Sonic Lost World Playable at Tokyo Game Show 2013


SEGA Japan has announced their plans for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show that will be held September 19th-22nd and Sonic Lost World will be among the games playable at the event on both its Wii U and Nintendo 3DS platforms. On September 21st Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka and sound director Tomoya Ohtani will be delivering a presentation titled (in Google translate) “Introducing the charm of “Sonic Lost World” The latest series! ” The presentation is scheduled from 11:00 to 11:45 JST, which translates to 03:00-03:45 BST the same morning for us in the UK.

Saturday 21st September
11:00 to 11:45
Introducing the charm of “Sonic Lost World” The latest series!
[Speakers] Takashi Iizuka (Producer), Tomoya Ohtani (sound director)

SEGA will also be giving away the below Sonic fan and Sonic Lost World sticker sheets. A mug featuring Sonic in his Sketchog form will also be available to buy for 1,500 yen.

Source: (via Gematsu)

New Sonic Lost World Trailer Shows Deadly Six Boss Battles


It’s been no secret since the very beginning of Lost World’s reveal that Sonic will be squaring off against the Deadly Six – a team of villainous Zeti comprising of Zavok, Zazz, Zomom, Zik, Zeena, and Zor – but up until now we’ve been left wondering… what will the actual fights with them be like?

Well, wonder no more, as you can get a brief glimpse at all of the Deadly Six encounters from the Wii U version in this new Japanese trailer for the game, uploaded by SEGA earlier today. Obviously, it contains spoilers abound for anyone wishing to keep things under wraps until release day!

In an interesting turn of events though, the trailer has since been removed from SEGA’s own account. Credit goes to SSMB user WittyUsername for providing the video used above.

How do you think the boss battles are shaping up so far? Let us know in the comments!

New Mario & Sonic trailer shows us Snowboard Slopestyle


You know, I can’t decide, is it because I have so little interest in this game, I almost didn’t think this was a new trailer? Or is it that most of the footage looks like it’s from previous trailers and clips? Well, it is a new trailer and it does show some new content, most noticably an event called Snowboard Slopestyle in which Mario and Sonic get on a snowboard and race down a mountain, why? Because they’re Mario & Sonic why would they not want to do this?


Sonic Lost World Playable at Eurogamer Expo

28279GP2 DRC_WindyHill_130801_004

Nintendo has announced its line-up for the annual Eurogamer Expo. Sonic fans attending the sold out event will be pleased to hear that they will be able to go hands-on with both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS editions of Sonic Lost World at Nintendo’s stand. Sonic, among Mario, Pikachu and others, will also be on-hand to pose for photos.

The Eurogamer Expo will be held at Earls Court, London, from 26th-29th September.

Source: Eurogamer

Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition Revealed, New Screenshots


The European version of yesterday’s new trailer has been released and at the end it reveals a special edition of Sonic Lost World for Wii U called the Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition. This version of the game includes DLC that adds NiGHTS into Dreams boss battles with The Deadly Six for those that pre-order the game. We’ve not found any retailers listing this edition of the game yet, but if you find it, please give us links in the comments or send them to

SEGA has also released twenty eight new screenshots of the Wii U version of the game showcasing the Miiverse hub and a new Black Wisp that seemingly turns Sonic into a bomb. We also get to see more of the various levels currently revealed, like Frozen Factory and Desert Ruins. The file names for the screenshots reveal the water level’s name to be Tropical Coast. You can check out all of the screenshots below in our gallery.

Source: SEGA Press

TSS Preview: Sonic Lost World


At this years Summer of Sonic, I managed to get some hands on time with Sonic Lost World. I have to be honest, I’ve been looking forward to trying this one out, if only because ‘it looks so different’ and… it’s the first next gen Sonic game, why wouldn’t I want to try it out?

Fellow TSS staffer Doctor MK also got some time with the game, you can find his impressions in this article too. Our views are based on the Wii U version of the game, running on the SDCC/SOS/Sonic Boom build.

How many times have you seen someone complain about a Sonic game or any long running franchise? How many times have you seen them start their complaint as if they’re standing on a block yelling in a bombastic voice “I’ve been playing games for *insert a year here* and I have managed to complete them all!” You know the kind, and you’ve all seen it before in some degree.

Following my experience with Sonic Lost World, I can see this being said by a great many people. If you don’t include spinoff titles, Sonic Lost World is unlike any Sonic game I have ever played, and the moment I’d finished with it I took a breath and said ‘this game is going to divide a lot of fans.’

I should probably say, I do not own a Wii U, I have never ever played on a Wii U until I touched Lost World, so my experience with using this system is completely fresh. If I were to buy a Wii U, Sonic Lost World is my launch title. But… According to a recent interview with Sega, they see this game as being something that can help save the Wii U, we’ll come back to this later, but it’s something worth keeping in mind, especially when we get onto the part about ‘how easy is this game to pick up and play?’

