Yuji Naka Meeting UK Press Today, Will Announce Let’s Tap

yumeshiya-nakaAs we write this, print and major online journalists are most likely awaiting (or on their way, no thanks to the snow) to become an audience with Yuji Naka, famed programmer of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Now the leader of part-SEGA funded studio PROPE, he will visit the European headquarters of the publisher to talk about Let’s Tap. So it can be assumed there will be a European release.

From what we gather, there may be some announcements or two on top of this, but it’s not certain whether said news will relate to the inevitable EU release of the future tapping game or be something else entirely. Other high profile SEGA games, such as Madworld and Sonic and the Black Knight, will be playable for the press today as well, so you can expect some previews appearing in your favourite magazines soon, along with interviews of Naka-san.

Unfortunately, TSS couldn’t make the trip today – we’re washing our hair. But keep an eye out as we will be on the trail for all the news that trickles out of this very exclusive event.

Let’s Tap, Let’s Tap, Future Tapping Game (Oh Yeah)

Yuji Naka’s proving he nicked the best part of Sonic Team when he formed Prope by showing off more of his first project, Let’s Tap. I’ll be honest, I’ve had enough of pointless Wii party games, but this one intrigues me. Mostly because, having Yuji Naka on board and doing some grass-roots programming and stuff, it won’t suck.

Watch this five minute trailer of all the minigames you can tap your way along. The music is spot on too, and the whole style is just classic Sonic Team. Only, they’re not anymore. But, you know what I mean. If you’re wondering where the heart of Iizuka’s studio’s gone, Prope’s probably where it is now.

Future Tapping Game.

Yuji Naka’s Prope Studio posts a teaser on it’s website.

I am sure lots of you are wondering what Yuji Naka has been working on these days. Ever since Yuji Naka left his position at SEGA to form the SEGA funded Prope Studio, we’ve been given very little in the way of details in regards to what he is doing. All that has been revealed so far is that his team is developing some sort of Wii games. Now, finally, it appears Prope is about ready to shed some light on it’s new project. They have updated their website with a teaser image, which you can view here.

The teaser appears to have a countdown. Originally, it appeared to be counting down to the first day of TGS, but it has since been pushed back a week. Whatever this project is, we should be finding out in about 16 days. Heres hoping that the fact that this will be the first game penguins can play is a good thing for the project.

Miss, Peter Moore said “F You” to Yuji Naka!

Ex-SEGA America President Peter Moore has revealed to Esquire Magazine that he has crossed the nasty path with Sonic programmer Yuji Naka, telling him “F*** you” during a Tokyo boardroom meeting. The tirade came as Moore was presenting the results to SEGA Japan of a consumer focus group, asking gamers what they thought of the SEGA brand.

At this point in time, the Dreamcast was sorely getting its arse handed to it by the Sony upstart, PlayStation 2, and the EA Sports head recollects asking people “If these brands were people, who would they be?” SEGA, unfortunately, was the “granddad with dementia who used to be cool but you couldn’t remember why”. Something familiar with that reaction there regarding today’s gaming climate, but that might just be me. Says Gamesradar:

Moore had tapes of the focus group dubbed in Japanese and headed to Tokyo to report the doddering image of Sega to the company’s board. However, when he arrived, Yuji Naka – who Moore describes as being “a tad conceited” – accused Moore of tampering with the dialogue. “I lost it,” remembers Moore. “I turned to the interpreter and said, ‘Tell him, “F*** you”.”

Although the translator refused to convey Moore’s feelings, he was pretty sure that his message got across. “Naka had lived in the US for three years, so I knew he understood. I walked out and never returned.” What a badass.

I guess Naka’s uncomfortable nature outside of programming awesome code rings even more true, what with his part in the whole Sonic X-Treme tragedy now urban legend. Power can sometimes make a guy arrogant, even Peter in his Xbox 360 days. But we have to agree with Gamesradar… man, what a badass. I’d like to buy him a beer.

