Werehog Haunts E3

Dasgamer have put up their thoughts on Sonic Unleashed at E3 and were lucky enough to meet Sonic the Werehog in person (well… OK, just a guy that’s dressed up for Halloween early, then). Like Sega’s past Sonic costumes (apart from the Mario & Sonic costumes) it really does resemble the in-game model. Would be good advertising for the game’s November release if Sega could put out some Halloween Werehog costumes to go trick-or-treating in, you could hold alot of candy with those hands.

Dasgamer article

E3: See the Were-Hog in Action!

While everyone else was getting bored watching Nintendo’s boring E3 conference, SEGA have stepped up and released a bunch of their content for upcoming Sonic games, including at last revealing how the Werewolf gameplay will be like. The trailer also shows some new elements to Sonic play, including advancing to upper regions of a stage by successful button presses and a new stage known as ‘China’, complete with looping dragon platforms. The track you’re hearing is called “Endless Possibility”, a theme song involving Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup. Ugh.

What is also quite jarring is the gameplay featuring the Werewolf itself, and it’s clear why SEGA kept it all a secret until just now. Quite a world apart from the speedy multiple-route gameplay we’ve all known so far, becoming Were-Sonic involves a slower, more powerful method of play. Imagine going as slow as Silver while beating hordes of enemies ala Shadow. This is pretty much the Werewolf gameplay summed up. Oh, and you have to pick up objects and put them in places to open doors too. Erm… hm.

We’re not sure we like it. We demand a playtest, SEGA. We also demand a high-res video, as we can’t see anything with this one. Stay tuned for the HQ version which we’ll put online soon.

First Sonic Unleashed playtest to be in ONM (UPDATE)

Now that Sega Europe have officially announced Sonic Unleashed, Official Nintendo Magazine have announced their first playtest of Sonic Unleashed will be in their upcoming issue 29. You can pick up a copy of the magazine Friday April 11.

UPDATE: Official Nintendo Magazine have unveiled on their website the Sonic Unleashed front cover of their magazine which reveals that new screens and information will be in Fridays issue. They also say – “Yes, by day Sonic is the blue hedgehog we all know and love but, when the sun sets, he turns into a werehog with claws and fangs.

This does make a difference to the gameplay as the werehog is slower but stronger, meaning he can swing around levels, move obstacles and hurl enemies around.”

ONM Website

New Sonic Unleashed Teaser Trailer

AAUK has just given me a link to a new teaser trailer for Sonic Unleashed, which really does give us a heavy impression that the Sonic “Werehog” transformation will happen, and gives us the tag line “A New Adventure Awakens”.

We also find out that Werehog Sonic doesn’t like rings…
Thanks to AAUK for the heads up.

Sonic Officially Unleashed!

After weeks of hype and hearsay, SEGA finally confirm the existance of Sonic Unleashed which will be released almost universally on all major platforms: XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 AND PS2.

The game is set to use a new “Hedgehog engine” which will combine (as many have already seen) both 2D “classic” gameplay with rich new 3D environments. The aim of this is to amalgamate the new look of Sonic the Hedgehog with some older elements back from older Sonic titles. SEGA say “The Hedgehog engine will help re-define the gameplay experience for Sonic fans and newcomers to the franchise alike.” Continue reading Sonic Officially Unleashed!