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Favorite Bosses

Commander Metal

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All the extra bosses (The ones that require you to have all the Chaos emeralds) I always enjoy those battles. And out of those ones... Sonic 3 & Knucks. The falling platforms, the fire, huge death beams and with it all needing to be done with no rings makes it so much more exciting.

The miniboss in the Flying Battery zone would probably be one of them. I remember how it tricked me the first time, and I still find it to be funny, you simply thinking that the level is over, yet the container being the actual boss.

I'm quoting a post that's yet to be posted..

Whatever, but Niz talking about sneaky bosses reminds me of Sonic Advance where you fight Knuckles with the yellow gloves. I was all like, WTF, then he exploded into metal and I was all like, OMG, then missiles came out his mouth and I was all like WTF again. (Didn't feel this reqired a new post)

P.S. You might want to add to that post if you don't want this topic locked.

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P.S. You might want to add to that post if you don't want this topic locked.

BlueFox is wise.

For further posting in this topic, please describe and give reasons for your choices in order to avoid 'spam' and the like.

My favourite boss in a Sonic game? Wow, tough one. I never really liked any bosses as far as I can remember, as a presence of a boss often was a high risc in losing lives for me, lol.

The miniboss in the Flying Battery zone would probably be one of them. I remember how it tricked me the first time, and I still find it to be funny, you simply thinking that the level is over, yet the container being the actual boss.

I also loved fighting Knuckles. He was easy, but it was also fun. After an entire game of him sabotaging your paths, finally he challenges you to a duel. Is fun to finally being able to give payback after all those times he's made you angry earlier in the game. xD

My favourite Robotnik boss in the game is likely to be the one in Mushroom Hill zone. You never know how high those bomb things are placed, and you also have to be careful not hitting Robotnik while he is boosting up. I just always liked challenging that one boss in particular, and it is also somewhat funny when you actually do beat him, having him crash like that.

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Personally, I enjoyed the bosses in Sonic Unleashed. While the boost may have made such battles easy, it was quite fun running into them over and over.

I also liked the Egg Viper in Sonic Adventure DX, the second battle between Sonic and Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2 and the Big Eggrobo boss in the Death Egg Zone in Sonic and Knuckles.

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Iblis Phase 1 and Phase 3 with Silver in Sonic '06. Fighting giant bosses all the time was getting extremely tiresome by this point, but somehow Iblis manages to keep it fresh in its own way. If only for the atmosphere of epic-ness ALONE, they're easily my favourite boss fights in the game, and there's something about bombarding a big guy like that from long distance that lends to an overall sense of scale absent from almost any other boss of this type in the series (save for maybe the Egg Golem in SA2). Oh yeah, and Phase 1 can pick up a whole building and ram it over your head. Nothing more needs to be said.

Also, the first Sonic vs Shadow fight in SA2. Granted, the other guy is a pussy once you know how to hit them, but for the first few encounters you'll simply clash Homing Attacks until the recoil carries you high into the air - it's like you're both evenly matched and you can't do a damn thing about it. Not many games manage to accomplish that with such a simple approach, let alone in the series in question.

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The metal sonic fight in Sonic 2, it was fun and when I beat him it was hilarious. He started to rush me and I freaked out. My intention was to jump over him at the last second. I did a back flip, but instead of dodgine, I hit him right smack dab in the forehead and killed him. Hooray me.

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Let's see.

The very first Eggmobile boss in Green Hill Zone is an awesome concept and I'd love to see it return in 3D with multiple phases/types of attack. I think there's a lot of potential for this boss, there are many ways to swing a ball.

In 3D, I love the Biolizard for it's surreal epicness, Dark Gaia for all the different playstyles and a boss where (even if it's just mini levels) you actually use Sonic's speed to beat it.

Egg Viper is awesome because it's one of the few times Eggman actually realises his current attacks aren't working and are being taken advantage of by Sonic, and thus tries other things.

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I'd say the race between Sonic and Metal Sonic was pretty epic.

