing Attack (mid-air & locked on)

B Button - Action (talk, pick up / drop object, etc.)

X Button - Spin Dash (held)

                    Roll (pressed & while moving)

                    Bounce Attack (mid-air)

Y Button - Lightspeed Dash

Left Trigger - Crouch

                         Roll (while moving)

Right Trigger - Parkour


Yeah, that'll work.


Let's say that as Sonic continues to gain 'experience' or whatever, he unlocks various new moves, abilities and alterations that can be used to freshen up the gameplay experience. However, there's somewhat of a catch, but before I go into that let's begin by categorizing which things will have their own customizable moves:



- Jump Dash

- Homing Attack

- Spin Dash

- Roll

- Bounce Attack

- Lightspeed Dash



(Note that "Spin Dash" is seperate from "Roll" and "Jump Dash" is seperate from "Homing Attack".)


But yeah. Each of these have 3 customizable abilities that can be used to replace said move from the moveset. HOWEVER, there's one catch: none of them are as balanced as the main gameplay. Each mechanic has it's good and it's bad side, which makes them stand out as additional abilities and doesn't let them overshadow the standard gameplay from being the overall best and most well-rounded.


Now mind, that doesn't make them useless additions. Each one of these abilities have their own meaningfulness that may all come down to how the player prefers the game to feel, and even though there's the obvious takebacks for a lot of them, it makes it all the more meaningful for the player to make the most of their skills and master them just as well as the standard gameplay.


Let's start with "Movement".


Upgrade 1 - Precision Sonic

Traction slightly increased, acceleration and top speed slightly decreased. Turning is much sharper. Think of something close to SLW.

       Positives: more precise movement for platforming and steering.

       Negatives: jerky movement, doesn't feel as fast.


Upgrade 2 - Speedy Sonic

Acceleration and top speed slightly increased, traction slightly decreased. Turning is a wider radius. Think of something close to Generations.

      Positives: faster top speed and more zoomy movement

      Negatives: harder to turn than normal, somewhat slippery.


Upgrade 3 - Unstoppable Sonic*

No top speed cap, increased acceleration, traction and steering control both decrease the faster you move. Think of a bullet train with no railway.




You see what I'm trying at, now? You're given three alterations of the regular steering, and while none are nearly as balanced as the base movement, all three have their positives that the right player could use to their advantage.


Also, the last one has an asterisk by it because I wanted to point out something. More often than not, the third upgrade is a "use at your own risk" kind of upgrade, mostly due to it being either non-conventional or TOO over-powered for it's own good. Said upgrades I'd consider to be some of the last you'd get in the game.


Moving onto the "Jump Dash" category..


 Upgrade 1 - Double Jump

Sonic does a double jump instead of a jump dash. Kind of like either Colors or LW.

      Positives: Allows for more leeway in platforming.

      Negatives: Slows your horizontal movement a little bit.


Upgrade 2 - Long Jump Dash

The jump dash is extended to be a really long, straightforward shot. Think of Unleashed/Gens.

      Positives: Gives you that quick shot forward to make split second jumps over gaps.

      Negatives: Drops at the end of the arc, making a bit of a learning curve to the exact moment to use it.


Upgrade 3 - Triple Spin (Insta-Shield)*

Sonic is able to cover himself with a wooshy barrier for a second, instead of doing something to alter air travel speed/height.

      Positives: Split-second shields from hazards and projectiles, widens contact range of the jump

      Negatives: Limits homing attack range to a short distance, and to just enemies. Also doesn't help air travel at all.


The homing attack kind of makes the insta-shield redundant (since both are used to aid hitting enemies), so the trade off for using it is that the homing attack only really works up closer than usual, and also only at enemies. 


Now into the "Homing Attack" category..


Upgrade 1 - Homing Bounce

A homing attack that sends you bwoopin' a bit more forward in the air.

      Positives: helps you retain forward speed in the air, can be bouncy and fun

      Negatives: Has a significantly short range. Also can be problematic when surrounded by hazards.


