Sonic’s Birthday: SEGASonic Radio Celebrations

17th Anniversary logo created by Professor-J from The Sonic Show

Because we’re cool like that, SEGASonic Radio is having a special weekend dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog in honour of his 17th Birthday on the 23rd. Sounds a bit silly having that sort of dedication on a radio station already dedicated to the blue hog, but don’t kill the moment eh?

There will be several two-hour slots every evening from 5pm GMT starting Friday 20th (that’s tomorrow) to Sunday 22nd, with a special joint LiVECAST with Roarey_Raccoon, Urtheart and SpeedKnux on Monday 23rd (Sonic’s big day) at 8pm GMT. Be sure to listen to SSR and hit up the IRC Chatroom (links at the top of the page) when the fun begins. Hit the link below for full details.

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Sonic and Mario finally in cahoots!

omfg wut????!?!?!?!?!?!

First off, we’d like to apologize for both our downtime, and being so late to deliver the most widespread of news. Rest assured, though, we’re bucking up, and promise to deliver the latest Sonic News from now on, yadda yadda, you get the deal. Anywho, on with the show…

If you’ve snooped around the internets lately (or Sega’s website, to be more specific), you’d notice this little gem. What’s this? Sonic and Mario? In a game together? This isn’t a photoshop, right?

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Sonic Advance packs go crazy crazy Japanese

In a follow-up to the news reported early this month that revealed Sonic was to have his ‘Advance’ outing bundled into a 2-pack consisting of ‘Sonic Advance’ and ‘Sonic Pinball Party’, now comes the news that SEGA are bringing these packs to Japan.

The original pack was part of a THQ range, whereby THQ bundled together games of a similar topic or franchise to sell to the public, a GBA ‘Platinum/Classic/Players Choice’ range if you like.

THQ also added to the range yet another pack: the Sonic Advance & ’Sonic Battle’ pack

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Sonic Advance and Pinball Party Combo Pack

SEGA confirmed earlier today the existence of yet another Sonic title headed for the GBA, which curiously enough has managed to slip under the radar for nearly a month. No, it isn’t another Advance outing, but a combo pack containing the now somewhat classic Sonic Advance and Sonic Pinball Party.

Further details about the actual contents of the package at this stage are at an absolute minimum; however we have managed to snatch a copy of the box art for this title. Continue reading Sonic Advance and Pinball Party Combo Pack

TSS UPDATE: Shadow of a Hedgehog Stadium?

Added Ace Fox to the Sonic Hoaxers Club, and updated Welsh Sonic’s Page. Myself and Neon Chaos, the webmaster of none other than Shadow of a Hedgehog are in talks of a SOAH and Sonic Stadium hybrid site, expect a trial week of the hybrid site to begin in the New Year, as a celebration.