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Shadow's greatest interactions with his alies and foes


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Shadow is one of the most explored and in depth Sonic characters in the franchise. It's interesting to note his interactions as one of the aspects of his character with other character he has close ties to, and would learn to be welcomed and respected by most of them for his utter determination and sense of justice for others despite his dark and troubled past.


Which interaction is your favorite and what sort of interactions do you hope future sonic titles explore?

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I'd actually like him to branch outside his usual group and team up with Knuckles or Tails whenever the chance happens.


Really, there's lots of banter you could put with him and other characters. Showing Knuckles stubbornness colliding with Shadow's ruthlessness or ambiguity, Tails and Shadow working together with Tails' ingenuity going with that same ruthless or ambiguous Shadow but can avoid conflict as they find other solutions.


Heck, I'd actually like to see Shadow and Cream work together, with Shadow being a reluctant protector of Cream while she shows she's somewhat capable despite her age.


I know that some of these things have been downplayed as far as Shadow or any character has gone, but there are many ways to do this if we can bring the characters out of their groups to interact with others. It's funny how the comics and even Sonic X could do this yet the games are far behind in this area.


Edit: *Looks at OP*

Oooookay then....

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