WWE Team The New Day Pay Homage to Sonic With Summerslam Gear

WWE Stable The New Day paid tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog this Sunday at Summerslam, debuting their new ring gear. Kofi Kingston appeared in a Sonic-themed outfit, adorned with trademark rings on his boots, while Xavier Woods and Big E appeared in Tails and Knuckles-themed outfits respectively, emblazoned with Tails’s tails and Knuckles’s knuckles!

Promotional shots of their gear was shown off on Xavier Wood’s Instagram:

“Our summerslam gear was a shoutout to @sega and specifically @sonicthehedgehog #Tails #Knuckles – real recognize real [sic]”

The New Day went on to win their match against the Bludgeon Brothers, although the Tag Team Title they were after was retained by the latter due to disqualification.

Great taste chaps!

Sonic Spotted On WWE Monday Night Raw

First darts.  Now… wrestling?

If you like wrestling, you probably were smart like me and switched off the Slammy Awards 3-hour special immediately due to its lack of anything interesting (aka good wrestling).  One thing that I guess I missed out on is some dude in the crowd dressed as Sonic getting high fives from Maria.

In reality, did I really miss out?  I mean, I would have to sit through a Divas match to see the 3-seconds of a dude in a Sonic costume.  That’s rough, yo.  Here’s a video of Sonic in the crowd (he appears at the 0:23 mark; I made sure that you didn’t have to watch the awful match that preceded it):


Thanks to AngelCam for spotting this goon.

Sonic Lays the Smackdown. What?


Knowing Sonic fans, I figured that I would see Sonic edited into a Smackdown vs. Raw video game at some point.  We’ve seen Sonic before in games like Animal Crossing, but this sight is pretty ridiculous.  Link submitter Silva Rymes puts it perfectly: “it’s awkwardly awesome.”  And hey, this fight between Sonic & Knuckles is more exciting than the first one in Hidden Palace Zone (which was an anti-climactic turd of a fight).

If you dare, peruse this kid’s YouTube profile for more odd-looking human versions of the Sonic crew.  You can catch Knuckles punching the shit out of Randy Orton.

John Cena sucks.