The day before SOS I was with someone who also hadn’t played on a Wii U before, but also, hadn’t played a Sonic game for a number of years, she’d played Sonic Adventure through to Heroes, but not played Generations or Colours. I have played every main 3D Sonic game, so we had quite the range of expertise, our only common factor was, neither of us owned a Wii U.


So she has the first go and picks Windy Hill, after a few moments of play she calls me over and asks me a question I never thought I would hear from someone who plays a Sonic game “How do I go fast?” followed by another question I never thought I would hear…. “How do I attack the badniks?”

Before you all mock… If you have to ask that, something is very wrong. Is it with the player or the game? Offering to help her out I quickly discovered why she was having problems.

She wasn’t aware about the whole ‘hold down the trigger to run’ so I showed her that, and sure enough Sonic was running, but there was a new problem, how to attack enemies. Watching this girl play it was near random, she would sometimes do a homing attack, other times it was almost random. Sometimes Sonic would attack multiple targets, other times one. So about halfway through the level, she turned to me and said ‘Do you want to play? I think I’ve had enough.’

I want you to remember this line. ‘Do you want to play? I think I’ve had enough.’ Remember it well. So I took the controller… and instantly, I could see and feel the problems she was having.

Holding down a trigger to make Sonic run feels for lack of a better word, weird, as well as being overly complicated, here’s an example. I want to ‘run’ forward. I hold ‘up’ on the analogue stick (as usual), I start to walk, and I only walk. I want to go as fast as I would do in Generations, Unleashed and most other games without boosting. The only way I can do that is to hold up on the analogue stick, then hold down a trigger button and I can ‘run’ not at boost speed, but at normal running speed similar to Generations and Unleashed, it’s actually a lot slower than normal running speed in past games.

So say I then want to go at ‘boosting speed’ which happens to be the spin attack… I then have to keep those buttons held down and now press and hold another button to do the spin dash/boost.

I am now holding down 3 buttons down just to go at max speed in my desired direction.

Sonic Lost World July screenshots 10

in previous games, I only had to hold up on the analogue stick, and then press and hold the boost button if I wanted to use it… here I have to hold down 3 buttons for the boost, and 2 just to run.

This might not seem like much, but after so many years, this is one hell of a control change, and it’s not user friendly. It makes doing something as simple as running much more complicated than previous. We’ve all heard the joke ‘hold right to win?’ Well here we have to hold ‘up’ a ‘trigger button’ and sometimes a boost button just to get moving.

When you eventually do get moving, a new problem presents itself, that being, why is Sonic moving so slowly? With the run button held down, Sonic feels like he’s running against a force-field, it’s just not fast enough, please increase the speed cap.

Attacking enemies is also much harder than before, and it feels close to random as to how it works. I played both Windy Hill and Desert Ruins 2 (the honey comb level). In both these stages, the homing attack feels like it operates differently. It’s not a universal method of attacking and I still can’t figure it out.

Example, in Windy Hill, there are 3 enemies ahead of me; I jump towards them. Suddenly there’s a lock on target on all three, I push what I think is the homing attack, Sonic attacks only 1, so I try again, this time Sonic doesn’t attack any of them. I try again, he attacks 1, I try again, he attacks all three. It was the same with every cluster of enemies, it was close to random as to if Sonic would attack them all or none at all, there was nothing in the games hints as to what to do either.

Sonic Lost World July screenshots 27

Then you get to Desert Ruins 2. You’ve seen those videos of people doing huge homing attack chains on multiple targets? Yeah… that’s random.  I could perform the huge chains, but I couldn’t figure out how I was doing it, sometimes it just didn’t work at all. At one point I thought, ‘if I jump and hold up at the same time he’ll do the chain attacks?’  But this wouldn’t work every time. There was no clear instruction or method as to how you attack enemies in the mach speed levels or the 3D platforming levels. It felt completely random at times.

And when you do connect a full badnik chain successfully, you don’t feel like you’ve done anything, bringing us back to the age old problem of ‘Am I actually playing this game?’ It feels so automated that which it looks nice, as a player, you don’t get any satisfaction since you didn’t actually do anything, especially when the success rate of performing an attack seems to be completely random.

I’m still not sure as to what you have to do, it’s not a case of ‘double jumping’ and Sonic will auto lock on enemies any more. You do something else, but the game never explains what. At times it felt like in Metal Gear Rising where you have to master the perfect parry. Jump and hold the analogue stick in the direction of the enemies then push jump again at just the right time? Is that how you do it? I don’t know, because it seems to have a random effect each time and there’s nothing in the game that explains what you have to do.

I’m not surprised that the girl who started the game before me had enough, it was so  random and complicated just doing the most basic of actions, actions which have been so easy for years are now drastically different and the game in its present state offers so little to help you.

Like I said at the start, I am not a Wii U owner, this was one of the main reasons I would get one, and according to Sega, they hope this game will help turn around the outlook of the system, but how do you hope to do that if you have made your controls this difficult for new players to both the system and the franchise? It puts you off from continuing because it feels so random, with no ingame help for such a radical change in control I can’t help but wonder why I would continue playing?