When Peter Moore said “F*** you” to Yuji Naka – Gamesradar, via Kotaku

Studio a-go-go

SEGA grows a spine to go with Sonics’ set of balls; Naka gives a Proper introduction, while death brings life to the Sonic franchise. It’s all happening; Sonic News catches up with Sonic developers past and present.

Backbone Entertainment

Backbone Entertainment (the company behind the upcoming PSP game Sonic Rivals) has finished a reconstruction of their official website which began during the E3 Consumer Electronics Expo (perhaps in anticipation to the attention the event would generate toward the studio).

The site features its own Sonic Rivals page, and although that offers no new information, if you navigate to the Vancouver studios blog entry, studio head Joe Bonar reveals that the game will be running on the internally developed Reaper Engine. Continue reading Studio a-go-go

Yuji Naka leaves Sonic Team

Rumours of Yuji Naka’s immanent departure from SEGA seemed greatly exaggerated when SEGA’s Sonic Channel (the Japanese Sonic mini site) seemed to imply it was all part of an elaborate prank, devised to coheres swarms of fans into believing Naka was leaving to set up is own restaurant titled Yumeshiya. The prank was part of SEGA’s April fool, which due to time differences had occurred a day earlier than other parts of the world which led many a western fan to believe it was true. The joke did however serve another purpose: To draw people’s attention away from the growing concern that Naka was leaving SEGA to found his own development studio, and that SEGA would own a small stake in the company. Now it seems these rumours have indeed been confirmed. Continue reading Yuji Naka leaves Sonic Team

Yuji Naka quits to work in a restaurant

Earlier this month Sonic News reported that Yuji Naka (often attributed to the creation of the Sonic franchise) was to leave SEGA and form his own development studio. While some of the rumours surrounding Naka’s resignation have been confirmed, he will not however be leaving SEGA to setup his own development studio, instead he plans to persue a career in the catering business. Naka has used his available finances to setup a Japanese Tea House.

Yumeshiya, as his restaurant is known, sells a variety of dishes, which unfortunately I’m unable to name as I don’t speak Japanese. However if you’re ever in Japan and fancy some Miso Soup and rice then Yumeshiya is the place to go.


Yuji Naka to leave SEGA?

Just minutes ago news has broken (VIA a next-gen.biz update) that Yuji Naka, head of Sonic Team throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog series, is planning to leave SEGA/Sonic Team shortly. Details are uncertain at this point, however it is understood Naka will be forming new game development studio, which according to rumours, will still be in alliance with SEGA.

Further details are still yet to be revealed, but stay with SONIC NEWS to find out as it breaks.

It’s a Sonic Revolution

Rumour has it that a Sonic game is in development for Nintendo’s next-gen console: the ‘Revolution’.

The large videogaming site ‘IGN’ recently revealed that ‘Sources’ close to SEGA had confirmed that SEGA are indeed creating a new Sonic game for the unusual little console.

SEGA have given no confirmation that such a game exists, but reports place Yuji Naka as director on the project; if this is the case then Yuji is certainly stretching himself thin, what with the development of ‘Fifth Phantom Saga’ and the next-gen Sonic title for PS3 and XBOX360. Continue reading It’s a Sonic Revolution

SOE offer signed Shadow and Sonic images

Remember back in October, when SEGA of Europe held a charity auction to raise money for provisions needed to perform a sponsored climb of the mountain Kilimanjaro, for the video games ‘Entertainment Software Charity’?

Well if you do then you should also remember the ‘one of a kind’ signed Sonic and Shadow images that were auctioned off for over £100 ($200) each.

Well as it turns out the images, signed by Yuji Naka, are not so original after all. In yet another one of SEGA of Europe’s spectacular (SEGA City exclusive) competitions, a duplicate copy of the signed images are being offered up to those that can answer this simple question: Continue reading SOE offer signed Shadow and Sonic images

gamesTM Interview With Yuji Naka

The popular and renowned UK games publication ’Games TM’ has conducted an interview with none other than Yuji Naka. The interview, and other indications within the 37th October issue, suggests that the interview took place after the German games convention to which Yuji Naka attended.

