This Month on the Sonic Channel

Every month, as most of us now know, Sonic Channel updates with a new character art, wallpaper and other goodies.

This month, we have a Big the Cat profile, along with his art and wallpaper. There is a Rouge puzzle with last month’s Rouge art added and some fan art. Lots of fun there.

Along with the site update, they have also said that the 2 in 1 packs with Sonic Advance and Sonic Battle, Sonic Pinball Party and Sonic Battle, and Sonic Advance and Chu-Chu Rocket, have been released as of the 26th of January, in Japan. However, don’t fret. There have been a few 2 in 1 packs already released for English customers. Continue reading This Month on the Sonic Channel

Sonic Channel Updated

All the major upcoming Sonic releases will be displayed to the Japanese public at the next generation World Hobby Fair, SEGA have revealed on their official ‘Sonic Channel’ website.

As with all gaming events in Japan, lucky showgoers will be treated to special hands-on test plays of Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic Rush and Shadow the Hedgehog. Free gifts will be showered upon visitors too, and the appearance is testament to SEGA’s further pushing of the blue blur. Continue reading Sonic Channel Updated

Sonic World Fair Details

Sonic Team announces plans to reveal the next game in the Sonic series at the upcoming World Hobby Fair.

Sega has announced that Sonic Team will be revealing the next game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series at the upcoming World Hobby Fair in Japan, which will be held on July 13 and 14. Unfortunately, there are currently no details regarding specific platforms. Sega also announced that Super Monkey Ball 2 will be playable at its booth and that it will also be offering a rare chao download for show-goers.

Source: Gamespot “Article”