Fanatics: Sonic On XBOX Doesn’t ALWAYS Suck

Let’s cut to the chase here.  I don’t own an XBOX360, but I’d sure as hell love to have one if it was skinned like the one below.  Check out the skin job DA user, ricepuppet, gave to his 360 console:

AWESOME. Check out his DA profile for more awesome 360 paint jobs!

But wait, there’s more!  EGGMAN-X has some modded XBOX360’s of his own!  The one in the foreground is absolutely classy.  The second one is cool…if you like Shadow the Hedgehog.  I can still appreciate the work that went into it, though.

Dag, yo.  On his DA profile, you can also check out his WIP Master System Controller Coffee Table!  That’s dedication, kids/

IGN Takes Yet Another SEGA Compilation For A Spin

IGN has a preview of the upcoming (and umpteenth) compilation from SEGA, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, up on its website.  Despite the game having the infamous “butt Sonic art,” the previewer, Ryan Clements, is all smiles about this upcoming batch of 40 Genesis tiles on one disc.

Ryan notes that the game features a filtering system in the game selection menu.  You can arrange the titles by genre or your personal rating, thus putting all of your favorite 16-bit adventures at the top of the list.  It looks to be yet another winner for SEGA, as it continues to rehash its back catalog until the end of time (and by back catalog, I mean Genesis games.  My homebrew-enabled Wii can’t emulate a Saturn, SEGA.  A little help here!)

Ryan does not touch upon the “hated” (I guess?) upscaling filter that makes all the games “HD.”  Don’t worry, because has some “HD” screens of Sonic 2 and they are awful.  Let’s sneak a peak at the legendary special stage:


Aw, man, who wiped their nose with the Sonic screenshots again?  Wait, nobody did?  Well, shit.

Sonic Mega Collection + Rated for XBLM


European ratings board PEGI have rated the Xbox Original title Sonic Mega Collection Plus for Xbox Live Arcade. We can only assume they mean the ‘Originals’ section of the Marketplace, and not the Live Arcade itself. For those who don’t know, SMC+ is an Xbox re-release of a Gamecube Sonic compilation, with added Game Gear titles as well as a few hidden non-Sonic titles.

PEGI have rated the game 7+, which is odd because they rated the original Xbox version 12+, so could we see some cuts in this port? Another thing that’s odd about this is that the original Xbox version is backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 anyway, the Mega Drive games will soon be released in SEGA’s newest compilation (SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection) and two of those Mega Drive titles are already on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Oh well, if it’s going cheap and people can’t find the original Xbox game and want some added Game Gear action, this will be a good buy for them.

Source: PEGI

SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection dated

SEGA Europe have updated their product page for their upcoming retro collection game SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection. The game will hit European shelves 20-02-09. The collection will feature many titles from SEGA’s 16 Bit history in HD visuals including: Continue reading SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection dated

TSS REVIEW: Sonic Unleashed

I found it hard to write this review. Not because I didn’t know what to say, but because I wasn’t sure how I was going to say it. Hashimoto-san and company have worked very hard on the latest Sonic adventure. It’s clear to see when you take a peek at the screenshots, or learn about the Hedgehog Engine, or hear about how they spent countless months designing Sonic stages that cover hundreds of virtual miles. Sonic Team haven’t scrimped here, they had something to prove after Sonic 06 that they can create a well-produced, non-glitchy game. And they have. Based on the effort put in, I’d give them as many Thumbs Up as humanely possible. Continue reading TSS REVIEW: Sonic Unleashed

Sonic World Adventure delayed until Spring 2009

While everyone seems to be jumping up and down about Sonic Unleashed, one thing that seems slightly off is regarding the game’s release date. According to the official Japanese website (the game is called Sonic World Adventure over there),  the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are being held back until Spring 2009. The website states that this is to “improve the game’s quality”, something we’re not exactly against given the known rushings of past Sonic games.