Upgrade 2 - Kick Attack

Remember SLW? Yeah. It's the kick attack from that game, baby.

     Positives: Can knock out multiple enemies in one go by kicking one enemy into a group of others.

     Negatives: Doesn't allow more than one usage at a time in mid-air.


Upgrade 3 - Long-Range Homing Attack*

If you can see the enemy, you can defeat the enemy. Believe it. Once again, think Unleashed/Colors/Gens. Heck, LW does this too.

      Positives: Hit enemies from really far off. As long as your reticle hits it.

      Negatives: Think about how annoying it's been in recent games to accidentally home into something way over there. Yeah.


Remember when I said to note the seperation of Jump Dash and Homing Attack categories? Yeah, I think it'd make for fun combinations to try to take one of those and mix them with the other and see what happens. Could make for something really neat, or total chaos. Who knows?


Now, the "Spin Dash" category.


Upgrade 1 - Super Peel Out

The classic move from Sonic CD. It's rad radical to the extreme. Figure eights, man.

       Positives: Looks cool as hell, shoots you off at top running speed in a short amount of time.

       Negatives: You're totally vulnerable at all times (or at least until you get out of charging and then roll.)


Upgrade 2 - Spin Boost

The move as you remember it from SLW. You charge and release, but it launches more like a boost until it transfers back into regular rolling mode, and can be held/steered in "boost mode" if your timing is good enough to start it up after launch.

      Positives: Can be used to hold a certain speed for an extended amount of time while also impervious to enemies

      Negatives: Can only shoot off / move at one speed until out of "boost mode".


Upgrade 3 - Ultra Spin Dash*

Something like classic Sonic's Spin Dash in Generations, or SA1 Spin Dashing. Spammy madness.

     Positives: Charge and launch even while moving, launch speed is incredibly fast

     Negatives: Trying to stop yourself is a nightmare to behold, let alone steering the rolling at that speed.


Using all of those seem like they'd be really fun, if mastered.


Next, the "Roll" replacements.


Upgrade 1 - Slide / Spin Kick

Sliding as you remembered it from Unleashed. Comes with the spin kick which you can do by tapping the button really quickly.

       Positives: Increased traction, better steering than rolling, spin kick is good for taking out enemies in a radius around you

       Negatives: The amount of speed you get from sliding is nerfed, mostly due to the heavier traction


Upgrade 2 - Cartwheel-Somersault-Slide

Everyone's favorite moveset piece from Sonic Adventure 2 / the Advance games. The whole animation is done by tapping the button really quickly. Decelerates the player very quickly.

      Positives: Looks cool, makes for a good brake move as well as a combat move.

      Negatives: If used when moving really fast, the change in speed could be pretty jarring.


Upgrade 3 - Rocket Accel*

Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. OH BOY. It's the Rocket Accel from Heroes!

     Positives: You get to go fast by tapping really fast

     Negatives: Get ready to veer right off the edge of whatever you're standing on because this thing is out of /control/


Note about those: those do not affect how the Spin Dashes work, either. Those still send Sonic out in a roll, regardless of whatever is set to this.


Now, let's bounce into the "Bounce Attack" category.


Upgrade 1 - Infinite Bounce

The classic bounce attack from S3K and SA2 (in the case that the normal one is the three-bounce one from SLW). You get to dribble yourself around like a basketball.

       Positives: boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing man the ball just keeps going higher

       Negatives: You won't know when to stop boinging around it's just too much fun


Upgrade 2 - Stomp Attack

The stomp from the modern era games. Straight-forward and to the point, if you catch my drift.

       Positives: If you need to ground yourself really quickly and/or with precision, it could come in handy.

       Negatives: Not really a move made much for second chances on finding your footing, to be honest.


Upgrade 3 - Super Bounce*

Just like the standard 3-bounce bounce attack we said we were going with, except each bounce is double the height of normal.

       Positives: You can go higher than in any other form in a really quick amount of time

       Negatives: While you shoot downward in a ball, you shoot up NOT in one, leaving you very vulnerable to attacks.


