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Sonic CD best zones

Commander Metal

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Hello all! Im new here. I wanted to know if any of you like any of the zones in Sonic CD mine has to be Stardust Speedway against MEtal Sonic

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I think Metal Madness was a cool final stage. All that tomfoolery with the mini Sonic was fun.

I also love those huge ramps on Palmtree Panic, and the atmosphere of Tidal Tempest Bad Future, especially with the US soundtrack.

Never cared much for Stardust Speedway. The main levels are kinda confusing, and the Metal Sonic race is only cool and fast in the end sequence montage. In-game it's stop and start all the way through which is kinda annoying.

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Matter of opinion.

I enjoyed Stardust Speedway's crazy colours, music and tubes, as well as being a highway stage and therefore meaning it's probably gonna be good anyway (highway stages are often some of the best), and also Collision Chaos for being one of the only true pinball stages (not carnival) to be tainted with the same annoying casino gimmick. Besides it was as it's name describes: chaotic, what with all the bouncing everywhere and whatnot. Plus, the good future stage for it was beautiful.

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I don't really like any of the levels in CD, though I guess Quartz Quadrant would be my least disliked...

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For some reason, I tend to like the odd-numbered Zones in Sonic CD better than the even ones. Let's take a look at each. Note that I haven't actually played the game with the European/Japanese soundtrack, only listened to it.

Palmtree Panic

I think it's pretty nice for a first stage. We've got the ramps, springs, and tunnely things. The American music is nice. The J/E one sounds too weird and happy for my tastes, though.

Collision Chaos

Cool bouncy things and stuff to interact with. I probably like this one even better than Palmtree Panic, but it's the only even stage that breaks the pattern. I like both soundtracks here, but the American one has that nice "ambient" flavor to it I particularly enjoy.

Tidal Tempest

I always liked water stages, and this is one of my favorites in the series. I like the cave flavor and different objects used. Both soundtracks here are good too. I like the fittingness and edginess of the American one, and the also-fitting (but in a vastly different manner) Japanese one with the dripping water effects.

Quartz Quadrant

I think this one's sort of lackluster. There's never really anything that stood out to me about it. Not that it's a bad stage, since I like all the Zones in this game (and I usually don't dislike levels, period), but while it has some cool gimmicks like the conveyor belts, it just feels sort of dull to me. The music isn't anything to write home about for me for either soundtrack, really.

Wacky Workbench

This one's neat. I like the "crazy factory" feel. The electric floor that bounces you way up through the stage is one of my favorite gimmicks in the game - it's very fun to toy around with. The American music is pretty nice. I haven't listened to the Japanese one very much, but it didn't seem quite as good to me.

Stardust Speedway

It's cool and spacey, two things I love, but that's about it, really. It is, of course, fun to run through and watch, but in terms of actual gameplay, it isn't much compared to the other zones. I like the American music here, and also the Japanese one, although I personally think the American one fits better.

Metallic Madness

A great final zone. Lots of dangerous obstacles, and I also love the mini-Sonic. I always liked those little spinny platforms on conveyor belts from Sonic 1 for some reason too. The American music is dark and grating, and I like that one better, although the crazy Japanese one isn't bad. Only disappointment is the final boss. :\

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I couldn't agree more with you Commander Metal, Stardust Speedway Act 3 is my favorite by far. The race with Metal Sonic is freakin' epic, one of my favorite moments in gaming history.

Aside from Stardust Speedway, I enjoy Collision Chaos quite a bit (except for the boss >_<). I love the bright colors and flashing neon, and any level with bumpers is almost automatically cool to me.

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All Stardust Speedway levels. They're just amazing, I love the speed and the awesome music that goes along with it (the Japanese/European version that is), the level design is pretty too. I especially like the Metal Sonic chase at the end, and I LOVE the music that goes along with it, it's one of the best final bosses in a Sonic game IMO (if it can be classed as that).

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Stardust Speedway. I agree with others in that it really isn't that great gameplay-wise...but who said this was about gameplay? I just love the design, for one, and the atmosphere, the music is great (I love all versions of the Japanese and the Bad Future mix of the USA soundtrack)...but most of all it's the reputation it's accumulated over the years. When I think of Stardust Speedway, I think of awesome battles between Sonic and Metal Sonic, of running at the speed of sound through a dreamlike floating highway at midnight, surrounded by the city lights...ah, don't you just wish you could be there?

So yeah, hands down, Stardust Speedway. I really want to see it return.

Apart from that, I think I like EVERY other stage, except for maybe Tidal Tempest (dunno why, I just really don't like it) and Metallic Madness' difficulty. But then that stage gets +1000 like points for mini!Sonic, so...

Ah, Sonic CD...I'd LOVE to see a HD remake! All of the stages had wonderful art direction and such interesting designs.

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Tidal Tempest is the best water stage in the series for me, and I just find it really enjoyable. Too bad the rest of the game didn't catch much of my interest, though.

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Stardust Speedway seems to be the favorite.

I didn't mind Wacky Workbench.

seemed really challenging with the electricity and

turbines and bobbins or whatever.

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