Fanatics: Sleep Well With Metal Plushie

Dude, where did I go?

I’ve been battling bronchitis and I really, really, didn’t feel like writing anything for the front page.  Nothing.  Sonic news has been pretty dull anyhow, since SEGA has turned all of its attention to the success of House of the Dead: Overkill.  Well played, SEGA.  Anyway, on to fan-made things that make you go 😮 …

DeviantArt user, Zero20-2, made a plush Metal Sonic doll.  Yep, it’s awesome.  Cuddle with it as you hum the tune(s) to Stardust Speedway and drift off to Dream Land.

You want to know what’s more awesome?  Zero20-2 made an entire set of Sonic plushies!

E-123 Omega PlushieEggman Plushie

Blaze the Cat PlushieAmy Rose Plushie


There’s more art at Zeros 20-2’s DA page, including more plushies, awesome NiGHTS and Sonic drawings, and a whoooooole lot of fancharacters.  Oh, fancharacters, how ridiculous you are.

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