I do like the final fight between Sonic and Shadow in SA2, mainly because you're constantly running. I hate just standing still waiting for something to happen. Biolizard is another good battle in Adventure 2, took me forever to get past it first, but when I finally did, I can now respect it as a good boss.

The first part of Dark Gaia was annoying, trying to make it to him without getting damaged by the rocks he throws at you, but once that's all over it's quite a fun battle. Also pressing the same button 60x calls for a lot of effort lol.

The Doomsday will remain as my favourite all time boss I think.

Ohai, 1st post. :D

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I've always loved Quartz Quadrant's boss, using friction to wear down his pad was pretty cool.

Lava Reef's Act 1 boss was cool because of the lead in it had, where Robotnik was firing missiles at you from the background. The second phase seems to take a tad too long, though.

Secret Plant's (SPA) boss is also a favorite of mine, what with it's orbiting platforms.

The Doomsda Zone and perfect Chaos are pretty cool, though Perfect Chaos is a tad annoying in terms of how some of his attacks work and how there's a finite number of rings on the map. Perfect Dark Gaia though... What were they thinking?

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Oo lets see...I liked the Battery Zone act 1 boss, very fun idea.

The 2nd boss for Sonic Spinball; floating ugly heads.

The final boss to Sonic and Knuckles after the Death egg zone boss; the lady bug big mecha who gives you the finger XD.

Egg Golum and King Boom Boo from Sonic Adventure 2; good music for both and King Boom Boo talks funny.

The Robot Carnivals (casino and hunted castle) from Sonic Heroes; Team Chaotix style.

Sonic Advance 2 Sky Canyon Zone Boss with Knuckles captured; love that music and his animation at the end is funny.

There are a few other but those off the bat.

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The final fight against Sonic and Shadow was a winner. It's like the Metal Sonic race from Sonic CD done right. The only thing I have against it is that your attacks are pretty much reduced to spamming the homing attack on them until they land and can't guard.

Another all time favorite is The Doomsday. The atmosphere and intense feeling is immense, and an epic finale to the long journey we've been on. Facing Robotnik, one on one, no holds barred, he's using everything he's got at this point, even resorting to fleeing for his life in one last machine after his space ship is obliterated. But it's just not enough and all his plans end in a spectacular explosion.

It's one of the few final battles using this format that involve traveling through space/what have you to reach the final boss, rather than being in a static field. Even though the background doesn't change at all, it looks like you've been going a fair distance with all the asteroids passing by. The only other final boss to give me this feeling was Unleashed's final boss, actually.

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Machine Labyrinth is all sorts of genius, bashing it with momentum based physics and pendulums, while avoiding a few attacks here and there. Blizzard Peak's extra level type thing is also very fun. Rush Adventure imo has overall the best bosses in the series.

Robot Storm is amazing in Heroes, just because of the carnage you can cause.

Egg Viper changes it's attacks constantly, and keeps you on the move rather than just waiting around (Rush fails in this regard, except for Unknown, which is a really cool boss where you run up his arms, and Blaze, where you always have to time it right, and to funky music no less).

I find the classic bosses are really simplistic, easy, or boring, but the final ones in Sonic 2 and S&K (Death Egg + Doomsday gauntlet) are just a testament to how tough Eggman is, and how he never gives up.

I felt Advances 1 and 3 had good bosses overall, Ice Mountain's underwater boss was amazing, and it gets bonus points for Amy being able to shit all over it. Advance 3 has Cyber Track, which just gets manic as hell, and Nonaggression where Sonic and Eggman team up, to epic music.

Finally an honourable mention to Shadow's Egg Breaker in Iron Jungle, just because you can use a turret behind you and end it in about 8 seconds. No really.

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Definitely the Egg Lancer. There's really a lot going on and the attack patterns change without being too unpredictable. And Dark Gaia Pheonix if only because the QTE animations looked so badass.

For the 2D games though, Big Swell was probably my favorite. Very stimulating and very challenging.