Oddly though, this delay does not affect the Wii version, which is still scheduled for an 18th December launch. This release date confusion follows our report the other day, where we revealed that the European PS3 version won’t be released until December. Reasons were not given for the pushback, but other consoles are as yet unaffected.

AAUK, the Sega Community Manager for Europe, has stressed that the delays in Japan doesn’t mean that the Japanese version will be superior to the others.

Sonic World Adventure – via Siliconera (thanks Aly!)

SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection for 360/PS3 Announced

Because you simply cannot own enough copies of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive, SEGA have announced today they are developing the SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection for the XBox 360 and PS3 consoles. Looks like our original rumour story wasn’t that far off the mark.

As well as being the first opportunity for players to have a go on Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 3D Blast on current generation consoles, this compilation will also include other kick-arse titles from SEGA’s extensive 16-bit catalogue, including Streets of Rage 1, 2 & 3, Alien Storm, Golden Axe 1, 2 & 3, Ristar and Ecco the Dolphin. Not only that, there will be a whole host of unlockable 8-bit Master System titles as bonus material too!

Some fans will be a bit miffed that they have already shelled-out a few hundred Microsoft points for these games already, but I think that will probably be drowned out by the fact there are well over 40 titles to play; that’s a lot of gaming for your pennies! Plus, there will also be a set of achievements for XBox owners to collect – always another incentive to play through those classics once more!

The collection is due out early 2009, check out the Official Website for more info.

Me? I’m thrilled they’re putting Dynamite Headdy on there! YEEEEAAS!!!

Sonic Unleashed Xbox 360 back cover – DLC coming

After unveiling the Wii and PS2 back covers of upcoming game Sonic Unleashed, Woolworths have updated their website with the Xbox 360 version back cover. In the Xbox Live features ‘game content download’ can be seen, what downloadable content we’ll get is unknown right now so we’ll just have to wait and see what SEGA has in store for us after release.

The PS3 back cover is yet to be seen on Woolworths website but that version will most likely see downloadable content too, as soon as it’s unveiled we’ll post it up for you guys.


Sonic Unleashed to get PS3 Trophy support on release

Joystiq’s PS3 blog PS3 Fanboy have updated their list of upcoming games that have PS3 Trophy support and among the list is Sonic Unleashed. No sign of a list of the Trophies yet or the Xbox 360 Achievements list yet but no doubt they will be the same like alot of other multi-platform games. Good news though for PS3 fans looking to get the game and get their moneys worth or owners of both consoles who might only opt for the Xbox 360 version over the PS3 version for Achievements. We’ll update with both lists as soon as they are available.

PS3 Fanboy
Source: Sega Nerds

Sonic Wii Screens Unleashed

GoNintendo has released two scans of the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed.  The screens are compared side-by-side to the Xbox 360 version of the game and while the graphics of the 360 version is obviously better looking, the Wii version does not seem that far behind.  However, the levels in Wii version are considerably…browner.  I have no idea as to why there is so much brown, while the 360 version pops with vibrant colors.  Check the link below to see for yourself.

Sonic Unleashed Wii Screens at GoNintendo

Sonic Unleashed to be Multiplatform

Dennis, from a German gaming magazine, has confirmed that Sonic Unleashed will indeed be a multiplatform release:

“Sonic unleashed will be on the cover of the next PLAY magazine, it will also feature in Nintendo’s magazine (NOM) and will be in the August issue. The screens I have uploaded are from the Xbox 360 version of the game, however, the game is going to be a multiformat release.”

This confirms both a 360 and a Wii version, at least.

Special thanks goes out to TSS’s own Casanova for reporting this info, and sending in the above Google translation.

SEGA ON Magazin

Phantasy Star Universe Demo Hits Xbox

Own an Xbox 360? Have Xbox Live? Itching to try out PSU, but you don’t want to throw down $60 before you try it? Nows your chance to test it out, as it turns out that Sega has a new demo PSU up on Xbox Live’s Market Place. It will be up on Marketplace until Monday.