And after those, we get to go a little crazy with the upgrades in the "Lightspeed Dash" section.


Upgrade 1 - Lightspeed Attack

If you hold the Y button, Sonic will start to glow and you can lock onto loads of enemies at a time like the multiple homing attack move from SLW.

       Positives: Homing into a lot of enemies at one time, setting off and boopin them in a split second, feeling awesome

       Negatives: Who knows what you'll accidentally register in the reticle thing.


Upgrade 2 - Mystic Melody

Sonic plays a song? What is going on?

       Positives: Sonic plays you a nice song, it hurts enemies' ears which stuns them for a bit. Also, monitors change what they're holding or something. Who knows why?

       Negatives: No one knows why this exists or why it's working the way it does.


Upgrade 3 - Magic Gloves

Okay, this is getting silly now. Thanks, Sonic Adventure 2.

       Positives: grab a robot friend, hold him, cherish him, throw him at the other guy for major damage

       Negatives: ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????


Aaaaaaaaand that's the general idea.


You take all of those, kind of mix and match, and let chaos ensue. None of it will play as solid as the main gameplay (which is good since it needs to be the most solid), but it'd make for some fun screwing around, and potentially some really interesting speed runs and exploits, you know?


I'd dig it, I guess. *goes to sleep*

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The problem with that set up is that it's like asking Sonic Team to do something they've not ever gotten right, and asking them to do it 20-odd times in a single game. It sounds awesome, provided they could do it right and have levels that use the mechanics properly.

But yeah, it really does sound cool and I'd love something like that to happen.

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Yeah, them doing this would not only require knowing what it means to make a really solid Sonic game, but also the ups and downs to every ability listed in that customization concept. And we know Sega won't admit to anything having a "bad side" to it (even if it doesn't make it actually bad), let alone make a solid gameplay style lmao.

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I don't see why they couldn't do something like that. There's even some precedent for it in Generation's skill customization system, though there weren't too many extreme changes / new moves. If that rumour turns out to be true (which I doubt, but y'know), I wouldn't be surprised if the customs mentioned are an expansion of that.

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Customization to that extent seems like it'd be way too easy to end up with a combination that legitimately cannot pass certain obstacles, or at least not with any kind of grace. They can't require a homing attack chain in case you take the kick, they can't require a ledge you need to bounce up to in case you take the stomp...

Also what would happen if you used both the instashield (which limits HA range) and the long-range HA?

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For me, I really think Sonic's moveset and gameplay should be kept as simple as possible.


Sonic was originally designed to operate with just  the D-pad and one button, and that alone allowed for the jump, roll and spindash. It's beautifully simple and was so easy to understand that it was accessible to everyone.


For 3D gameplay, I propose keeping the control scheme as simple as possible again.




If you've got a controller handy, pick it up and try to picture this setup. Just a jump, homing attack, roll, spindash and bounce.



Some notes on certain things.


We know the homing attack is essential for for 3D Sonic, but the one thing that bugs me about it is that it has always killed the player's momentum, and I really can't find a reason why (other than to serve things like enemy chains which I'd purge from the game as well). It would feel so much nicer if you could keep the momentum you'd gained after using a homing attack, similar to how a Classic spin jump attack works. So instead of bouncing vertically upwards, Sonic would bounce forwards or whatever direction the player is holding the analog stick.


The Spindash in SA/SA2 limits the choice of speed at release because once you've reached the peak charge, there's no going back. Here, I propose that holding X whilst stationary will begin the spindash, tapping Right Trigger repeatedly will charge it, allowing for increased player choice whilst the left analog can be used to choose direction. Lost World got a lot closer to a good spindash. 


If you tap X whilst stationary, Sonic will perform a short roll like a somersault, but will unroll with some gained momentum for an optional way of gaining a bit of speed off the line.


The bounce and stomp are great ideas for added platforming stability but the stomp is so boring and I think a bit out of character for Sonic. Tapping X whilst in the air will cause Sonic to drop straight to the ground in a ball. SA2's bounce was far too light and didn't really give much stability, but I think Lost World's felt slightly too heavy so I'd try for a middle-ground between the two. 