You can’t just pick up and play this game; the learning curve is so high I suspect many people will give up on it since it feels far more complicated than it needs to be. Even the werehog combos were not as complicated as this game is. Just something as basic as ‘Why not hold a trigger to walk instead of run?’ would improve this game so much, over holding it to run at a speed expected when one plays a Sonic game.

The control issues don’t stop there either… there’s another very annoying problem in the form of the Wisps.

Sonic Lost World July screenshots 3

I for one don’t particularly mind the Wisps that much, what I do have a problem with is how you use them in Lost World. Who thought it would be a good idea to aim/activate/control the Laser Wisp using the gamepad? This is ridiculous, I have to take my eyes off the screen just to use a wisp, I have to activate it using the gamepad as opposed to a button on the controller itself, (and it’s not like there aren’t any it could be mapped too), I have to aim it using the gamepad screen, and this is not an easy thing to do at all. I saw people flying off in the wrong direction and it took me a while to aim it at the desired target. When I used the power I had no idea if I’d done it right or if Sonic just happened to blast off in a direction which happened to avoid any hazards which meant my time trying to pull off a laser wisp was completely pointless.

It’s not an easy thing to do either, aiming the wisp feels like trying to stack a house of cards on a bouncy castle full of kids going ape after eating all the ice-cream, it’s really difficult, you feel like you’re righting against the game at times just to aim it right and then launch it.

I am becoming really sick of developers trying to convince me of problems that touch pads, motion controllers, kinect’s, touch screens and all these other control schemes are solving, which don’t exist in the first place. Why is such a fundamental part of the game forced onto us by the use of the game pad? What problem exists with the control scheme which means I cannot push a button to trigger the wisp, then use the analogue stick to aim followed by the jump button to activate? The game locks you into using the Wisp once you touch the second screen anyway so why force this onto the player? It solves a problem that doesn’t exist!

The use of the game pad is so badly designed that when a Wisp is ‘activated’ the action of the television freezes in such a way that I thought the game had crashed and was just about to call one of the reps over before I noticed that action had changed to the second screen on the gamepad. But the ‘lock up’ on the main screen is such a mess first time players who had no idea whats going on might easilly mistake this for a system crash. There isn’t even a message informing the player that the action has now gone to the game pad. I could go through an entire thesaurus as to how bad the Wisp activation and useage in this game is.

I don’t know if there’s some kind of Nintendo conspiracy which means all games have to use the game pad in a way, but the way you use Wisps in this game is terrible. This should not be tied to the game pad at all. But hey at least the game tells you how to use them right…? Oh wait… IT DOESN’T! Yeah, the only way I knew how to use a Wisp power is because I happened to watch a random live stream a few weeks prior in which a Sega rep told the player how to use it. Nowhere in the game does it tell you how to use the powers or control them!

It was such a bad experience trying to use the Wisps afterwards I thought ‘it has to be me, theres no way it’s this bad, it’s got to be my inexperience with the Wii U?’ I asked several people, both Wii U and non Wii U owners, every one of them said the same thing ‘The Wisp activation/control scheme is awful.’

There have in the past been complaints about the ‘tutorials’ and Omachao, but if you are going to change a control scheme which has been in place for the past 10 years that has had barely any changes and then radically alter it, might be an idea to tell players what they’re supposed to do?

Continuing with the control problem, though this might actually be a camera issue, wasn’t quite sure. This game sees the return of ‘mach speed’ levels, before people panic, they control so much better than Sonic 06. But they have problems.

You’ve seen how you have to run into the honeycombs that are hollow? Well, think back to a game like Unleashed where you use ‘the quick step’ you know how when you used this, Sonic would jump/move to a left or right ‘path’ and both the camera and Sonic would ‘lock’ to that spot unless you moved the analogue stick or pressed the quick step button? Here you have more freedom… but it brings with it problems.


Sonic is constantly moving forward in these stages, and when it came to aligning up with a tunnel, I held left on the analogue stick, found myself perfectly aligned and then let go of the stick… Sonic kept moving to the left, and I went crashing into the wall, even though everything from the last 10 years has told me Sonic wouldn’t do that. He would stick and lock to the fixed path I’d just sent him on.

Eventually I imagine you can master this camera ‘drift’ but when you start these stages, you WILL be frustrated. I just cannot understand why there’s this drift, especially when hitting the walls is a 1 hit kill.

There is another huge problem with the game that I admit might just be how I was playing, but when I realised what was going on, I realised that there was nothing in the game to suggest I could do this.  As a fan of Sonic, as someone who watches the live streams and the video demos and the trailers… I know, this game has multiple paths… I know that you can explore the stages. I know this, because I’ve looked it up.