As an added bonus, anyone who logs in, plays, and buys a Guardian License will receive a free “Real Handgun”, seen above. Hm, that hand looks awfully familiar…

If you already own and play the game, just download the demo and play it for a few minutes to get the item yourself. I’m sorry I didn’t get this up sooner, I only just found it.

Sonic ’06 Gets Amigo Team Attack

A new downloadable was released for Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) today on the Xbox Marketplace, the all new Amigo Team Attack Episode. Once you downloadit, it becomes available through trial mode.

In this mode, you play through the whole game as Tails, Blaze, and Omega. You first play Crisis City as Tails backwards. you then move onto Sonic’s Kingdom Valley as Tails going through the stage backwards. You then play Tropical Jungle as Blaze through Sonic’s first section. You then go to Aquatic Base as Blaze in Sonic’s second section. You then play as Omega in Dusty Desert, in a very different scenario than past level experiences. You then finish off with Omega in White Acropolis, ending with a boss fight with the Egg Genesis. Wave Ocean and Flame Core are not in this download. Continue reading Sonic ’06 Gets Amigo Team Attack

Sonic the Hedgehog for 360 gets a price drop!

According to, the 360 version of Sonic the Hedgehog (360) just got a nice price drop – from the original $59.99, now to $29.99! Hopefully this calms the nerves of those wary about trying the game out, and gives them a chance to do so with less to lose for doing so.

Amazon page
Thanks to Gamerguy of Sonic World for the heads up!

Sonic 06: Very Hard Mode UK and US-bound

In the first of three downloads, SEGA has released Very Hard Mode on to the Xbox Live Marketplace for 200 points ($4) for each character. For 200 points, you can purchase Sonic’s, Shadow’s, or Silver’s Very Hard Mode.

You may be wondering if it’s worth it, though? Though their are lots of changes in enemy numbers and item locations, here’s the biggest differences in Very Hard Mode to the original:

  • You now play Wave Ocean in reverse and must jump to the platforms on your own during the whale chase scene.
  • Sonic now plays Dusty Desert on his own (without Elise).
  • Silver’s Crisis City is now way longer with no Blaze section.
  • Sonic’s Flame Core is reversed.
  • Continue reading Sonic 06: Very Hard Mode UK and US-bound

Sonic Next downloadable content revealed!

According to The GHZ, the optional downloadable content for Sonic the Hedgehog has finally been revealed, and is available for download on both Xbox 360 and the recently-release Playstation 3 version in Japan for about 350 yen each (about $2.89 USD).

But what is it, you ask?

Well, we’ll tell you – “Very Hard Mode”! Sega continues their cliche of optional increased difficulty levels, with three versions for download – one for each character (Sonic, Shadow, and Silver). The download is labeled as “1st Download,” which hints towards more possible content in the future. However, so far, no other downloads are available; no fixes for glitches, no faster loading times, etc.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for further updates!

SEGA Announces Advertising Campaign

While avid Sonic fans are entertaining themselves with their newly acquired games for both the PSP and XBox 360, SEGA has begun to step a bit further into comsumer space to advertise these games (Sonic the Hedgehog on XBox 360 and Sonic Rivals on PSP) to a more expansive audience via Microsoft’s own advertisement network.

On the fourth of December, an agreement was signed with Microsoft to launch a theme pack for Windows Live Messenger, that allows users to easily and effectively have their conversation windows remind them of the blue blur himself.

The Head of Marketing at SEGA UK, Tina Hicks, also had a comment regarding the newly signed agreement: “We have a wide audience to reach and converse with. The MSN theme pack enables users to interact with the Sonic brand in a way that is not possible with standard online advertising or rich media, which can be a far more passive way of talking to consumers.”

From the description of the theme pack given, it sounds as if it will feature a complete Live overhaul – this, of course, includes winks, emotions, and backgrounds. A release date for the theme pack and starting date for the advertising campaign has yet to be announced.

