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how would you make a sonic film


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i saw the thread on sonic retro and cos i cant make a user there cos tweaker doesnt like me, i thought it might be intresting to talk about.

being a bit of a writer i've already got a thought, which involves mixing the games, cartons and comics into one univese .

my series' adaption of sonic one would have elements from sonic undergound (the siblings) Archie/satam (especially blast to the past/ robotnik's coup) and have brown sonic from stc for the bgining of the series. It would be about sonic and his bro and sis travelling about south island fighting badniks looking for uncle chuck, who they find in the scrap brain zone. Here they would meet Sally and travel to the mainland and the great forest, when an altered form of satam would take place, but i wouldnt show it.

The next arcs would be an adaption of the death egg saga (sonics 2,3 and knuckles) which is what ive worked alot on my ideas on, heres a prologue:

Sonic and tails have been sent away from knothole to keep an eye on robotnik on westside island, as sally believed that robotnik was building some kind of super weapon on the island, but after a year sonic and tails have started to think sonic was just sent away so that sally wouldnt have to deal with his antics. All year all that sonic and tails have been doing is dealing with two henchbots (scratch and grounder) and sometimes robotnik by himself without any swat bot guards or protection. then at the start of the first episode, sonic and tails are lounging on emerald hill when a shadow falls across them, a giant machine in the shape of an egg starts rising out of the sky casting a shadow of death upon the land, and Sonic and Tails get right on the case...

As you might see ive set AOSTH in the year b4 sonic 2, which explains the only chars being sonic and tails. Scratch and grounder (gotta love em :lol: ) might appear replaicing some of robotniks boss appearences, and i would also introduce Fang during the middle third (HTZ, OOZ, MCZ) of sonic 2 and scourge/ anti-sonic would be a major non-main villain. During the sonic 3 adaption i would also have an appearence of evil super sonic from stc, either as what stc said he was, or as a super form of ant-sonic. Knuckles will ofcourse have a pretty game based plot, as he had was the only cutscened char in S3K.

If it got any further the series might close with a Sonic adventure adaption, following on from s3k using perhaps the sonic x planets thing (sonic and co were transported to urf from some caos control crap).

If any of u are in.trested in my idea, ive actually pitched it at sonic paradox and it can be discussed there

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If I were to make a Sonic the Hedgehog movie I would base it off of Sonic Riders. Not just with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Storm, Wave, and Jet. I would put in Shadow, Blaze, Silver, Amy, Cream, and maybe Rouge into the storyline. With extreme gear, riding the wind, and everything. I could put in SRZG if I wanted to. With races that are slow-mo. I could put Sonic Unleashed in their too. At night Sonic would transform and have a new extreme gear. The fanbase probably wouldn't like that. I could go on forever about this, but I gotta go.

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Animation wise, I like both CGI and 2D animation. For a movie, it would be CGI, a TV series, 2D. CGI should be made by SEGA's own VE studio, while the 2D animation could be made by Kyoto Animation, even if the female characters have a high risk of being turned into moeblobs.

As for story, I'm not really sure. An adaption of a game is out of the question, though. I just think of those as boring, as far as Sonic X did it, anyway. Maybe it could dive into the character's more personal lives, having adventures here and there, and blah blah. As long as no annoying humans are involved.

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Whoever wrote and animated the opening scene to Sonic Unleashed, an entire movie like that. Non-stop awesome action between Sonic and Robotnik.

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My own personal Sonic project? Well for one it wouldn't be a movie it'd be a comic, since I could realistically pull that off and share it with people. I'd revisit the Sonic universe that makes the most sense to me, Planet Freedom from the OVA, or some world approximate to that. I really like the isolated fantasy setting that movie had. I'd attempt to retell the game stories with personal style, mixing mythos from various Sonic canons. I've thought about elaborating on things like the Death Egg stories, Nack the Weasel, Chaos in a Planet Freedom context (the movie was a post-apocalyptic world IMO), Professor Gerald, and even Shadow Androids. I've got lots of ideas of my own concerning these plots, and I would hope over time it'd develop into a world consisting of mostly original ideas and storylines. I'd try to keep it fun like the OVA, while mixing in some moments of serious awesome.

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No main human characters

prefuribly no shadow or silver(no offense)

and if adapting a game prefurably SA1 or the death egg saga

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CG, with a kick ass style similar to SA2 and the Riders Opening animation feel. No stupid annoying side characters like Sonic X messed up. Just interesting, deep, entertaining original writing like the way Naruto is able to pull off. I'd very much like to see redo's of the game adaptions. Sonic X destroyed them terribly. Original stuff is cool too. As long as Shiro Maekawa and Takashi Iizuka supervise everything to avoid inconsistencies. Maybe make the characters more down to earth to get some actual funny humor in there, not that slapstick crap.

You don't need giant, overused explosions and shit to make action scenes tense and entertaining. That shit takes a lot of time to make. I find Unleashed's opening too overdone, just unnecessary.

The odds of something like this happening is 0 out of a million. The way Sega thinks now. They just don't have the minds and souls that can produce something that can make a good percentage of fans happy to be fans.

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