The interview makes reference to Yuji Naka taking part in a mad flurry of signings, where he ‘scrawled’ his name on various Sonic merchandise. Indeed Yuji Naka can be seen creating such ‘Scrawlings’ on this page of the Sonic website: ‘SONICFANS.DE’. Continue reading gamesTM Interview With Yuji Naka

Yuji Naka talks about Hidden Palace

The focus of this articles is on the secretes revealed about Hidden Palace, if you wish to read the full interview then please use the links provided in the ‘media links’ section of Sonic News.

On September 30th 2005 Heidi Kemps of the games site ‘Gamespy’ conducted an interview with Yuji Naka.

The interview’s true purpose was to discuss the many Sonic games that Yuji Naka and Sonic Team were currently working on, and to give Yuji the chance to have his say on the next generation of videogames consoles. The interview, however, soon lost its original focus, the curiosity of Heidi lead to some interesting revelations on the subject of the original Sonic Mega drive games, particularly the Hidden Palace level of the Sonic 2 Beta. Continue reading Yuji Naka talks about Hidden Palace

Next-Gen Sonic is Running

Next-Gen Sonic is up and running. Early on the 17th, IGN and Gamespot released game play videos of the next generation Sonic the Hedgehog game, from the Tokyo Game Show. Three short videos of game play show most of what we need to know to get a good idea, along with a few new details.

Yuji Naka revealed that the new game shall be self-titled “Sonic the Hedgehog” to mark the Blue Blur’s 15th Anniversary. There is also a new engine used in this game. The engine called Havok, used in games like Halo 2 and Half-Life 2, is being used for the making of Sonic the Hedgehog. After showing how boxes at different weights move differently, Naka praised the flexibleness of the new engine for allowing simple details like these to be done. Naka-san also said that his theme while creating the games is “What if Sonic actually existed in real life?”. His theme is certainly living it up to what it stands for. Continue reading Next-Gen Sonic is Running

Yuji Naka Visits Hedgehog Sanctuary in Germany

UK Resistance, a simple website revolved around gaming news, was anonymously e-mail high-res photos of Yuji Naka at a Hedgehog Sanctuary in Germany, on the 16 of August.

Having not been given any information other then pictures, we’re left with nothing but to assume what’s happening.

Here, Yuji Naka presents a large check for 1,500 Euros to “NABU”. With that, those hedgehogs should be able to live in paradise for a few months. Continue reading Yuji Naka Visits Hedgehog Sanctuary in Germany

‘Sonic Next’ in development

The Games Convention in Leipzig was host to a special day of Yuji Naka signage, as SONIC NEWS reported some days ago. Naka-san used the event to showcase Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush and Sonic Gems Collection, but he has also revealed that a next generation Sonic the Hedgehog game is in development.

Nothing else has been mentioned, other than the fact that the title exists. First details will pop up at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show in September. Continue reading ‘Sonic Next’ in development

Yuji Naka in Leipzig

Everyone’s favourite Ferrari fanatic, Yuji Naka, will be attending a European Games Convention, held in Leipzig, Germany. SEGA-Europe’s German website has revealed details of his special appearance during two days of the event.

August 17th will be a special developer’s-only day which Naka-san will attend, to present the three latest Sonic the Hedgehog titles in the saga (that’s Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Gems Collection and Sonic Rush in case you haven’t been catching up). The event would be perfect for European fans to learn more about the upcoming games (and perhaps on secret projects too) but we assume this pleasure will be reserved for the Tokyo Games Show commencing mid-September instead. Continue reading Yuji Naka in Leipzig

Meet Yuji Naka & Richard Jacques!

Yuji Naka (the self-titled “Father of Sonic”) and Richard Jacques (music composer for Sonic 3D and Sonic R) are listed to appear in person at the Video Games Live touring concert, during a pre-show event alongside many other top brass game developer superstars.

