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Not sure if this has happened to anyone before but It's been happening to me ever since I bought the game again. I'm referring to Sonic 3. I used to have it but someone stole it years ago. So, I decided to buy it again from some gamestore around the corner of where I live.. :\


So I play it after all these years and it's just as awesome as I remember. But everytime I get so far, it starts to glitch to the point where it resets itself back to the sega logo. It's annoying because it scares me to death when the tones get super loud. Not only that but the sprite animations begin to fail as well and..most of the time doesnt even show the sprites at all!


I played it again today and it keeps freezing, audio glitching, and graphic glitching. Does this mean I got a bootleg?..


Also, hello old friends :3c

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Perhaps the contacts are in need of cleaning?


A bit of rubbing alcohol on a q-tip should do the trick!

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I just cleaned it and wow, that old thing was filthy! The previous owners weren't the tidiest people..Now I can play it like a charm! thanks for the help! :D

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