Eggman: Iron Gate + BOSS: Hot Shot

Eggman infiltrates the military corporation GUN as he believes that the experiment that his great grandfather (or some relative :P) was working on before the military took it away. So go on then, follow the fat egg!

Mission 1: Get to the core of the military base!
  1. There are lots of enemies to lock onto for big points. Hit Omochao for a bonus. Not really… ^_^
  2. In the passage before the second security door, you can target enemies round the corner. Use this to get more points.
  3. Many enemies to target when on the first big lift. Look out for the Gold robot near the bottom, to the right.
  4. Near the end, when you go straight ahead and doors lock ahead of you, go on the small lift and shoot the control panel to release the rocket.
Mission 2: Collect 100 Rings!
  • 15 in item boxes, after the first security door.
  • If you want to save some time and you have the hoverjet power up, on the first and second big lifts, jump off the edge, hovering towards the door below and avoiding the enemies. Target the locks and destroy the door, and quickly get in before you fall to your death. It’s tricky, but it can shave those seconds.
  • In the passage that follows one of the big lift doors, DON’T HIT THE SECOND RESTART POST!!!
  • 8 rings around four item boxes, after second restart post.
  • A total of 25 rings in item boxes after the second restart post.
  • Go back to the second restart post to be awarded an extra 10 rings.
  • 20 rings and a 1-Up in the passage after the ‘Level 3 Security Door Breach’ balls.
  • 25 rings in the middle platform, as you go down to the third restart post, with two flybots.
Mission 3: Find the lost Chao!

Play through the level as normal (you can use the hovering trick on the big lifts to save time if you wish – see Mission 2) until you destroy the fifth security door, and you hear the ‘Level 3 Security Door Breach’ bollocks. Instead of going right after the door as usual, go straight ahead onto the spring. Shoot the steel box and hit the spring and onto the orangey pipe above.

*You will need your Mystic Melody and your Hover power up to continue!!!*

Hover around the corner, following the ring trail and land on another orangey pipe. Jump on a lower platform with the Melody statue. Play your Mystic Melody to reveal platforms. Cross them, then on the third platform, turn around and hover onto another hidden platform and grab the pulley to go up. When you land, head to your right (the left reveals two 1-Ups) to discover another statue. Destroy the enemies and play your Mystic Melody. More platforms will be revealed. Use the spring, then jump across them and up onto the top. Ignore the enemies and got on the small lift to take you to the Chao.

Mission 4: Reach the Goal in 4 Minutes 0 Seconds!

Read the hints in Mission 1 to help you, and make sure you finish in the time limit. To be cheeky, when you breach Level 5 and the robots switch to Auto Defence Mode, in the same room you can sneak past the closing door if you’re quick enough. Also, remember where the zippers are to go faster – not that the time is tight, mind.

Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!
  • More enemies = More points at the start, watch out for a zippy enemy zoom round round the corner at the start.
  • You’ll need the Power Up to destroy steel boxes [Found in Weapon’s Bed] to continue past the first security door.
  • The enemies have the good taste to gun you down now. Charming. Careful on the lifts due to this, you don’t have much room to move.
  • After the second restart post, watch out when you open that door – swinging spiked balls are not pleasant once smacked in the face. Destroy the orange towers to avoid it.
  • Watch out on the final path to the GOAL – a cheeky robot’s gonna nip out and slap you in the face. Be prepared. With a vengeance.
Power Up: Laser Blaster!

NOTE: You need the Vulcan Cannon power up (to break steel boxes) to obtain this power up!

Play the level as normal until you reach the second restart post. After that, break down the door directly in front into the next room, with lots of rings. There are two orange towers opposite the entrance. Blow them up to reveal steel boxes. Destroy these in order to reach the power up

The Laser Blaster not only makes your Vulcan Cannon stronger, it also destroys enemies within a certain blast radius when you lock on. You can take down about two or three enemies in one charge if you’re lucky!

BOSS: Hot Shot

Eggman revives Shadow, the project his relative was creating. GUN find the two and Shadow attacks the ‘pathetic human’!

Ah, Hot Shot – he’s not much different from Big Foot. Only this one flies. Wow. Hang on, so did Big Foot. Oh well. Hot Shot will fly about, merrily trying to gun you down – just run about a bit and avoid the bullets he fires. He’ll eventually settle down. Keep running, ‘cos he’ll fire homing missiles at you. When he’s done, hit him on the bonce. Keep hitting him until he’s down! Watch out, because soon enough he’ll do some kind weird energy charge thingy. Just keep running to avoid it, as it tries to track you.

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