Rouge: Dry Lagoon

While Eggman and Shadow’s being attacked by the military, Rouge wants to get the Master Emerald off of Knuckles. When Eggman tries to steal the Emerald himself, Knuckles destroys the powerful gem. Idiot. Now you gotta find it! It’s not like it was HIS or anything…

Mission 1: Find 3 Pieces of the Master Emerald – TIPS
  • Make sure to remember where everything is situated – the level may seem big at first, but once you play it through and learn where the main places are, it’ll seem pretty small.
  • Make sure you learn where certain events occur – for example, you’ll find the flybots guarding jars in the Small Oasis and the Stone Face wall in the Big Oasis.
  • The level is broken down into two sections – the Small Oasis, where you start, and the Big Oasis. To reach the Big Oasis, make sure you destroy the GUN Walkers surrounding the turtle shell. When destroyed, the turtle will get into the water under the canopy. Jump on it and press B to go to the Big Oasis. Some of the bigger attractions will be found in the Big Oasis – the Small Oasis is limited in events (but that does not rule out an Emerald hiding in there).
  • Remember the underwater areas. In the Big Oasis, one Emerald points towards going into a section, following land, and swimming around in the water at the end of the passage – another may well lead to a ‘secret’ underwater area. To get there, you’ll see a turtle swimming about in the water area of the Big Oasis. Grab onto it by swimming behind it and pressing B button. The turtle will make a cycle of going into the underwater area and into the main section. It’s the only way past the powerful current. Finally, if you start swimming in the water, remember your air counter! Rouge does not have an Aqualung!
  • Stuck on particular clues? Don’t worry – Go straight to Mission 4 for a list of the 9 most popular Emerald Shard positions!
Mission 2: Collect 100 Rings!
  • 8 Rings at the start.
  • From where you start, go directly to the opposite side. 5 rings can be found in an item box in a similar room as the starting area.
  • 8 around big rectangular shaped pillar tower, on the bottom floor.
  • 3 on the platform just above the floor to the left wall from where you start.
  • 4 on platform just above the floor to the right wall from where you start.
  • Climb halfway up the rectangular tower, and grab the item box for 20 rings.
  • Go to the platform ahead of the item box, at middle height, and get the item box on there for 10 rings.
  • From that item box glide, following the wall, until you reach another middle height platform. Get a 20 ring item box from there.
  • Climb up the wall from there until you reach a platform that’s just below the top ones. Get 10 rings in an item box.
  • On the same platform, Drill Drive to destroy the wooden box and hit the spring to go up. When you are up, glide forward until you hit a 10 ring item box further ahead.
  • Glide back and above the canopy where the turtle goes. Get the last 2 rings on or by floating for the rings here.
Mission 3: Find the lost Chao!

*First, you’ll need to power up to destroy steel boxes, and your Mystic Melody to continue!!!*

From the start, climb up the wall, to the very top and get to the room with the GUN tank patrolling about it. Destroy the enemy and destroy the steel crates. A wall painting wil be revealed. Dig through it and play your Mystic Melody at the statue. Once past the door, jump into the warp and get the Chao in the hidden room.

Mission 4: Reach the Goal in 3 Minutes 30 Seconds!

Read the hints in Mission 1 to help you, and make sure you finish in the time limit. To help you further get that ‘A’ Rank, here are 9 popular Emerald positions. Simply take the first clue, and, should your clue match any of the below, follow the directions to ensure at least an ‘Extreme’ Rating each time!

  • “Protector of the Jar” – From where you start, head right and climb to the top. You’ll see a bunch of jars. The Emerald is in the flybot nearby, off the platform.
  • “Under a chin” – Destroy the robots so that the turtle can get to the water. Jump on the turtle and press B to move to the next section of the level. From where you end up head left, to the place with three heads. The Emerald is under one of these heads.
  • “Emerald Leaf” – Go into the ‘Big Oasis’ using the turtle. From there, go straight ahead and climb up. The Emerald is in a bush on the top platform.
  • “Circle around the pillar” – In the Big Oasis, dive underwater and look for a swimming turtle. Press B behind it and it will take you to a titled pillar. The Emerald is circling this pillar.
  • “GUN’s guard for the storage area” – From where you start, climb to the very top, then run to the big room with a GUN tank. The Emerald is in the GUN tank.
  • “Two huge pillars” – When you reach the Big Oasis, head left towards the Stone Face wall. As you start going there, there are two pillars. Climb up to the top of one of them, and the Emerald is on top of one of the two.
  • “Huge Screen” – From where you start the level, head right and climb up the wall, to a platform with a big wall painting, more like a screen. The Emerald is on this platform.
  • “Down Below” – Go to the Big Oasis, and swim to the pillar on the left, closest to the path to the Stone Face wall. Swim under and the Emerald should be at the foot of the pillar.
  • “By the foot of a shell” – Use the turtle to get to the Big Oasis. The Emerald is just behind where you end up – you should have been able to see it on the way up.
Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!

Since the Emeralds are in a fixed position, you don’t even need to pick up any clues! Just follow the directions below to assure ‘Perfect’ ratings EVERY time!!!

Emerald Shard #1:
From the start, climb up the wall that you start on and reach the platform below the top ones. Destroy the wooden crate and hit the spring. As soon as you reach your highest point, glide for the Emerald.

Emerald Shard #2:
Use the spring as explained above, but the Emerald is above the canopy the turtle goes under, and under the area above the canopy where you float. Make sure you are GLIDING above the floating area! Line yourself up with the Emerald and Drill Drive into the Emerald. Hopefully the attack should send you just below the floating area, and into the Emerald. Once you have it, you’ll begin to float.

Emerald Shard #3:
Go to the Big Oasis and land on the island. You’ll need your Sunglasses, found in Security Hall. Put them on and fall into the water. Swim under the island where you were just on and there should be a spring. Swim into it to get the final Emerald.

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