Knuckles – Wild Canyon

While Sonic’s being chased by the military, Knuckles faces off with a bat girl, wanting the Master Emerald all to herself. After Eggman tries to steal the Master Emerald, Knuckles shatters the large gem into pieces. So now Knuckles has to find the pieces before Rouge can get it herself.

Mission 1: Find 3 Pieces of the Master Emerald – TIPS
  • Make sure to remember where everything is situated – the level may seem big at first, but once you play it through and learn where the main places are, it’ll seem pretty small.
  • When you learn the certain attractions to the level, it’ll be easier to discover where the emerald shard is using clues. For example, if the first clue you view hints about a statue head, then the first place to check out is the ‘Statue Head’ canyon – found above ground.
  • If a clue hints of: “Statue head”, “Lone Statue”, “Four statues facing each other”, etc. then the first place to look is above ground. Use the wind canyon to carry you up, then head for the most likely place where the clue is hinting toward. For example, for a clue with a “Lone Statue” in it, the most likely place is in the top passage where there is a statue all by itself at the end of the path.
  • Because some or most clues point above ground, don’t rule out the underground rooms where you start the level. If you find treasure chests, remember their positions – a clue may hint to one of them, use your radar to help. In fact, you’ll find many clues pointing underground, look round the pillars, around the windy canyon in the middle, try searching the top floor of the underground, even where you start is not an impossible suggestion for an emerald position.
  • Stuck on particular clues? Don’t worry – Go straight to Mission 4 for a list of the 9 most popular Emerald Shard positions!
Mission 2: Collect 100 Rings!
  • 8 Rings at the start.
  • 56 on and around the 6 pillars in the underground room where you start the level.
  • 30 on top platform, when you use the wind canyon to go outside.
  • 8 around Stone’s head
Mission 3: Find the lost Chao!

*First, you’ll need to power up to destroy steel boxes, and your Mystic Melody to continue!!!*

From the very start, come into the main underground area, where the 6 pillars are, and climb up the wall behind you, the wall on the same side as where you started. Get to the top and go left. Destroy the steel boxes and dig through the wall painting behind the boxes. Use your Mystic Melody to take you to the Chao.

Mission 4: Reach the Goal in 2 Minutes 0 Seconds!

Read the hints in Mission 1 to help you, and make sure you finish in the time limit. To help you further get that ‘A’ Rank, here are 9 popular Emerald positions. Simply take the first clue, and, should your clue match any of the below, follow the directions to ensure at least an ‘Extreme’ Rating each time!

  • “Near the 6 Pillars” – Where you start, climb up to the top of the room and glide around, breaking the big floating rocks. The Emerald is in one of them.
  • “Over the Head” – Head into the valley by going up the Wind Canyon from where you start, and glide to the right, to a valley with a large Stone Head buried in the sand. The Emerald is on the statue’s head.
  • “At the bottom of a pillar” – Go gliding to the left canyon from where you get outside (via the windy canyon) and into a valley with a statue on its own at the very end of the passage (opposite the valley with the Statue’s Head). Follow the valley to the end, where you are on the floor next to the lonely statue. Climb up the short wall opposite the lonely statue for the Emerald.
  • “On a sandy path to a Stone Statue’s Head” – Go up and into the statue’s head canyon. The Emerald is in a randomly placed GUN robot in that area.
  • “At the bottom of a swirl tile pyramid” – Head for the lonely statue valley and follow the path forward. The Emerald should be on a swirl tile to the left.
  • “A Red Gate” – Head for the Statue’s Head valley. The Emerald could be in a chest or box in either of the Red Gates beside the stone head (Hint: Follow your radar to find out the Emeralds exact position)
  • “Stone Statue Quartet” – Go to the top, outside using the wind canyon, and stand on the entrance to either of the two valleys above. Glide and break the floating rocks, the Emerald is in one of them.
  • “The Head of the 4th Stone Statue” – From where you start, go up and outside to the Windy Hall. There are four statues, each with a number of swirl tiles above them. The Emerald is on the statue with 4 swirl tiles above it.
  • “He’s holding a box” – In the Lonely Statue valley outside, on the box the lonely statue is holding.
Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!

Since the Emeralds are in a fixed position, you don’t even need to pick up any clues! Just follow the directions below to assure ‘Perfect’ ratings EVERY time!!!

Emerald Shard #1:
Go up and outside from the start using the wind canyon, then immediately turn left towards the lone statue valley and glide forward, making sure you don’t lose height other than that as you are gliding (basically, don’t screw it up and fall). The Emerald is suspended in the air under a high platform also suspended, you should reach it no problems if you keep gliding straight.

Emerald Shard #2:
From where you got the first Emerald, go back and into Windy Hall, but don’t go inside. Instead, in the hall with the four statues facing each other, head underneath the platform with the two springs on it. You should find a well hidden wall painting which you can dig through. Dig through it and you’ll come to many more paintings, only one of which takes you the right way. Dig through the middle painting on the right wall to be taken to the Emerald.

Emerald Shard #3:
From the 2nd Emerald location, dig through the wall painting, you’ll end up in the underground room. From where you end up, glide to the short pillar on the right. Use your sunglasses and a hidden spring should appear. Use the springs to be taken to the last Emerald.

Power Up: Mystic Melody!

NOTE: You need to have the Digging Claw to obtain this power up!

From where you start the level, head for the windy channel in the middle of the level. This will take you outside, head for the ‘Lonely Statue Canyon’. Climb up the wall immediately behind the statue, there should be a wall painting that you can dig through. Dig into the wall painting, and the Mystic Melody should be there.

The Mystic Melody is absolutely essential to completing missions. You will need it to reach the Chao in the third mission of each level, plus you might need to use it in some Hard mode stages.

The only way to use your Mystic Melody is at a Mystic Ruins – these are small ancient statues that summon mystical powers. Just press Y button to reach Mystic Melody on the menu, then press B button to play. A strange event should have occurred to aid your progress.

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