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    11 April 2024      17 April 2024

    This week on Sonic Forces, it's time be fearless as we celebrate the year of Shadow!
    Complete refreshable missions daily as Shadow variants swap out daily as you build the ULTIMATE collection! And don't forget to collect more cards after unlocking to level them up further! Good luck, and get to racing!

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    12 April 2024      17 April 2024

    Log into Sonic Dash and get running! Be FEARLESS! To celebrate the Year of Shadow, collect Shadow alts all week long!
    Collect an army of Ultimate Life Forms, or level them up even further as Shadow cards of all kinds are now appearing more frequently on the track! Don't forget, you can only get a certain amount of cards daily before having to pay Red Star Rings, so make sure to play daily to make the most of this event!

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