Zone Runners Release First Music Video

For those who do not know, Zone Runners are a popular music-inspired hip hop trio. All their music takes inspiration from your favourite Sonic levels and is certainly worth a listen.

Despite making three releases since their debut, the group have yet to put any of their music to video. That is of course, until today!

In a special collaboration with The Sonic Show, the Zone Runners finally come to animated life in this original track based upon the 9th anniversary of The Sonic Show’s webshow. Featuring animation from a variety of artists, plus artwork and fan submitted dance moves, this is a neat little package that everyone here is proud of!


STAR in a Sonic music video with Zone Runners!

Last year we ran a contest where people could draw Sonic selfies for our #BADNIK video. It’s time for a brand new song, and once again we want you guys to be in it!


The song is an original composition by Zone Runners that takes a cool spin on The Sonic Show theme tune. We want you guys to be in the video by recording yourself singing (miming) the chorus!

You can be as creative or uncreative as you like. Animate it, do it in cosplay, do it with friends, do it as a puppet, do indoors, outdoors or any dimension inbetween! Once you have recorded your entry, upload it to any video sharing site (like Youtube) and make sure you include “The Sonic Show and Zone Runners” in the title. Then send us a link to your entry to or tweet it to us @sonic_show. Your entry can be public or unlisted, it’s up to you!

Entries must be submitted by the 24th of June

The Sonic Show and Zone Runners crew will feature their favourite entries in the video and ONE lucky entry will recieve a one of a kind tshirt of The Sonic Show and Zone Runners, hand signed by The Sonic Show AND every member of Zone Runners! You can’t buy a prize like that! Prize ships worldwide!

Check out the chorus you need to chant along to below! (music removed, gotta keep it a surprise!)

Zone Runners Album “Triple TroubleMakers” available now

The guys who brought us their debut self titled album, Zone Runners back in October of last year are back with more tunes to spindash.

The Zone Runners, a collaboration between OCRemix Alumni DiGi Valentine, Halc and Sir J, have released their second record. It features a collaboration with J-ME.exe, another community artist.

This 9 song album continues the story of the titular runners and has remixes of many classic Sonic songs including Emerald Hill, Casino Night and Oil Ocean. It’s also available as a bundle with their previous album and single on Spread the good word of good music!

Note: Some of this music is slightly NSFW due to energetic language.
Art by KetrinDarkDragon