Sonic Unleashed selling out already

Sonic couldn’t believe his game has sold out

Yes, you read the title right. Sonic Unleashed is selling out of stock before the game has even hit launch day. After taking pre-orders for just a couple of months, UK retailer Woolworths ran out of pre-order stock for all versions of the upcoming game that sees our beloved Hedgehog travel the globe. It has been ages since a Sonic title has sold out after launch, never mind before release (not counting Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games), and with Christmas coming up sales can only increase. With good impressions from previewers, fans happy with what they’ve seen so far and now this, Sega might just have a winner on their hands.


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Sonic Unleashed Xbox 360 back cover – DLC coming

After unveiling the Wii and PS2 back covers of upcoming game Sonic Unleashed, Woolworths have updated their website with the Xbox 360 version back cover. In the Xbox Live features ‘game content download’ can be seen, what downloadable content we’ll get is unknown right now so we’ll just have to wait and see what SEGA has in store for us after release.

The PS3 back cover is yet to be seen on Woolworths website but that version will most likely see downloadable content too, as soon as it’s unveiled we’ll post it up for you guys.


Unleash Sonic on PS2 for only £17.99!

Yes, my Photoshop is still broken. =(

Upon hearing the news, Sonic promptly dashed off to his local Woolworths to lay down his pre-order. His store is in Louth, it appears.

Want Sonic Unleashed when released in November? Of course you do! What if you’re running a little low on pennies though?

Well not to fear because UK retailer ‘Woolworths’ has an offer you just can’t possibly refuse! The online website for the company currently has Sonic Unleashed on PS2 up for pre-order at the most convenient of prices, £17.99. The PS2 version of the game may not posses graphical awe like on next generation consoles, although Dimps has issued a helping hand with development and the concept remains the same.

If that isn’t the bargain of all bargains we don’t know what is.

Thanks to bcdcdude for alerting us on the forums earlier today!