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Oh yeah, and Phase 1 can pick up a whole building and ram it over your head. Nothing more needs to be said.

Heh. This is what I think more people should think about. After I saw Transporter 3 with my friends, we were talking about how we had no idea what the actual plot was about, and I said, "Who cares what was going on? That guy freaking rode a bicycle down a handrail!"

Egg Viper is awesome because it's one of the few times Eggman actually realises his current attacks aren't working and are being taken advantage of by Sonic, and thus tries other things.

And then he does the exact same thing in Sonic 2006. "SEE IF YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH HERE, SONIC!" :P

As for my favorite bosses...I like a lot of them, really, but here's my particular favorites.

Marble Garden Act 2

I like how you have to be carried by Tails through the air in this boss, since I like Sonic and Tails working together.

Carnival Night Act 1

There's just something about getting that floating blade thing to hit the machine. In freefall. Well, you're standing on blocks, but they're falling.

Launch Base Act 1

Anything with rotating spiky balls is a hit with me.

Flying Battery Act 1

For reasons stated above; it's nice and tricky, and you have to get it to hit itself. I sometimes think about what a floating version of this boss would be like, in which there'd be no ground, so you'd have to stay on top and jump over the spiky balls with expert timing. Oh, yeah, and I find the way the goal sign drops into the capsule once you beat it to be awesome for some reason.

Flying Battery Act 2 Miniboss

Something about an increasingly narrowing space with a homing laser above you strikes my "cool" gene.

Lava Reef Act 1

I notice that in the Sonic 3 section of 3 & Knuckles, the Act 1 minibosses tend to be fairly standardized Eggman-esque robots, but in the Sonic & Knuckles part, they grow increasingly wacky and varied. And here's the weirdest of them all. A giant hand that takes turns with two little pillar things that shoot at you.

Lava Reef Act 2

There's something about this fight that just screams "critical plot point". An epic rush across a series of exploding platforms followed by a drop down a lava-fall and a scramble across sinking platforms to defeat the boss. Not your average boss! Nothing's going to be the same after this!

Death Egg Act 2

Both the miniboss in this level and the final boss are some of the greatest bosses I've ever seen. The miniboss has its creative gravity-altering method of beating it, and the final boss (bar the Doomsday Zone) is a great epic final boss, especially the last segment where Eggman just desperately tries to hold onto the Master Emerald.

Chaos 6

One of the few bosses where Eggman actually attacks you along with the Monster of the Week. Even if his attacks didn't pose much of a threat and were actually the only thing that allowed you to beat Chaos. :P

Egg Viper

Reasons stated above.

Perfect Chaos

I like most of the final bosses, and this one just because Chaos is a unique monster and the setting is so epic.

King Boom Boo

A pretty unique boss. That, and it seems weirdly out of place in such an otherwise more realistic game like Sonic Adventure 2. In a good way, though, like the haunted trees in Pumpkin Hill.

Second Shadow/Sonic fight

The music is really epic and suitable for a heated conflict.

The Finalhazard

Same as Perfect Chaos.

Metal Overlord

Same as Perfect Chaos and Finalhazard. I've never played this boss, actually, because I gave up on Sonic Heroes around Bullet Station, but I saw my brother play it.

Iblis Phase 2

I like the second Iblis phase better than the first and third. Not in terms of coolness, of course, but the actual fighting. It's exciting to fight him in the volcano and dodge his flaming boulders and everything. That rampage he does the final time is awesome too. It gets your adrenaline going and you really feel like you're being chased by a giant fiery demon.

Egg Wyvern

It's a lot like the Egg Viper, except in reverse, as mentioned above. The music is really epic as well and sets a great tone for Sonic's final boss.

Mephiles (Both phases)

Mephiles is an awesome boss to fight. It's just so creepy and awesome, and the way he makes those clones of himself on the last hit of the second fight is way cool.


Same as Perfect Chaos, Finalhazard, and Metal Overlord. The music in the second part is my favorite final boss theme ever.

