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    30 March 2024      06 April 2024

    It's the hippiest, hoppiest time of the year, and the Sonic world is celebrating right alongside us! Join the fun by collecting Easter Sonic and Easter Cream with this seasonal event sure to bring a spring to your step! Learn how to unlock them below!

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    06 April 2024      12 April 2024

    Enter the Metal City Skatepark and ride for glory, or for the goodwill of animals! Storm the Albatross, E10000-G and a new version of Riders Amy have arrived this week in Sonic Speed Simulator! Perform tricks and collect objects to unlock Storm and E10000-G, or take a load off and save some animals to unlock the new Exotic class Amy!
    In addition to these new characters, find S O N I C letters in Metal City to unlock Classic Sonic's skateboard!
    Check this topic for further details on how to unlock them, courtesy of @Sonictrainer!

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