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Sonic and the Black Knight manga


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Remember there was a thread about Sonic Unleashed manga?

Well, this time there is another one about Sonic and the Black Knight


Please check the official Denki DS website or the magazine itself!

and I am sorry that I cannot keep on translating the SU one...

for the original person who has it has suddenly halts the uploading of the manga=w=|||

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This sounds pretty interesting! Though, uh, a link to the Denki DS site would be super handy.

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The problem with Sonic mangas is that they're so hard to find! Sure I got the Unleashed one, but I've stiell yet to find Dash & Spin second volume and let's not talk about the language that I don't understand. :\

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I remember I tried finding some at Barnes and Nobel.

no luck though.

I think it's up there with the Ratchet and Clank manga i can never find.

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You say that from a pannel? It looks good to me.

It looks like the same artist who did the Unleashed manga, which I thought looked rather cheap.

This isn't by far the worst though, I've seen a lot of really bad examples on the net over the years.

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That's a good idea for a Sonic and the black knight manga comic, they did make a comic "add in" in one of the Sonic the hedgehog comics. But it just told of the beginning.

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Sonic manga sure do look incredibly hideous.

Most of these video game manga tend to. They get some random artist and do these semi cutesy hideous and most of the time inconsistent designs for the characters. Personalities tend to be out of whack to for the sake of silly slap stick comedy.

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I can say something similar for manga based off of existing anime. The art (and story) tend to be rather forced, like the author is always constantly referencing the character sheet without actually familiarizing him/herself with the designs by heart.

But that's just me!

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Looking at that panel again, Sonic's design reminds me of the OVA. This intrigues me.^^

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