New Game Genie Discovery – The Key to Wood Zone?

The Sonic Stadium has uncovered an alternative version of Emerald Hill Zone without the use of ROM hacking tools – using a Game Genie and a retail copy of Sonic 2 plugged into a Mega Drive.

The ‘Emerald Hill Zone’ discovered is playable with different textures and Wood Zone style graphics. This may not look like much, but this can be the start of something special. This code was provided by fellow Sonic Stadium-ist and affiliate, Roareye.

How do you get to it? Simple. You need a Mega Drive of course (this code has not been tested on ROMs and Emulators, however since it’s the same game, it will probably work anyway), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and a Game Genie, of all things. Using the Game Genie, Roareye was able to pretty much ‘hack’ into either a Beta Version of Emerald Hill (which may seem more probable) or, the beginnings of hot-on-the-heels access to Wood Zone. Roareye simply got there by accident, modifying the Game Genie Code to get to the Hidden Palace Zone. Here’s the code to get to Hidden Palace: Continue reading New Game Genie Discovery – The Key to Wood Zone?