TSS Reviews: Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

It has arrived. After changing the formula with Sonic Heroes and getting mixed responses, the Team have gone back to basics and stuck with what works. The result is a mixture of Sonic Adventure’s town stages and level structure and Sonic Adventure 2’s involving plot lines. Now we’ve hit the next generation of consoles, does the tried and tested work in Sonic the Hedgehog? Continue reading TSS Reviews: Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Released in US

While we can do nothing but wonder why the US omits their ‘u’ in words like honour and release video games on the Tuesday of every week (bit random), lucky Americans will be waking up to find that the next generation Sonic the Hedgehog is released today.

The press release we got sent this morning pretty much alludes what we already know, but humorously includes such continuity gems such as this: “For the first time in the franchise’s history, Sonic and the rest of the cast will also enter the human realm.

Indeed. Early birds that pre-ordered the game over the pond will be able to grab some limited edition postcards, in a deal that appears to be mirrored in GAME stores across the UK. EB Games are also promising a free 15th Anniversary figurine with purchases of Sonic the Hedgehog in their stores. Continue reading Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Released in US

Sonic To Miss PS3 Launch

SEGA America have announced that the PlayStation 3 version of Sonic the Hedgehog will no longer be released in time for the console’s launch, instead being delayed until an unspecified time in “Holiday 2006”.

The reasons for the delay appear to be involving downloadable content for the game, wherein SEGA are said to need more time incorporating this feature into the PS3 version. With the extra time, potential PS3 owners could download items and levels, although SEGA would not confirm just what they have planned for this service.

No mention was made of an alteration to the XBOX 360 version release date, so there is a likelihood that the 360 may still see a November 17th street date for the US. The release date for the game in Europe remains unchanged for November 24th.

Expect The Sonic Stadium to get a massive playtest of the game and to have a special during the launch week where we reveal all about the next generation of blue blur platforming.

Sonic The Hedgehog XBox 360 Demo Released

After taunting us with barrages of screens and trailers, SEGA has finally come good with a playable demo of the much anticipated upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog title. Available now via the Xbox 360 Marketplace in the US and Japan, the demo weighs in at 315MB including a short playable Sonic stage and a trailer for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, included as part of Microsoft’s current “Bring it Home” campaign for the upcoming X06 event.

Given that it’s one of the smallest downloadable demos available, there’s no excuse why any Xbox 360 owner or Sonic fan shouldn’t grab it immediately. As first comments about the demo are just beginning to slowly trickle in, check back later today for some early impressions.

Over the next few days TSS will too be overhauling a major content update, make sure you check out the TSS Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic And The Secret Rings pages later this week for the much overdue but well worth the wait updates.

E3: Next-Gen Sonic Video [UPDATE]

SONIC NEWS FIRST: The Sonic Stadium has obtained the full movie of the next generation Sonic the Hedgehog demo in action. It shows stunning footage of how we can expect the blue blur to look like on next generation consoles.

The movie is of slight quality, due to the filming taking place from afar (covertly, one would imagine), but you can download it here from The Sonic Stadium from its exclusive E3 Coverage Section. Look under the “TSS Commentary” subsection. Continue reading E3: Next-Gen Sonic Video [UPDATE]

E3 BREAKING: Next-Gen Sonic the Hedgehog!

IGN XBOX360’s website has given the world first details of a brand new 3D Sonic the Hedgehog title, which confirms that a new game is in the works, and that it is an XBOX360 project.

The event occurred during a special play of SEGA’s upcoming titles – brand new games for next generation include new game ‘Chrome Hounds’, a brand new Virtua Fighter (which is said to rival the graphical of Dead or Alive 4 even in early video form), a reprise of Afterburner and House of the Dead. And the best was saved for last, as a clip of Sonic “moving through a realistic version of the Green Hill Zone” started running. IGN’s commentary on the clip is below:

A SEGA montage wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite blue mascot. The final segment of the video displayed Sonic the Hedgehog running at full speed down a grassy path. The foliage surrounding Sonic was clearly next-gen material, but it was hard to tell at times because he was moving at an incredible rate. I’d like to imagine that Sonic was moving through a realistic version of Green Hill Zone.

