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Anyone who can speak/type Japanese email Sega of Japan about another update?

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I ask because, the last update (to 3.0.0) was found out by a fellow member who actually emailed Sega of Japan's customer support, and got a very informative reply confirming a surprise update:



I'd ask crashblast23, but he/she hasn't been online since Feb 6th, so I thought I'd ask someone here if they could do the favor instead.


I would, but I don't speak Japanese. tongue.png


I have a list of ideas for an update that I'd like for someone to bring to their attention if possible:



- A cutscene viewer. Quite a glaring omission when Sonic Colors featured it. Kinda sad you have to rely on YouTube and even starting a new game to see them again. I'd certainly like to see them in crisp quality on my TV.
- A sound test. Another glaring omission. This was a tradition in the series that was also absent in Sonic Colors, not sure if Gens had it or not.
- Fix the Omochao mission structure. THIS SO BAD. How it works is that he gives you only THREE missions at a time, you can only get another when completing one of the three you have. Worse is when you get one that you've clearly done the requirement already, it still forces you to do it again. They should just let you have all the missions be active so you can just play the game and complete them as you go along. Three at once? What if you get stuck on all three? You're fucked.
- Fixing the reward of beating all the missions. Pretty sure this was not addressed in the last update. Apparently upon completing all the missions you are presented with a reward, which is literally itsfuckingnothing.gif, it says you get something, but there's no item shown at all. O_o Pretty sure to this day we don't know what on Earth it is.
- Increasing item storage. It's silly you can only carry FIVE items and that briefcase quickly fills up. At least 10 or something. Mario games have no trouble allowing a high quantity amount to be stored. It's not a big problem, but it's something I'd like to see addressed after the others.

- Pro Controller support. it's surprising this wasn't included, the GamePad's regular controls would map perfectly, BUT it could be due to Rhythm still needing the touch screen, but I think they can adjust Rhythm as well, how about just timing the A button?


Thanks in advance. smile.png

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I put my full support behind a cutscene viewer. Many of them are very amusing despite their short length, and I always tend to re-watch Sonic stories long after I've beaten the game.

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