Whilst I like the upgrade systems in some of the games and they fit within titles with RPG elements like SA, 06 and Unleashed, I think it quickly starts to overcomplicate what I believe should be a very simple character to control. 


And of course, all this needs to be laid over the top of a gameplay engine that uses genuine momentum physics.

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Oh...oh, oh, OH! I love the idea of this thread. I've been trying to figure out my own method for doing a 3D Sonic game that could work, and this seems like the perfect place for putting these ideas under scrutiny. I'll have to come back once I get my thoughts in order.


Edit: Also, as far as a title for this thread (though the one up there seems pretty good, already): The Sonic Community Game Concepts Workshop...Too wordy?

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Oh...oh, oh, OH! I love the idea of this thread. I've been trying to figure out my own method for doing a 3D Sonic game that could work, and this seems like the perfect place for putting these ideas under scrutiny. I'll have to come back once I get my thoughts in order.


Edit: Also, as far as a title for this thread (though the one up there seems pretty good, already): The Sonic Community Game Concepts Workshop...Too wordy?

MhmmmMhmmmIt sounds more sophisticated, man. I like it. Perhaps we drop the "Sonic Community" since we're already on SSMB. That said, I don't want a title that would give peeps the idea that this thread is only for critiques and the like or more the focus than any other function of this thread... hmmmhmmhmhmh


AnywayNice assist. Mhm. B)


In the meantime, we'll devise the greatest thread title that will draw in people that want to talk about anything and everything from gameplay and mechanics to story and aesthetics!!!


As far as your game ideas go, I await your material.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So, like I said before, I've had some ideas for a 3D Sonic game for a while now. I'll trickle them out bit by bit as I go along.

First off, the controls. I've been looking at this game from the perspective of being on the 3DS, so I'll put a list for it here:

Circle Pad: Move character, camera control (while holding L), select option.

Start, Select: Pause menu, start game.

A/B: Jump, confirm selection/cancel selection.

X/Y: Attack.

R: Action.

L: Camera reset, camera control.

*Unfortunately, D-pad is left out in the cold and unused. :(

Now, for a look into what they mean, though some are obvious.

Movement works similarly to Lost World, though a bit modified. You walk by tilting the Circle Pad a little, while tilting greatly causes you to run. If you keep running in a fairly straight path, you'll break into a dash. Flicking in the opposite direction while dashing will halt your movement fairly quickly. Which character you select affects your movement.

Each character has a different jump height, jump speed and even jump type (i.e. Spin Jump vs. regular jump). How high you jump can affect your movement speed.

The Attack button is essentially for things like the Spin Dash or Bounce attack. Some characters have lot of moves while others are fairly simple.

The Action button is for grabbing, talking to npcs and other things. There are even some special moves characters can do with it.

The camera will reset behind you when you press L. If you hold it, you can look around with the Circle Pad, but you can't move in the meantime. There may be times when you can't move the camera.

On the bottom screen, you'll notice an item slot. Outside of levels, you can equip items you find into the slot for later use. If you have an empty slot and break open an item monitor, you tap the item slot to store the item right then and there.

Well, with that out of the way, I'll finish by explaining Sonic's gameplay.

Sonic is definitely the fastest character having the highest movement speed, jump speed and acceleration. However, he has the second worst jump height, handles poorly at top speed and can't stop on a dime when dashing.


Spin Jump (Jump button)

The classic attack method. Jump through enemies to destroy them.

Jump Dash/Homing Attack (Jump button in mid-air)

Dash through the air to gain speed and cross gaps. You can also blast into an enemy while targeting it.

Spin Kick (Attack button)

Sonic can destroy enemies and obstacles with this sweeping kick.

Spin Attack (Attack button while dashing)

Roll into a ball to bash through any obstacle in your way.

Spin Dash/Spin Boost (Hold, then release Attack button)

Rev yourself up, then blast off in a burst of speed. You can instantly reach dashing speed with this move. You can keep your dash going by pressing and holding the attack button after launching.