However, if you play this game without any prior knowledge… the game offers nothing to suggest that is the case. The way Windy Hill is presented, your natural sense is to run forward and not change direction. You can change and go down an alternative path quite early on, but the design of the stage means unless you know it’s there, or unless you know the game has multiple paths, there is no reason at all to explore the stage. Due to the design of the stage, you will naturally stick to the default path. There’s no reason at all to explore. Maybe this will change in a later build, but right now had I not known the game has multiple paths or I could explore, I wouldn’t have done as I had no reason to.

The parkour system, the big seller for this game, it’s a nice idea on paper, but in reality, it’s it feels like… I don’t want to say easy mode, but it feels like it was designed not to make platforming more a focus as much as it was made so that everyone has a chance to beat a stage. Even then, the Parkour system has it’s problems. There are apparently people who have complained that Sonic goes too fast so he crashes into walls. The parkour system is designed to keep Sonic moving as well as help him run on walls. Which in theory is a really good idea, we’ve all seen the trailers of it in action and it looks great.


The reality however is different, imagine you are playing as Sonic and you walk upto a wall, you stop, you hold down the parkour button… you can now walk up this wall without building up any momentum… see that tree, you can just walk up it from a dead stop, that wall, not a problem. Parkour in this game should be renamed ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’s magical anti-gravity shoe mode’ it doesn’t break the game, nor does it make it easier, but it really is just ‘walk on walls mode’ as opposed to being what parkour actually is, using ones momentum to perform amazing stunts and skills.

That said, the parkour system isn’t bad, it’s really satisfying when you do actually use it to perform a stunt or difficult move. It gives the game much more platoforming focus, so if we’ve really been crying out for a slow platforming game, then I guess this one is for you. But for me, it just feels strange how it seems that for years we’ve wanted better momentum in Sonic games, yet now we’ve got parkour which requires next to no build up in speed or movement to be able to defy gravity, hence why I’m going to call this “Magical anti-gravity shoe mode.”

When you run as Sonic and you have ‘Magical anti-gravity shoe mode’ activated, you’re gonna get frustrated, I started off Windy Hill running at a great pace, when suddenly I started running up a tree because I had ‘Magical anti-gravity shoe mode’ activated, I don’t wish to climb this tree, yet due to the nature of the controls, you’re not pushed to the side and continue on, you start to climb up objects if you want to or not unless you release/hold specific buttons during your sprints, again, adds to the controls being very complicated.

There are a number of other annoying things that really need looking at, one such example would be the bells, you know that bell you hit a few times to get a reward? Well, say you knock the bell and it flies forward, you then catch up with it, if the bell hasn’t ‘rested’ even if you hit it, it will not register as a hit. So you are forced to stop and wait for this bell to rest before you can strike it again. It’s not like this is a difficult task, yet it forces the player to stop and wait until it’s ready to be hit again.

Sonic Lost World July screenshots 21

You might have noticed, I’ve not exactly praised the game so far. Before you wonder, yes there is praise to be had, quite a lot. Remember at the start when I told you about the girl who said ‘Do you want to play? I think I’ve had enough,‘ remember that? The problems I’ve talked about are all problems you will face early on in the game, high learning curve, dodgy control schemes, core abilities mapped to the game pad, no help to the player.

Now you might think ‘well I’ve played lots of Sonic games in the past I’ll be fine,’ this game is completely different to past Sonic games, you might be a master at Generations, Colours, Unleashed, but everything you know from that game will not help you here because the game plays so differently. Not just the fact its more platform focused, but basic controls are so different you are learning from scratch, and it’s far from easy.

‘Do you want to play? I think I’ve had enough?’ a quote from someone who Lost World should be appealing to, the first game on a ‘next gen console’ the first chance to win fans which Sega hopes will help save a floundering console. That is the first impression from someone semi new to the modern era of games. And I fully understand where they’re coming from.

This game is going to divide people. Some are going to hate it, others will like it. Some will stick with it because they want to beat it, but an equal number are going to give up due to how random, complicated and inaccessible the controls are to both veteran Sonic fans and new players. Nothing feels right, it feels wrong to hold down so many buttons just to make Sonic run at non boosting speeds.

Sonic Lost World July screenshots 26

So is this a bad game?

No… In fact there’s a lot here which makes this a very good game.

I have been concerned when this game was announced that the ‘tube’ stages would make me feel a tad dizzy from the motion sickness generated by how the camera and the terrain moves. However, playing this in person, it’s not a problem mainly because you’re the one controlling it and you know when the camera and the terrain is going to turn and change.

Another big piece of praise comes from the art direction. Now I’ve not been that big a fan of it. I don’t hate it, but I just don’t like it… but in motion, this game looks fantastic, the complaints about the art style don’t really have any merit when the game is in motion and you’re actually progressing through the stages.

But by far the biggest praise, sixty frames per second! In the PS3 version of Sonic Unleashed, there are parts of the game which do hit this mark, and it’s glorious, but it lasts for a few seconds at the most. But now, the full game, with only tiny drops, oh my… welcome to the future. It looks fantastic and all future Sonic games must hit this mark, it just looks too good not to aim for this mile stone.

