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Why does Super Sonic suck so much?


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I'll happily agree that Generations Super Sonic suffers from bad design decisions, but the claim that modern Super is a rushed tacked-on feature is completely bogus. They changed Super Sonic, which means putting a lot of effort into making sure Super's new features would work with the existing levels. The developers actually had to go to the trouble of setting triggers within every single modern act to decide whether Super Sonic's air boost flight would activate or not.

If that's rushed and tacked-on, then Shadow's Chaos Control ability in his eponymous game was a rushed tacked-on feature, because they function identically. There's portions in Shadows' game where Chaos Control just plain refuses to carry you forward.

Gotta love though how Sega programmed the Boost glide to be usable in places where it's physically impossible to have obtained Super Sonic yet. Example:


The boost glide worked through that whole beginning section of Crisis City, yet you would normally never be able to obtain 50 rings by that stage.

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Actually, I just figured out that if you use the stomp as super sonic every time you boost, there's a one in three percent chance that you will next boost along the ground which uses up rings regularly as if you weren't boosting.  I'm not sure if this is only in the Xbox 360 version or not but it seems to be a relitivly consistent glitch in the game. 

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