To kick off the Stateside tour in the US, the VGL team are preparing a special “pre-show” event on July 6th 2005, taking place from 5:30pm – 8:00pm. It will be held at the LA Hollywood Bowl, the venue for the debut concert, and will be free for all who have purchased a ticket. Continue reading Meet Yuji Naka & Richard Jacques!

Yuji Naka – Loves Everyone

If there’s anyone in the industry who has an eye for new gadgets and consoles like some sort of deranged magpie, it’s Yuji Naka, head of Sonic Team. The last few years has had his team shift Sonic and Puyo Pop onto almost every console imaginable, and certainly every new one. He’s also one to be quite close to Nintendo, being tea chums with Miyamoto-san.

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Naka-san has gone on record to comment on the next generation line of consoles, not surprisingly. He admits he is very interested with the Nintendo Revolution, expressing excitement over the surprise the controller may bring, and even the downloads aspect: Continue reading Yuji Naka – Loves Everyone

Yuji Naka Interview reveals Miyamoto talks

Following on from our news report on the 18th March, the UK Nintendo Official Magazine that promises a full interview with Yuji Naka has been obtained since the magazine’s release in 14th February.

TSS and SONIC NEWS has had the magazine and full interview for a month or so now, but discussion has so far been limited to the SSMB Forums on this issue.

The interview is based mostly around the release of the new Sonic Team game, Feel the Magic XY/XX (Project Rub in Europe). There are also questions expanding on Sonic DS, more on Naka-san’s meetings with Shigeru Miyamoto, and a small tidbit on NiGHTS and Burning Rangers. The latter part of the interview sparked massive false rumours last month, particularly on GameSpot Communities, about a NiGHTS 2 and Burning Rangers 2 being developed.

Continue reading Yuji Naka Interview reveals Miyamoto talks

Yuji Naka Hints at Sonic & Mario

In the latest issue of NOM Magazine, Yuji Naka has a quick exclusive interview. Yuji Naka discusses a new Sonic GameCube title, as well as the new Sonic DS game. There is also a strange hint at a possible Sonic & Mario video game, we can only dream. Below is the article:

Sonic Team head, Yuji Naka, revealed two new Sonic the Hedgehog games for Nintendo in an exclusive interview with NOM in London at the end of last year.

“We are in development with a new GameCube Sonic game, which we hope to release before the end of 2005,” Naka exclusively revealed to us. “Sonic Team is also currently making a Sonic game for the DS. We are taking our time to make sure the game makes good use of the DS’s many new features.” Double whammy!

Continue reading Yuji Naka Hints at Sonic & Mario

NEW GAME: Shadow the Hedgehog

On the 8th March, the Game Developer’s Conference’s “Walk of Game” ceremony was the time for SEGA America to display its new game in development: Shadow the Hedgehog.

As Sonic the Hedgehog was awarded a place in the Walk of Game, SEGA took the opportunity to speak at length about Sonic’s achievements. This followed a trailer where Sonic’s brief game history was shot to pieces by an approaching Shadow, gun in hand.

The gameplay in the brief, trailer video included familiar Sonic Adventure 2 level design aspects coupled with the novelty of shooting, as seen in other platformers such as Ratchet and Clank. More game features were teased, involving various ‘Sonic Battle’ style charge moves and some sort of ‘hyperspeed’ warping mode.

Continue reading NEW GAME: Shadow the Hedgehog

New Yuji Naka Interview

XenGamers does an interview with Yuji Naka, lots of interesting questions asked:

XenGamers: We did not see any Sonic games at E3. Will this series be continued?

Naka: I think we’re going to stop the ‘Sonic Adventure’ series at 2 for the time being. We want to do something different for the next title in the series. We are working on a number of Sonic games now, including ports of older titles. We’ll be able to announce these in the near future.

XenGamers: Will future Sonic games be platform exclusive (e.g. GameCube only, etc)?

Naka: No, we’re not thinking in those terms. There is a good chance that Sonic will appear on a number of platforms.