Continue reading E3 BREAKING: Next-Gen Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic 360 revealed by Kikizo Games

Kikizo Games today posted an interview with Yojiro Ogawa, a Project Director from SEGA Japan. The interview in itself is somewhat interesting, however in the introduction to the interview, Kikizo games lists Sonic 360 as one of Sonic Teams upcoming titles. It has been known Sonic Team have been planning another mystery Sonic title for quite some time now, could this be it?

As this appeared theory have instantly been created, Microsoft next generation of their Xbox console is been believed to be called Xbox 360 by many reliable figures in video game journalism. Along with the title speculation and other bits of evidence has revealed that some game titles themselves will have the 360 suffix appended to them. This falls in place with the first theory that Sonic 360 may be an Xbox 360 exclusive title, also tying in with previous reports quoting SEGA promising a new Sonic game for the upcoming Xbox console.

The next (and somewhat more rational theory) is that this is simply the name of the new Sonic title for the Nintendo DS, not only did Kikizo fail to list it on that page suggesting the game may now be titled differently, but with Nintendo DS touch screen controlling abilities may also tie in with the 360.

Stay with SONIC NEWS for more information as this develops.

Phantasy Star Universe Confirmed for US

Phantasy Star Universe has been officially announced for both North American and Europe release by Sega. Though this was obviously going to happen sooner or later, new information has been revealed. The game is scheduled for a February of 2006 release on both the Sony Playstation 2 and Windows PC.

The game will feature both a story driven single player game and a PSO inspired online game seperate from that experience in one package. The game will feature 40 hours of single player exploration, with many characters and cutscenes involved. The storyline follows a 17 year old Ethan Waber as he searches for his kidnapped sister from a mysterious force known only as THE SEED.

Continue reading Phantasy Star Universe Confirmed for US

SEGA backing Next-Generation Xbox

3 days ago, Microsoft announced a list of publishers for the next-generation Xbox, including SEGA corporation. Simon Jeffery of SEGA promises more from SEGA’s great franchises, including a new Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Microsoft came up with a list of publishers for their new Xbox, which currently has no confirmed name, on Friday the 8th of April. The list includes many big-name publishers, but most importantly the list confirms that SEGA are to back the new Xbox. This may not come as a surprise, as SEGA have released many titles for the current Xbox – most recently, Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. Hopefully in the pre-E3 Microsoft conference we’ll be able to see a complete list of titles SEGA plan to have ready by the console’s release.

Continue reading SEGA backing Next-Generation Xbox

Phantasy Star Universe Information

As you can see from the past report, Phantasy Star Universe will be released on the Playstation 2, PC, and Xbox. But that still is not known, as theres dozens of reports that say this game will be released only on the PS2 and PC. Also what has been said, is this game will be a follow up to the original Phantasy Star series, and not the PSO series.

So who do you believe? Right now, we just have to look at all of this as pure rumors. Right now a majority of rumors suggest that Phantasy Star Universe will be a regular RPG and not a MMORPG, giving storyline details on the characters and where the game takes place.

Phantasy Star Universe will take place throughout the Graal solar system, which consists of three planets and various races such as the Numans. After a century of peace following a lengthy period of war, civilization now faces an invasion from a new alien force named the SEED, which has begun attacking different colonies in space.

Continue reading Phantasy Star Universe Information

Phantasy Star Universe Confirmed; GC Not Invited

In news that is bound to amaze in some ways and bore in others… SEGA have announced what everyone’s already known since E3 2004: the ‘true’ sequel to the inspiring Dreamcast MMORPG Phantasy Star Online.

What fans were not clued up on until now however, is platform specifics. Regarding the last few Gamecube incarnations and Sonic Team head Yuji Naka publically stating that Sonic Team fans will need Nintendo’s purple box, many would have been dead set on Phantasy Star Universe appearing on Nintendo.

It appears Phantasy Star Universe will be heading to PC, PlayStation 2 and XBOX, with no Gamecube version currently in plans.

Continue reading Phantasy Star Universe Confirmed; GC Not Invited