Praise also needs to go into the appearance of the levels themselves, each stage looks radically different from the other but maintains a high level of beauty about them. If there’s one thing Sonic Team have been excellent at lately it’s making their stages stand out and look unique whilst maintaining a high level of quality.

The game still has a fair way to go, some of the problems might change for the better, but things like the forced use of the game pad, that’s here to stay. It’s annoying because, there really is an amazing Sonic game here, you can see it crying out for you to love it. But right now, the high learning curve, the frankly random and sometimes broken controls utterly destroy this and will end up causing many people to simply give up or avoid the game altogether.

Would I buy a Wii U just for this game as it stands right now? No, there are too many problems and issues with the controls to justify buying a console just for this game. Far too many problems with the controls, the Wisp system needs to be completely redesigned and Sonic is too slow.


Second Opinion: But of course, thats just my opinion from what I played. Fellow TSS staffer Doctor MK was also able to try out the Wii U version of the game.

As a devoted Wii U owner as well as a huge fan of Sonic Colours, you’d think Sonic Lost World would be right up my street – and for the most part, you’d be right. I played Windy Hill Zone 1 and the first thing I noticed about the blue blur’s latest outing was just how good it looks. The colours are bright and vibrant, really capturing a classic Sonic feel that harkens back to the days of the Megadrive, yet still somehow managing to feel fresh and new. Not everyone will like the game’s more simplistic art style compared with the more detailed landscapes in Unleashed and Generations, but Lost World most definitely has a charm of its own and when you see it running in full motion, it’s hard not to be at least a little impressed.

The new control scheme for Sonic’s tweaked moveset also left me with a positive impression. If you’ve played the recent high velocity, boost-orientated games in the series then you’ll definitely need a moment to adjust to Sonic walking of all things, but holding down ZR to run and ZL to spin dash feels far more intuitive than it may initially sound. The twisty, tubular level design accommodates for Sonic’s new moves with plenty of opportunities for proper platforming (which the tight controls and double jump more than allow for), and pulling off a successful parkour trick is a very satisfying feat indeed. As far as gameplay is concerned I have faith that this is heading in the right direction, striking a balance between speed and precision that hasn’t truly been seen since the 16-bit era.

However, not all was well in the demo, by which I specifically refer to one very particular fly in the ointment. I may have loved Sonic Colours, but I am certainly not loving the way the Wisps work in Sonic Lost World so far. Put simply, trying to use the GamePad’s touch screen to activate the Cyan Laser Wisp was infuriatingly difficult. The aiming was imprecise and the quick flick used to activate the laser just would not register, however hard I tried. In the end I had to resort to the traditional stick and buttons combo – yes, you can actually use them, though you wouldn’t know it from the game’s instructions – but even then it was slower and more clunky than it was in Sonic Colours. It pains me to find fault with Lost World after it left me feeling so optimistic in every other aspect, but this is too big an issue to ignore. If the other Wisps control as poorly as this one does, the game could really suffer.

All in all though I had a blast with the one level I got to play, and I’m eager to get my hands on the finished product. If the few niggling issues that exist in the demo can be ironed out before release, then the future is looking bright for our plucky hedgehog hero. Roll on October!

Sonic Lost World is due for release this October for both the Wii U and 3DS.

Sonic Lost World: First Cut Scene Now Online

Earlier today, the Western Nintendo Direct broadcast showed a small segment of what appeared to be a cut scene from Sonic Lost World. Well not to be outdone, the Japanese Nintendo YouTube Channel has posted the cutscene in full.


The segment shows the Deadly Six turning against Eggman and using his own badniks against both Eggman, Sonic & Tails. The sequence shows Tails being rescued by Sonic and some comedic moments with Orbot and Cubot.

Oh… according to Tomoki on SSMB. A rough translation of the Deadly Six’s dialogue is as follows.

Zavok: Fire!

Zavok: Kill the fat man! Show him what we’re really capable of!

Cubot: These guys mean business!

Sonic: These guys are tougher than I thought… Gonna need to think of a strategy to take them out before they do some serious damage.

Tails: I know you can do it, Sonic…

Eggman: Retreat! We have to retreat! Let’s get out of here before they get us!

Source: NintendoJPOfficial. & thanks to SSMB member Tomoki for the rough translation.

Nintendo Direct Shows New Sonic Lost World Footage (Wii U & 3DS)

*Walks in and takes a bow*


Todays Nintendo Direct just finished and it contained one or two suprises for fans of Sonic Lost World. The first big suprise was a look at the Wii U version of the game which also included a cut scene from the game showing the Deadly Six turning against Eggman and… well… I won’t spoil it for you. As well as some new segments of gameplay.