XenGamers: How would you respond to comments that Sonic moves too fast in a 3D environment for the players to appreciate the scenery? Continue reading New Yuji Naka Interview

Phantasy Star Could Be Offline on Gamecube

Sonic Team seems to be doing its best to bring everything it has in its portfolio to Nintendo’s Gamecube, but if Yuji Naka’s words recently are any indication there could be trouble in paradise, with the developer saying that its upcoming port of Phantasy Star Online may not actually come with the… well, ‘Online’ part. Continue reading Phantasy Star Could Be Offline on Gamecube

Yuji Naka Promotes SA2 Battle at Cannes Gaming Show

Europe is just about the last place where Sonic Adventure 2 Battle will launch, thanks to the delay in Nintendo’s Gamecube launch in the region. But, seemingly to make up for it, Sonic Team head Yuji Naka is personally touring the continent to promote the game, and he was spotted doing so in Cannes recently. Continue reading Yuji Naka Promotes SA2 Battle at Cannes Gaming Show

Yuji Naka Plans to ‘Discuss’ NiGHTS, Burning Rangers Sequels Soon

Sonic Team has certainly been coy about the cult success of its non-Sonic IP, such as SEGA Saturn classics NiGHTS into Dreams and Burning Rangers. But if a new interview with Famitsu is anything to go by, it seems like studio head Yuji Naka is keen to explore the potential to create some sequels. Continue reading Yuji Naka Plans to ‘Discuss’ NiGHTS, Burning Rangers Sequels Soon

PSO Getting ASCII Controller, Xbox Broadband Support

Sonic Team head Yuji Naka revealed at SEGA’s Consumer Conference that the Gamecube release of Phantasy Star Online will be accompanied by a third-party controller by ASCII that features a small keyboard. On the Xbox, PSO will be unique in that it will support the broadband features of Microsoft’s console, as opposed to Dreamcast and Gamecube’s modem connectivity.

Read more on these, as well as the news coming from other SEGA developers and executives from the Consumer Conference, in Gamespot’s report.

Yuji Naka: Sonic Titles to Appeal to Younger Audience

SEGA recently held a Consumer Conference in Japan, which featured a number of high-level developers and executives speaking about the future of the publisher’s franchises. Yuji Naka was among the speakers, and presented an overview of the upcoming Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Advance, concluding that future titles will look to appeal to younger audiences. Continue reading Yuji Naka: Sonic Titles to Appeal to Younger Audience

Yuji Naka: Nintendo’s Gamecube Will Revitalise Gaming Industry

At Space World, Sonic Team head Yuji Naka spoke about the state of the games industry today, and how Nintendo’s strategy with the Gamecube fits in with the current landscape. In particular, he explained why SEGA as a company has been such a key third party partner for the platform – and it’s because he feels that Nintendo has the ability to inspire players. Continue reading Yuji Naka: Nintendo’s Gamecube Will Revitalise Gaming Industry

PSO Earns Another Award

According to Dengeki Online, Yuji Naka’s wonderful multiplayer RPG Phantasy Star Online has won yet another award. At the Sixth Annual Animation Kobe, Phantasy Star Online received the Best Network Media award, adding to it several awards received from various conventions including Tokyo Game Show and Game Developers Conference.

Yuji Naka Talks PSO Gamecube Four-Player Mode

Yuji Naka has talked some more about Phantasy Star Online for the Nintendo Gamecube. In particular, he’s revealed how the version’s four-player mode came about – and would you believe it, it’s all because the development team had single machines lined up next to each other. Continue reading Yuji Naka Talks PSO Gamecube Four-Player Mode

Yuji Naka to Appear at US Game Store Sonic Celebration

Sonic Team leader Yuji Naka will be in San Jose to celebrate Sonic’s 10th Anniversary and the release of Sonic Adventure 2. The developer is making an appearance at the Software Etc video game store from 11am on June 30 to sign copies of the Dreamcast title. Continue reading Yuji Naka to Appear at US Game Store Sonic Celebration