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Sonic 1 Beta: Chinese World Zone & Gold World Zone?

Badnik Mechanic

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For those of us who backed the megadrive history book on kickstarter, there was a new update today and something in it caught my eye....



The written sections of the book have been receiving a great deal of attention over the past month, most notably in the form of a pair of new VIP contributors. I'm delighted to announce that you'll be hearing from both Tom Kalinske and Hayao Nakayama – ex-Presidents of Sega of America and Sega of Japan respectively – in our opening essay. They will both be speaking with Keith about their time at Sega and offering candid recollections about the decisions that led to the console's global dominance. There are several other Sega heavyweights that will be joining Mr. Kalinske and Nakayama-san, however I will wait for a future update to unveil them all. I wouldn't want you to spill your eggnog (or, 'Robotnog' as it's named in the West) in over-excitement.

Also, we've submitted all 27 of our long-form developer interviews to Sega for approval. From these, I'd like to offer you the following chocolate-coated Sega facts...

Which was then followed with this....

. Naoto Oshima revealed that there were several rejected level ideas during the creation of the first Sonic the Hedgehog. Among the ideas not to make it into being were Chinese World Zone and Gold World Zone.


Chinese World Zone and Gold World Zone?


I presume this is from the scrapped 'Mr Monster Guy' edition of Sonic 1, you know, the original one which had Sonic fighting monsters and Madonna?


Is there any information on these zones at all?

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We had two unknown zones as concept art for years and we never realized that until now?



Not really surprising, considering that the stages share many similarities with other stages.  That and there's really not much detail to make it out as anything other than just random stage gimmicks.


Really, I'd love to see these zones.  I hope they're released soon, like the beta stage from Sonic 2 was recently.

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Really, I'd love to see these zones.  I hope they're released soon, like the beta stage from Sonic 2 was recently.

With extreme luck they'll be added in an update but will introduce six other scrapped stages, ho. 

*looks at Egg Gauntlet and Final Fever*

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Wow, based purely on those clouds, yeah I'd say that's definitly chinese world zone. Great find.


This is another one of those things that makes you wonder what the Sonic series would have been like had they went with the original idea.

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