In addition to this, the 3DS version was also shown and more insight was given on how the two games will link up. Tails can created ‘toys’ which can be sent to the Wii U version of the game. The second player can then use them to help the player controlling Sonic on his way. In the example shown, an RC Helicopter was used to collect rings.

Thanks to Autosaver for handing me the vids.

New Mario & Sonic 2014 Screenshots


Whether you love it or loathe it, the Mario & Sonic series of Olympic-themed games is set to continue later this year with Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games set in Russia – and because it’s E3 this week, there’s a load of new screenshots! Be sure to check them out in the gallery below.

Additionally, there’s a few tidbits of information about the game from a PR e-mail posted on the GoNintendo website. No exact release date has been set yet, but we can expect to find out when the unlikely duo will be skating their way onto Wii U in due course.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games: The game includes a variety of events from the Winter Games, including bobsleigh, skiing, figure skating pairs and snowboard slopestyle – which will make its Olympic Games debut in Sochi, Russia. Different events might use the Wii Remote Plus controller, Wii U GamePad controller or both. In addition to realistic events, the game also includes Dream Events set in the worlds of Sonic and Mario that let players perform moves not possible in real life. Launch details and timing will be announced at a later date.

Are you looking forward to the return of Mario and Sonic? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: FacebookGoNintendo


Update: Sonic Lost World Release Date Is Holiday 2013

Sonic Lost World

Update: It would appear that Gonintendo got it wrong. The game does not yet have a firm release date, the only date given is ‘holiday 2013.’

Original Story: According to a Press Release sent to Sonic Lost World will be released a lot sooner than expected, on October 13th for both the Wii U and 3DS. Odds are this is the US release since EU games are typically released on a Friday, no news yet on special/limited editions, but we’ll keep you updated if anything new comes.

Oct. 13
Sonic Lost World SEGA
Wii U, Nintendo 3DS

Thanks to SSMB member Autosaver for the tip.

Mario & Sonic 2014 Heading to 3DS

To the surprise of no one, it sounds like Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 is heading to 3DS, according to Rich over at IGN in the above tweet. We hadn’t confirmed that yet, so for those of you who were unsure of the game’s status on 3DS…well here you are!

Nintendo Germany: All Three Nintendo Exclusive Sonic Games Coming This Year

Nintendo Logo

In a press release regarding yesterday’s Sonic Lost World updates, Nintendo Germany has revealed that all three Nintendo exclusive Sonic games will be released this year. That includes Sonic Lost World for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games for Wii U and the unannounced third title.

The portion of the press release containing this information reads:

Today, they (Sega) revealed further details of the second of three titles, which the two companies will release exclusively on Wii U and 3DS. All three games will be released this year.

With the third title being released the same year as the other two games, could it be a spin-off? A small digital game? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.


Thanks to SSMB member Thigolf for the translation and the heads-up!

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RUMOUR: Sonic Lost World Details Coming May 29th, Game Features Six ‘Guardians’

Sonic Lost World

According to a couple of our readers, the official Sonic Facebook page leaked the Sonic Lost World announcement early this morning, including three images and the promise of more details May 29th. One of the images sounds like the above one released this afternoon, while another is said to have featured the outline of six ‘guardians’ from the game who may be friends or foes. What gives these details some credibility is that both readers say the leaked post mentioned the SEGA and Nintendo partnership for the next three Sonic games BEFORE it was even announced this afternoon.

You can read the 2 comments after the jump. Thanks to M.S. and Bark the Polar Bear for the info.
If you saw the images and managed to grab them before they were removed, please send us a news tip at
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Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics, Additional Game Gear eShop Titles Unveiled via Nintendo Direct

Woah nelly, Sonic fans were in for a freaking treat this morning! First up, as you may recall, the name Sonic Lost World was trademarked by SEGA yesterday, prompting a large amount of buzz within the community as a reveal seemed to be right around the corner. This morning, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata unexpectedly began today’s scheduled Nintendo Direct with news pertaining to Sonic the Hedgehog. Continue reading Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics, Additional Game Gear eShop Titles Unveiled via Nintendo Direct

S&ASR Transformed (Wii U) and SMB Banana Splitz Going Cheap at HMV

April 30th pics 009

High street retailer HMV has heavily discounted two of SEGA’s 2012 releases in store, namely Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U) and Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz (PS Vita). The former can be snatched up for just £7.99 and the latter for the extremely low cost of £4.99. At those prices it would be rude not to buy.

April 30th pics 010

New ASRT Patch Goes Live Monday

The updates feature lots of tucks and tweaks, should address many of the issues you’ve reported to us and also pull in improvements we’ve been doing on PC. Don’t expect any extra tracks or characters though, just before you ask…!

Those are the words of Executive Producer Steve Lycett on the Sega forums yesterday. The PS3 & Xbox 360 versions of the game are to get a second patch next Monday which will follow a little later on the Wii-U.

No patch notes have been released just yet. However from the language used, (“tucks and tweaks”) it sounds like as well as a bug fix, the patch might also alter some of the balancing or even difficulty of the game.