Light Speed Attack (See description below)

A powerful attack that can destroy surrounding or tougher enemies at light speed. Charge your Spin Dash to cause multiple target reticles to appear, jump in the middle of the charge, then press and hold jump again to let it fly. You can cancel by letting go of the jump button during the attack.

Bounce/Stomp (Attack button in mid-air/hold Attack)

Pound into the ground to either bounce higher into the air or stomp down flat.

Light Dash (Action button near rings)

Sonic can dash along a trail of rings at light speed. Useful for crossing gaps or clearing obstacles.


Sonic can cling to walls and traverse them with enough speed. Simply run into a wall while dashing or run along a slope. If you run out of steam, Sonic will slide down the wall. You can jump off with the jump button. You can either hop along the wall by tapping Attack or charge a Spin Dash to restart your run by holding Attack.


* A good method to quickly gain speed is to unleash a Spin Dash, then perform a short hop to maintain your dashing speed.

* Be careful of the Air Dash. It can carry a lot of momentum. Using the Stomp attack right after one can make traversing gaps a bit safer.

*The Spin Boost doesn't last forever. How long you charge your Spin Dash affects how far it will go.

*The Light Dash not only goes through rings but destroys enemies, too. Try Light Dashing near enemies.

*Sonic is pretty vulnerable while Parkouring. Make sure to time your Spin Dashes if running along a heavily-obstacled wall.

Whew! That's it...for now. :)

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Honestly Indigo, I do see a lot of value in a laser weapon on Tails.


But provided you have room to put it somewhere, I think his Tail Swipe should be utilized as well given that it can keep enemies from getting too close for comfort.

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Honestly Indigo, I do see a lot of value in a laser weapon on Tails.


But provided you have room to put it somewhere, I think his Tail Swipe should be utilized as well given that it can keep enemies from getting too close for comfort.


Perhaps something similar in function to the "Propeller Punch" in Sonic Adventure 2, where pressing the action button directly in front of the enemy launches a melee attack instead of the lock-on targetting, though in this game's case, Tails would do a quick tail swipe. 


That seems like an alright compromise to me.


The other idea I had sitting in my mind was an upgradeable component to his laser, for example there are powerups ala the Adventure games that give permanent performance upgrades (fire faster, more damage, etc), or something like a temporary power-up, either timed or like the shields where you lose it when you get hit, that can change the traditional lock-on mechanic into an multi-target weapon or a spreader, maybe a grenade launcher or a flamethrower.


Kinda like Gunstar Heroes. But in 3D.

Edited by Indigo Rush
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So, I've been sitting on this one for a while.
Have you ever played a Sonic game, and wanted to feel free?
Like, you're dropped into a huge world, and you just want to go. Well, let's talk about that. 
An open world Sonic game. 


Well done! I really appreciate the effort you put into this! I'll give you my thoughts later.

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There are some, I feel, perfectly valid reasons for this. From a gameplay mechanic angle, you’re going fast in 3D, and you’ll want an attack that can target an enemy. Sonic has his homing attack. It fits his ability pool and personality - getting up-close and personal, taking them out quickly and going forward. For Tails, a “long-range” targeting weapon angle gives him a more unique approach than just Sonic with a flying ability. It not only simple helps him stand out, but it also reflects his recent character development; he’s not that big into close-combat anymore. He’s a mechanic, so he invents a weapon that can keep him away from the heat of action and quickly take out enemies from a safe distance.

