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Weird Glitch in SA2 on XBLA


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Ok, so this literally just happened to me while playing Cosmic Wall in SA2 on XBLA. I played through hard mode and finished the level with a Chao Garden key and .... then I dropped into this place after a loading screen. blink.png I have no idea what it's supposed to be or if anyone has ever ended up here before but it's some kinda colorful, number labeled level layout, perhaps? Maybe it's a leftover layout for a scrapped level in the game? A randomized glitch? I don't know. I do know that it's kinda weird, and cool, at the same time. I took a 15 second video with my iPhone where I accidentally fell down into a hole in the place too. What do you guys think? Anyone seen it before? huh.png



NOTE: Using a Dropbox link so original file size doesn't have to be compromised. That way details can be gained and perhaps more insight. 







NEVERMIND. Seems it's just a test level and is a pretty well known glitch in the 2012 version of SA2. Can a moderator please lock this topic?

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Ah, that's the Chao Key Glitch. Here's a video:

One of the benefits of the Chao Key Glitch is that it allows you to play as characters in other stages (Knuckles in City Escape, etc). However, the levels have a lot of things that are broken when playing as other characters (One of my experiences was playing as Knuckles in Radical Highway, and touching one of the bars that you can swing on caused the game to freeze)

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