Source: Sega Forums.

TSS Review: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U)

Game-breaking bugs, choppy framerates, and controversial reviews – these are just three of the things that have plagued the Wii U version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed prior to its release. Indeed, it’s not unfair to say that people have been somewhat skeptical about the blue hedgehog’s first leap onto Nintendo’s new console, especially when compared to the 360 and PS3 counterparts of the same game. But now that Sonic has launched alongside the Wii U, are this version’s exclusive features enough to help it speed ahead of the pack? Or has it turned out to be the runt of the litter? Continue reading TSS Review: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U)

US ASRT Owners, Your Patch is Ready!

S0L to the rescWiiUe! … … Don’t blame me for the terrible pun it was Shadzter’s idea!

Well guys, it’s taken nearly two weeks. But Nintendo might have finally decided to release the ASRT Wii-U patch in US territories. Ever since launch, US owners have been plagued with difficulties which have prevented content from being unlocked and the ability to actually beat the game as well as issues with the Wii-U exclusive modes. But for EU users, no such problems to report, the fix has been live in the EU since the game launched here last week.

However, according to Executive Producer Steve Lycett, it’s time to grab your 70’s trousers and party! For people living in the US, the new patch will be live in a matter of hours!

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Live in Europe? Own ASRT Wii-U? Patch Away.

If you live in the US right now and own a Wii-U copy of ASRT, it’s not been the smoothest of experiences.

However for people living in the EU, it seems that we may never experience the same problems that US owners are currently facing. The update currently available for EU owners of ASRT doesn’t cause the problems that US owners are currently facing.

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ASR Transformed Wii U Patch On The Way

As anyone who has been following the release of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will know, while the 360/PS3 versions have been lavished with praise almost universally, the same cannot be said for the Wii U version, which has instead been plagued by game-breaking bugs that have made the World Tour mode impossible to fully complete.

Well, finally… Nintendo gamers, you may rejoice! A patch for the Wii U version of SEGA’s new racer is on its way, according to Sumo Digital’s very own S0L:

An update on the Wii U too, SEGA have confirmed the issues are fixed and it’s currently over with Nintendo. We’re hoping it will go live very soon!


So, hold tight, Wii U owners – if all goes to plan you’ll be playing a fully functioning version of the game in no time! With any luck, the patch will also be released in time for (if not to coincide with) the European release of the Wii U this Friday, 30th November. We here at TSS will let you know when the patch arrives – we’re jolly nice chaps like that!

In the meantime, have you read our review of the 360/PS3 version? Want to know what we think of the Wii U version? Stay tuned for a review of it soon after the UK launch…!

Source: SSMB

Start Your Engines – Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Now Rolling Out!


Seeing release in Europe today on the Xbox 360 and PS3, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is now officially becoming available to the public! Eager racers whose mouths have been watering in anticipation of this title for months may finally race up and down and all around SEGA memory lane on land, sea, and sky!

Sumo Digital’s latest piece of work will be available to all in North America on the 18th, which includes the Xbox 360 and PS3 iterations, along with the Wii U version for the launch of Nintendo’s newest console. The Wii U version of S&ASRT (as well as the console) will release in Europe on the 30th!

Now, there is one more thing about this game that we would like to share with you – a screenshot of the “Special Thanks” section from the credits of Transformed. However, there is a few spoilers included, so do look at your own discretion.

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S&ASRT Wii U Playable at Paris Games Week 2012

French SEGA fansite SEGA Mag reports that attendees of Paris Games Week 2012 will be able to go hands-on with the Wii U version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in the Nintendo booth. The event will be held at Porte de Versailles in Paris from October 31st to November 4th. For more information on exhibitors, ticket prices and more, head over to the official Paris Games Week 2012 website.

Source: SEGA Mag

S&ASR Transformed Wii U Special Edition Boxart Surfaces

SEGA Europe has today released box artwork of the Limited Edition version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed via their press site, but the Wii U version is oddly labelled differently as a ‘Special Edition’. Retailers have been and still are showing a Limited Edition for Wii U, though SEGA has never officially announced it for the Wii U, so have they been working on exclusive content for the Wii U version behind the scenes? Hopefully we’ll find out soon. If we get any details, we’ll pass them along.

Limited Edition box artwork for all formats is available after the jump.
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Steve Lycett Reiterates: S&ASRT Wii U Framerate is Fine

Ever since it was revealed behind closed doors at GC, the Wii U version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has received criticism from numerous sources for its poor frame rate and graphical issues. If Steve Lycett’s comments on Sonic Talk a week ago weren’t enough to allay your concerns, and going by some of the comments I’ve been reading around the internet it clearly hasn’t, here he is again addressing the graphical concerns on the SEGA forums.

