Werehog Figurine for Australian Pre-Orders

Live in Australia? Picking up the awesome looking game that is Sonic Unleashed? Need more Werehog for your cash? Well EB Games has got something for you, a Werehog figurine. He stares, he snares, he scares, tears into your soul while you sleep at night… ok he doesn’t do that, or does he? Personally, with the evil Tails Doll out there somewhere in the shadows I won’t be trusting the Werehog Figurine. *Oh dear, what have I started?*

The deal is available for all versions of the game, online and in-store and is exclusive to EB Games. As of now, EB Games is listing Xbox 360, Wii and PS2 versions to be released on the 27th November and the PS3 version as Dec 2008, but no release date has been officially announced by SEGA yet.


Thanks to Game Boy over at the SSMB for informing us of this!