Sonic: City Escape + BOSS: F-6t Big Foot

You start off the Hero Story with Sonic being captured in a GUN military helicopter. Sonic then escapes from the heli, and into the city below. This is a fairly simple stage, one to get to grips with the joys of grinding and such. The ‘A’ Rank guides for this level are below…

Mission 1: Escape From Military Pursuit!
  1. Right at the very start, collect the rings and head for the ramp to the left. Press A Button as you are about to leave the ramp to perform a high scoring trick. Try to get an ‘Awesome’ [1000 Points] – Sonic will shout “Ya-ho!”. More ramps on the third and fourth straights, in the middle.
  2. When you land jump and do a homing attack onto the railing leading to the top of the stairs to get 300 Points. Kill the robot that appears next to you. Keep going down to the left and while running make your way up the wall to get 20 Rings.
  3. On the stairway down with the two railings shortly after, jump forward onto the first rail, grind down that, while holding B Button to crouch. Then jump and home attack onto the second rail, hold B Button again on the way down and press left once for a second or two. This’ll get you a ‘Cool!’ rating worth 500 Points.
  4. When you leave try to home in on the ring box, then home attack again onto the rail to the left.
  5. After the first restart point press A Button when you run over the ramps to get 200 Points. Do this trick on all of the following ramps and you’ll earn yourself an extra 800 Points. When you run up the stairs, home in on the two robots for a bonus and continue.
  6. Do a trick on the ramp soon after and not only will you get 200 Points, go high enough and you could get Speed Boots and a 1-Up.
  7. After the boots/1-Up ramp, jump when you are below the spring under the archway to hit it and bounce onto the railings. Grind down and just before you leave the rail, jump and run up the big curved wall. This’ll give you time to hit the Gold 1000 Point robot.
  8. Hit the springs and run down the hill after the restart point. If you have the Light Dash (found in Metal Harbor) head for the LEFT ramp, do a trick. Then hit the zippers across, do a Light Dash through the trail of rings leading down, then quickly Light Dash again through the next ring trail, before the big loop, without touching the floor. You’ll get an ‘Awesome’ for your troubles. If you don’t have the Light Dash, just do a trick over the right-most ramp and go over the loop afterwards.
  9. Keep swinging on the bars and reach the top floor to get the Invincibility. Home in on all the enemies, go down the railing and bounce attack onto each rail to get an ‘Extreme’ rating, if done correctly.
Mission 2: Collect 100 Rings!
  • About 55-60 rings at the start, on the board section.
  • 28 or so in the next section.
  • 8 down the rails in the stairway (the place with 2 rails near the start), go up the big curved wall afterwards and get the 10 Ring item box suspended in the air.
  • Speed Boots/Rings (depending on how many rings you have) from the first restart point, head dead centre to get the remaining few rings needed.
Mission 3: Find the lost Chao!

Play the level through as normal, only as fast as you can, this is the time you take that gets you your Rank, not points. When you get to the big loop, avoid the springs and instead of going forward where the swinging bars are, look around for the Mystic Melody statue.

*You will need your Mystic Melody to continue!!!*

Play your Melody by pressing B Button next to the Ruins when the option appears in the Action Window, and a spring will appear. Hit it and you will be carried up. Attack the enemies in order to gain height to grab the next pulley, but don’t try to home in on them, you’ll lose height. At the top swing on the bar until you go up and into the incline where the Chao can be found.

Mission 4: Reach the Goal in 3 Minutes 0 Seconds!

Read the hints in Mission 1 to help you, and make sure you finish in the time limit.

Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!
  • At the start, the first ramp is on the opposite side to where it usually is, as are the rings before it.
  • There’s an extra ramp on the second straight. Use it if you feel confident enough not to lose your speed.
  • When you land, home in on the extra robot by the railing, then home in on the railing as normal, and then quickly jump up and home in on another extra robot at the top to grab you 800 Points you would not have normally gained.
  • Watch out for the shooting GUN robot when you destroy the two steel boxes (You’ll need the Fire Ring in ‘Crazy Gadget’ to continue). In the next section you will either have to hit the next GUN flybot or grind up the rail to continue; the normal route is blocked.
  • There is an extra ramp down the hill, and you’ll have to use the boxes and enemies to get past the stairway up afterwards.
  • After the second restart post, head for the new ramp in the middle, then destroy the robot.
  • It is now not possible to use the swinging bars near the springs after the loop to get to the top. Instead you have to use the robot in the air, then use the Light Dash along the trail of rings suspended in the air – it’s the only way across the gap. The Gold 1000 Point Robot should appear in front of you on the other side.
Power Up: Magic Hands!

NOTE: You will need your Bounce Attack and your Flame Ring to obtain this Power Up!

Play through the level as normal, and get to the swinging bars after the massive loop (you’ll end up swinging on bars after you hit a row of springs). Forget about going to the top platform with the Invincibility, and walk on the bottom floor, towards the GUN Walkers. You’ll see steel boxes in the ground. Use your bounce attack to smash the boxes open and grab the Magic Hands power up in the small underground room.

You can use the Magic Hands to literally ‘pick up’ an enemy. The best enemies to use this on are the GUN Walkers – press Y button until you see the menu ‘Magic Hands’ when you are next to an enemy. Press B button and the robot’s “spirit” will be encapsulated in a small ball. Do what you like with it then, you can play god. Mwahahaha…

BOSS: F-6t Big Foot

Sonic’s attempts at escaping are soon crumpled as a GUN troops robot comes into stop Sonic. After the whole ordeal, backup is sent for Sonic. Gotta fight him then…

Ah, thou art Big in Foot. Forget the name – this guy’s a pushover. He’ll fly about, merrily trying to gun you down, just run about a bit and avoid the bullets he fires. He’ll eventually settle down, bless him. Keep running, ‘cos he’ll fire homing missiles at you. When he’s done, hit him on the bonce. Keep doing this until he’s down!

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