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Sonic X And Animal Crossing Film On "Cartoon Network"


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Hi I asked my sister if she had heard of the "Animal Crossing" film because she loves "Animal Crossing" and she has. Here's where I come to you: she said the saw it on "Cartoon Network". So I told her it's has been only released in Japan and read her an article stating so. But when I show her a photo of the film, she said she swears she saw it on "Cartoon Network". Similar thing happen to me when I lived in a hotel in Florida and was watching "Sonic X" on "Cartoon Network. Like the previous scenario, both turned out that none aired on "Cartoon Network". The second scenario premiered prior to the first scenario. Thoughts?


P.S: Sorry if I did this topic before.

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I'm sorry, but this topic really lacks discussion value, and for that I am going to have to lock this topic. If anything, this question could of been asked via a status update.


And while I'm at it, I think you need to know the majority of your topics recently have been having the same issues in lacking discussion value as well as having little to no effort involved in creating them. I suggest that you consider before the next time that you consider making a topic. I hope that you will consider the information at hand and make topics that we can have discussion within as well as enjoy. Thanks.

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