BOSS: Eggman + Tails: Prison Lane

We meet our foxy friend Tails again flying in his Tornado, over the ocean. Tails, as is his mental self, starts gibbering to himself about how he can’t believe that Sonic robbed the bank. Tails then concludes that he believes that Sonic has been unjustly imprisoned. On his way to free Sonic, he meets Amy, and Eggman chasing her. The fool that he is, Tails decides to rescue Amy. Why…..

BOSS: Eggman

You fight the Fat Egg for the first time, as Tails. He tries to sound mean – in fact he goes into a blimmin’ speech of taunts. Ponce. Run about for rings, then lock onto him and fire. Watch him run around like he’s being chased by a very slow and old labrador. If you don’t get him, just keep locking on, avoiding his fire, and give him a cheeky slap around the chops up close if you feel like it. You’ll finish him in no time!

Tails: Prison Lane

After the bout with Eggman over Amy, Tails learns exactly where Sonic is being held prisoner. So, in true companionship, he goes to free his best buddy. Amy follows. Cow.

Mission 1: Find the core of the prison!
  1. Hold B Button and look around the room – there’s more than just the three enemies in front of you.
  2. When you get to the third prison gate, after you go up the first small lift, wait until you can target the 2 GUN walkers and the flybot that passes by to get more points. Then target both flybots at the same time to open the next gate instead of getting one at a time.
  3. For the big black hovering robots, you can target up to a 4 target combo in this level. This can get you mucho points, but be sure to shoot the robot once you’ve targeted the shells on it quickly before it launches the shells at you.
  4. On the big lift, target the first three enemies at the same time, then when they are destroyed, and you see the next batch of robots, target them, but don’t shoot them yet. Wait until you reach the top of the lift then target the other enemies quickly, then shoot the lot of them for big points.
  5. In the 2nd tunnel after the big lift, watch out for a fast shooting robot coming round the corner. Take the small lift by the entrance and target the two boxes for a shield and rings. Jump and target again for a 1-Up in the prison cell above.
  6. After the 2nd tunnel and 2 lifts, to continue you have to destroy the 2 GUN robots in the background, to open the gate. Try and make a target combo with the robots and the big black hovering robot.
  7. Once you get past and through the gate, make sure you get the Gold 1000 Point robot by the lift.
  8. In the next tunnel, you have to deal with 2 GUN walkers to open the gate. Once you have done this, go back and face the grill opposite the entrance to the prison tunnel. You’ll see lots of flybots. Target them all at once.
Mission 2: Collect 100 Rings!
  • 4 rings at the start.
  • 3 rings by the lift, before the third prison gate.
  • 6 rings in third prison gate.
  • 10 rings outside entrance of tunnel blockaded by wooden boxes.
  • 6 in tunnel after big black hovering robot.
  • 5 rings added at restart post.
  • 3 in tunnel after restart post.
  • 3 rings in tunnel before room with four flybots.
  • 10 in room with four flybots.
  • 6 in passage leading to big lift.
  • 10 rings added by 2nd restart post.
  • 6 in tunnel after 2nd restart post.
  • 20 in item box on top of 2nd prison tunnel, after the restart post (use lift to the right)
  • 3 in passage leading to the 2 lifts going up.
  • 4 in tunnel after gate with 2 GUN bots in the background.
  • 4 in the tunnel entrance, in prison tunnel with 2 GUN robots to destroy and lots of flybots on the opposite side.
Mission 3: Find the lost Chao!

Play through the level as normal until you reach the 2nd tunnel after the big lift, with a little lift to the right of the entrance. Go on the little lift to the top and look around. You should see the Mystic Melody statue.

*You will need your Mystic Melody and the Hover power up to continue!!!*

Hover to the statue and play your melody, a spring should appear. Use it and on the next platform, target all enemies to open the gate. Run to the end of the tunnel to get the chao.

Mission 4: Reach the Goal in 3 Minutes 0 Seconds!

Read the hints in Mission 1 to help you, and make sure you finish in the time limit.

Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!
  • At the start, some flybots have been replaced by GUN walkers.
    The enemies now shoot you, so be quick and avoid fire if you can while making rank up combos.
  • The GUN robot with the shield can only be destroyed when its guard is down. Hit them when they try and shoot you.
  • The hovering black bots are now worth a 7 target combo if you target the robot and all the shells. The robot is quicker at attacking, mind.
  • At the 2nd prison tunnel after the big lift, you’ll need to use the lift to the right, at the entrance, and destroy the flybot to open the gate at the end.
Power Up: Laser Blaster!

NOTE: You need the Vulcan Cannon power up (to break steel boxes) to obtain this power up!

Play through the entire level, until you reach the very end, in the room with the GOAL Ring. Destroy every single enemy in that room (there is a flybot hiding round the corner as you enter the room) but don’t go through the GOAL. Instead, when you destroy all the enemies, a gate should open in the far corner. Go inside and destroy the steel boxes. Destroy the GUN Walkers that follow to open the next gate to recieve your new power up.

The Laser Blaster not only makes your Vulcan Cannon stronger, it also destroys enemies within a certain blast radius when you lock on. You can take down about two or three enemies in one charge if you’re lucky!

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