Also, he can use it while flying. 
(As an aside, I had thought about giving him something similar to Sonic Lost World’s homing kick-attack, but with his Tails, but I figured that’d suit Amy and her hammer a little better, should Tails and Amy end up together in the same game, preventing some unneeded overlap)
That’s my defense of my idea. I’d really fight hard for this - it’s much more interesting and dynamic than what he had in SA1, and less clunky and meticulous than in SA2 - he’s still fast on his feet and still has the spindash and rolling mechanic, and he can still fly. Some areas may have air currents that he can fly along too, if that helps him stand out more and gives him some SA1-esque shortcuts.
Speaking of his other abilities, the downrollball B button mechanic is the same as Sonic, save for the bounce and short-tap while standing still. Tapping it on the ground doesn’t do a somersault, but instead a quick tail-attack. For SA1 purists, there ya go. In mid-air, though, Tails doesn’t bounce, but does something similar to what Silver did in Sonic 2006, which is a stomp that, upon impact to the ground, sends a shockwave (for Tails, by using his ray-blater) that stuns enemies nearby, making it easier for him to take down stronger foes. His Y button context sensitive ability is approaching mechanical doors or computers and hacking them, opening up special areas that only he can access. 



Love this idea, never thought of it before. I'm of course totally on board with the open world stuff too but you already know that lol.


They should map Tails' controls mostly to the shoulder buttons to further differentiate him from Sonic and allow him greater mobility in the air. Dedicated lock on button as L1, alternate targets with the right stick, shoot with R2, tail spin with L2 (slightly homing, but not as effective as the actual homing attack), and have a "quickstep" type function for R1. Let's you dash quickly in any direction depending on what direction you point the left stick in. Give it like 13 invincibility frames so you can weave in and out of enemy attacks in the air, and focus the gameplay on it.


Make it really fast and actiony. Focusing on pure platforming with a character that can fly doesn't seem smart to me.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So, I don't really have much to contribute game theory wise. But you caught my attention with the whole hub world idea thing. How many Sonic games have had hub worlds? Adventure 1, 2006, Unleashed, eh, I won't count Generations. That hubworld is a hubworld in the barest sense. Oh and Boom. 


So anyway the hubworlds are the places where all the NPCs hangout, live, play, work. And I dunno, I really like interesting hubs. I like dense hubs because I like side quests. And I actually want to believe the world Sonic is in is a living breathing world with people in it he would want to save.  So I like seeing stuff like npcs on a predetermined path, even if they aren't really going anywhere it adds to the illusion.


One thing that totally bummed me about Boom was how lame their hubworlds were. The frame rate drops like a bomb when you enter a hub  and there isn't even anything going on inside it. Areas between levels were so sparse, it seemed like they may have wanted to put stuff down but ran out of time.  Lame.


So I just wanted to know what you think is the best way to go about building a hub. I guess you could argue that it is a level just like the rest of the game so don't have it be sprawling and empty or sprawling and utterly uninteresting like in 2006 and Sonic Boom. But I'm trying to think of some examples of good hubs from other adventure titles. Maybe...Haven City from Jak 2 and 3? But that might be too big and the level design is made or a slow character specifically so they can use a vehicle to move around, a lot like GTA.  So what about a much more condensed hub like Clock Town from Majora's Mask? If I can remember them correctly, the hubs in Unleashed come kind of close to what I envision.


Do you think people complain if Sonic can't run at top speed in a hubworld? And if so, should the hub be designed so that Sonic can basically do everything he can in a regular level?  I suppose having well hidden out of the way secrets would give reason to do that. Lots of nooks and lots of crannies. Just. Everywhere. 


Reward my curiosity, dang it!


Though I have to ask how to award exploration in a Sonic game.  Rings obviously. One Ups, Maybe Sonic can stack his  shield power ups in an inventory and use them for later, so when he hits the lava world, he can select the one use only lava shield that he found while exploring in the jungle.

Or better yet, items for chao raising like rare fruits and animals. 


Would rings be used for currency or some other type of credit? You can take it back to the hub world to trade in for power ups. There is also the opportunity to find chao gardens as Indigo said. which would be awesome. So I'd assume Sonic would have a pipboy map that marks these locations so you can find your way back. But there is no fast travel as that would ruin the entire concept of the game. 


How about if you did a Majora's Mask ish timer concept where different things are going on but you need to be at the right place at the right time in order to participate. This can range from a karaoke bar that is only open during the night hours, to a big racing event taking place just outside the city, the prize is a chaos emerald, and if you are more than 30 minutes late you can't compete.

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