ASR Wii Wheel Bundle Cost’s £5 More Than Solo Edition

UK retailers are listing 2 edition’s of the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, the Wii Wheel bundle and a solo version without the wheel. It appears the Wheel won’t be a freebie as the Wii Wheel bundle is listed at GAME for example at £34.99 and the solo version at £29.99 making the bundle £5 dearer. The bundle packaging doesn’t say it’s free and I don’t believe SEGA ever said it would be free so no-one can complain.

Gamestation are listing both the Wii Wheel bundle and the solo edition at £29.99. are being very generous and listing both versions at the same price of £27.99 –
Wii Wheel Bundle


Retailers selling the Wii Wheel bundle version at £5 more:




WH Smith

Chips World

ASR Wheel Europe Only, Dev Diary #2 Due This Week and Europe Release 26th Feb?

Remember the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing themed Wii Wheel revealed at that we reported about? Well SEGA Online Community Manager ArchangelUK has revealed today on the Sonic City Blognik that the peripheral will only see a release in European territorys and will give more details on how you can get it soon. ArchangelUK also reveals that the second part of the Developer Diary will be released this week so expect a report from us on that.

GAME and their other store Gamestation’s websites have updated their listed release date of 2010 to 26th February 2010 today, this is in no way official until SEGA reveals a date but normally this close to release they are normally on the spot. This date is also very different to the March 26th date most retailers have been speculating for months now. Most U.S. retailers are listing a 23rd February release date so if this 26th Feb date is right then we in Europe won’t have long to wait after the U.S.

Pre-order ASR Wii @ ShopTo & Get ASR Wii Wheel have uploaded a new picture to their Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Wii version product page. The new picture contains the game and what look’s like a Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing themed Wii Wheel peripheral. The peripheral has the game’s logo and SEGA’s logo making it look pretty official.

No info is given on the product page about the peripheral so there’s no telling wether this comes as standard, wether it’s a ShopTo exclusive or not or even wether it’s for pre-orders only.

Least the price hasn’t gone up and there’s no seperate listing for this bundle so we can at least guess that this peripheral is a free gift. We’ve had a look around many other retailers websites and can’t see this peripheral so for now at least it’s a ShopTo exclusive but it wouldn’t be surprising if the wheel comes as standard like with many racing games on Wii such as Mario Kart Wii and F1 2009.


Thanks to Hero of Legend for the higher res pic.