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Sawnick Lost World Review


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I read a fan review of Sonic Lost World and I want to see what the people here think about it. This is not mine, by the way. Just some guy from a different site. This is it.



I'm going to do a short review of Super Mario.... I mean Sonic Lost World for the Wii U. I want to wait to review newer games like 3D World until the hype has died down. Right now would be a boring time to review it. I'm going to start now.
I don't want to go in a two paragraph backstory on how Nintendo announced in the May Direct that they're having a Sega partnership, and the game got mixed reviews and stuff, so I can just get to my point.
Before I start, be aware I haven't finished the game 100%, and just beat the story mode and most of hidden world.
Teh Story
The great Sanic (And Tails, of course) are chasing Eggman, I mean Robuttnick in the Tornado tryibg to rescue the flickies that Eggman trapped in one of the capsule things from Sonic 1. Eggman drops the capsule because Sonic told him to (That smart a**) Sonic obviously jumps off the Tornado and tries to rescure them, then obviously fails. Sonic falls back on the Tornado and Eggman shoots it. They crash land in a planet called "Lost Hex".
Long story short, they meet the deadly six, they eventually betray Eggman , Eggman teams up with Sonic, and they try to stop the deadly six. In a suprise plot twist, (Sarcasm) Eggman turns out to be the bad guy.
Some of the things are pretty funny, (to me) and some are pretty cheesy, but the story was good overall.
Teh Story Rating - 7.5/10
Teh Gameplay
Sega decided to change Sonic again, away from the Unleashed formula. The planet things are like tubes that you run around. Press ZR to runs, ZL to spin dash, hold ZL to do an infinite spin dash, and move the analogue stick alone to walk. They also added another move that let's Sonic run up walls and stuff. To homing attack, you press jump, and press A. To do a kick move, you press X or Y. To do a bounce attack, you jump, then press X or Y. Some enemies require you to do a homing attack twice, or one kick move. Some also require a kick move, and then a homing attack. 
And about the red rings and flickies, I hate them with a passion. I'm never getting every red ring.
Teh Gameplay Rating - 8/10
Teh Bosses
The bosses are awful, except the final one, nuff said.
Teh Bosses Rating - 4.5/10
Teh Soundtrack
The sountrack is awesome. My favorite one is in the grinding levels. So... yeah. I don't really need to elaborate, just listen to the songs.
Teh Soundtrack Rating - 9/10
Teh Post-Game Levels
These levels are lazy. The only one I would call a legit level is Zone 3. The other ones are okay at best, except the last one. Never finishing that trash. I would recommend avoiding the last level.
Teh Post-Game Levels Rating - 6/10
Overall Rating - 7/10
Oops... This wasn't short
I pretty much agree with the review, how about you?
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