For those of you who haven’t listened to Sonic Talk, Lycett’s explanation for the poor performance of the Wii U version was the simple fact that the demo the critics were playing at GC was based on old code. Since then, more previews have come out from other events complaining about the frame rate issues, but that’s because according to Lycett on SSMB, it’s the same build. Due to the rush to make the Wii U launch, Sumo Digital hasn’t  had time to make new demos to show off to the public, meaning that the build people have been playing this month was the same build they were playing at GC back in August. This demo, according to what Lycett said on Sonic Talk, was already three weeks old at that show.

In other words the demo that the press has been playing for the last two months was a demo based on code from July. So these previews are by no means based on a build anywhere near completion. Will this put the frame rate concerns to bed? Probably not, but I do hope this at least did so for everyone on this site. For the full Sonic Talk interview, click here.

Sonic Races Onto Wii U Launch Line-Up in UK

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sonic will be joining the likes of Mario and Rayman in the launch line-up for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console in the UK, as SEGA has revealed that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is set to be released on 30th November.

This means the Wii U version will hit store shelves two weeks after the game releases on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita on 16th November.

In news that will no doubt delight those planning to pick up the game on Nintendo’s new console, SEGA has also confirmed that the Limited Edition version – boasting Metal Sonic as a playable character and an OutRun inspired track to race around – will be available on Wii U as well.

Are you planning to get Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for the Wii U? Let us know in the comments!


Games Radar Uploads ASRT Wii-U Gameplay

Games Radar have uploaded a short video showing gameplay footage of ASRT on the Wii-U, however unlike your typical gameplay video, this one includes a picture in picture of the controller, giving you an idea as to what appears on the screen as well as how one controls the game.


In terms of the game itself, the only criticisms I can spot are from the frame rate of the early build. The main problems seem to be with the controller itself. The screen is ‘distracting’ and that it’s ‘hard to press the boost’ assuming this means the ‘weapons fire’ button, since boost triggers automatically following a drift? That said there are a number of positives from the video like a ‘good sense of speed’ and the player does seem to be enjoying himself despite it being an early build.

Nothing much else new is shown in the video other than maybe some weapons, though we do get our first clear glimpse of the ‘Seaside Hill Monster,’ I don’t know if he/she has an official name yet. My theory? Eggman finally got Nessie.

So? What do you think? The comment box awaits!

Thanks to FourCartridge for the heads up.

New ASR Transformed Wii U and 3DS Details: Miis Confirmed, Graphics “On-Par” With Current Gen Consoles

Some new details regarding the Wii U and 3DS versions of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed have surfaced thanks to an article posted on Eurogamer – including a statement from Sumo Digital deeming the graphical prowess of Nintendo’s upcoming HD console to be the same as, if not “maybe even better”, than the likes of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

That’s good news for anyone worrying that the Wii U version wouldn’t quite be up to scratch, and if that’s not enough, you’ll be able to make use of the console’s GamePad either for Remote Play or as a rear view display to help you out during heated races. Alternatively it can take on the role of a “weapon-cam”, allowing you to guide items such as rockets around the race track and into your opponents!

The other big new piece of information here is that both the Wii U and 3DS versions will support Miis as playable characters, so if you’ve ever fancied taking on Sonic the Hedgehog or one of the many other SEGA All-Stars in a race as yourself, the option is there to make your dreams come true!

It’s sounding like the Nintendo exclusive versions of this game are turning out to be very unique, so be sure to stay tuned to TSS for all the latest details in the build-up to their release!

Source: Eurogamer

New S&ASR Transformed Wii U Screenshots

As well as twelve PS3/Xbox 360 screenshots, SEGA has also released ten screenshots of the Wii U version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. This batch also includes some shots of how the environments look on Nintendo’s new console. You can view them all in our gallery after the jump.
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Sega Confirms: Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed, (Vita & Wii-U)

Wii keep telling U. There is a Wii-U & Vita version of this game. If our early reports on this didn’t convince you, or the trailer which was on Sonic Wrecks… Well Sega themselves have finally confirmed it. There is to be a Vita & Wii-U version of this game.

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NASCAR’s Danica Patrick Playable in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

[UPDATE: You can check out the official press release here]

Well, I think it’s fair to say that no one saw this coming!

As reported yesterday, SEGA had a major announcement to make today at E3 alongside a celebrity apperance – and in a curveball to end all curveballs, it has been revealed that NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is going to be a playable character in the upcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Yep, you read that right. We’re about as dumbfounded as you are.

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Alternate S&ASR Transformed Trailer Officially Reveals Wii U Version

UPDATE: The video has now been removed. Fortunately, Sonic Paradise screencapped it.

Original story:
Sonic Wrecks has uploaded an alternate version of today’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed trailer that officially reveals what we told you back in January – that the game is coming to Wii U. Fast forward to the 01:30 mark at the end of the video and you can see the Wii U logo.

With this being the E3 trailer, hopefully we’ll see the Wii U version in action at SEGA’s E3 booth next week.

Source: Sonic Wrecks’ YouTube channel

Thanks to SSMB member ProfessorZolo for the heads up!