Dark Gaia

Same as all those other final bosses. That, and all the different ways you attack really makes it feel nice and epic and final.

Machine Labyrinth Act 2

Semi-colon e mentioned this one above. It's sort of interesting how the pendulums are used to attack it and they extend spikes every so often, and the boss doesn't actually do anything to attack you until about halfway through.

Big Swell

This boss has so many weapons and ways of attacking you that I probably can't remember them all right now. It's quite epic and action-packed.

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Egg Viper is one of the most climatic bosses ever. None of it really made much sense (Eggman sure took his sweet time not destroying the platforms Sonic was standing on from the start), but it was incredible.

The boss should have ended with all of the platforms crumbling due to the explosion caused by Eggman's kamikaze attack (probably not have the attack directly cause it, as that would remove the awesome part of the boss in which it has a chance of instantaneously killing you after defeating it) and Sonic falling to his doom, just to stylishly leap off the falling platforms one by one (a la Sonic CD opening anime - could have been done with the jump pads found throughout the game) and land one final hit on Eggman.

Sometimes I want to marry myself.

By the way, the great thing about Eggman's last attack in this boss is that it could still kill you even if you know about it. Just the other month I was playing through it and it killed me again. It's actually tricky to dodge if you're not keeping up enough momentum waiting for it.

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(1.) KING BOOM BOO: Sonic Adventure 2

I don't know why, but I always loved this boss.

Maybe it's the "WTF?" factor. NU RLY. I totally didn't expect a GHOST of all things.


Hahaha. and I love how Knuckles is all like "....Uuhh.. Uuuuuuhhhmmmm.. A... G.. Ghost?" right before that. xD (Afraid of a ghost, are we, Knuckie? xP)

Best. Fight. EVAR.

(2.)Metal Overlord (Team Super Sonic): Sonic Heroes

Meefmeefmeefmeef. So awesome. Super Sonic, Super... Mega... Metal Sonic.. Thing...

And "What I'm Made Of" is AWESOME.

(3.) Perfect Chaos: Sonic Adventure


Freaking awesome. I love how you have to use your speed and momentum to hit him or fear having wasted your rings.

(4.)Captain Whisker & Johnny: Sonic Rush Adventure

YEOW! Fighting 2 things at once? And OOMMMGGGGGG Those buzzsaws~

So crazy! ...Makes me wanna get a Smash Bros. game...

(5.) Robot Storm/Robot Carnival: Sonic Heroes


The only thing that would've made these awesomer is a super-mega-eneamy at the end.

(Honorable Mention) Blaze/Sonic: Sonic Rush

Freckin awesum. And Vela-Nova is win. x3

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Here are the bosses that I enjoyed fighting again and again.


Obviously the Final Fight BEFORE the super sonic one.

Super Sonic boss.



Perfect Chaos; Open your heart, its gonna be an epic boss !!



Egg Golem; It's the Sonic Spin-o-thon (I just kept on running in circle before hitting him even once)

Sonic vs Shadow in space

Biolizard; Zero-gravity without being in space rocks !! Okay... the ark is in space ¬.¬ but the fight is inside the ark.

Sonic Heroes:

Robot Carnival and Storm; BRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWL !!!

Metal Over Lord; Mainly for the music

Sonic Battle:

Sonic vs Emerl's final battle


Sonic vs Blaze; The music is great !!


Big swell for all of his dangerous weapons.

Sonic vs Johnny & whiskers; epicness.

Super Sonic & Burning Blaze final boss; mostly for the music.

Sonic unleashed:

Egg Lancer; many people mentionned why.

Egg dragoon; awesomeness.


Dark Queen

Lancelot's return; love the sword vs sword part when we both slash at the same time, I managed to do it and win it 4 times after that I strss too much on the timing.

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I rarely play boss battles at all. But the way they did the Biolizard battle really impressed me. It's not only that it's pretty challenging. The way the creature looks and moves is actually pretty intimidating. I observed the textures on the thing. I don't know what kind of graphics software they used, but it's pretty realistic. The scale rigging is so smooth.

I still remember the day I fought that thing. Death after death. My friend and I always got excited when we got one step closer to figuring out all of it's weaknesses and tricks.

Still holds most impressive spot in my book.

2nd place goes to Metal Overlord (not the 1st form. The one in the sky) Boosting thru his ice shard shots with your rocket accel actually gives me an exilirating feeling. I also liked how he picked up airplanes from below the atmosphere to throw at you. Nice extra touch in programming there.

After that, the boss battles just got too easy or uninspiring. And even though Perfect Chaos was cool, it was far too easy.

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Quite a few good bosses in the Sonic series. My personal favorite would be the final battle against the Biolizard in Sonic Adventure 2. Partly because of the music, partly because of just how huge-scale it was. The fate of the world was directly in the balance, and the countdown to collision was ticking...

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Sonic adventure 2 bosses had some of the most epic music.

sonic 3 mini bosses all rocked espically the carnival zones mini. plus the orginal soundtrack for them was epic

sonic 06......giggle......um but really solaris and iblis were pretty fun XD

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I quite like the Sonic vs. Metal Sonic race in Sonic CD, especially with the extremely awesome Japanese/European bad future music to go with it.

Oh, and I like the Sonic 3 & Knuckles final boss/Doomsday Zone with Hyper Sonic. That part's amazing.

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Well I can't really pin it down to one boss, but I can talk about the bosses I've enjoyed from the games.

Sonic 1: Starlight Zone Boss

I really enjoyed the whole Seesaw gimmick to the boss, and to me it made the fight fun.

Sonic CD: Metal Sonic Race

This boss took me some time to beat when I first played the game, but once you take Metal Sonic down, you just jump out of your seat with joy.

Sonic 2: Oil Ocean Zone

I don't know why, but I just love Oil Ocean Zone! I love the level layout, the music, and the boss. I love the whole sub design, and I also enjoyed the laser that would pop out of the oil. Sure the boss was easy, but just the way the boss was made is just cool!

Sonic 3 and Knuckles: Fight before Doomsday Zone

This fight was just awesome! The first time you fought the boss, you probably took quite a beating until you got the attack patterns down, but even after you lean the patterns you still need to be on your toes! Hard bosses always seem to be the ones you just go back to.

Adventure 2: Biolizard

Once again I love a difficult fight. Can't really explain why I love this boss, I just do!

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  • 1 month later...

My favorite bosses are Knuckles,(REVENGE!!!!) Perfect Chaos,Metal Sonic in Sonic CD,Biolizard,and Metal Sonic from Sonic Heroes...... I think he's like some sort of mechanical dragon or something.

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Let's see.

The very first Eggmobile boss in Green Hill Zone is an awesome concept and I'd love to see it return in 3D with multiple phases/types of attack. I think there's a lot of potential for this boss, there are many ways to swing a ball.

I know I'm going to sound soooo lame, but I've been killed by that thing more than once. How pathetic is that?

I think one of my favorites would have to be the Lava Reef Act 2 boss. You're going along and everything is a pretty and then BAM! Knuckles knocks you with a big ass boulder and then IT. IS. ON. I find it to be pretty intense. The screen is pushing you along so if you stop you can fall and die and the boss itself is awesome... as long as you have a fire shield... =P

As for 3D... hmm... I guess I'd have to give it to the Egg Dragoon. I love everything about it, even the cut scene prior to the fight. Werehog is just utterly cool in that battle. He tosses Eggman! It's just too cool! Too bad it's easy.... like all Werehog bosses. :(

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I have a soft spot for the Ghost Whale in Sonic Rush Adventure. Having you jumping on platforms inside the boss to attack its "heart" was a pretty novel idea.

From the same game, I also like the fight against Johnny and Whisker, mainly because it reminded me vaguely of Smash Bros.

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